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  1. So finally was able to get a proper test with 9 holes on Thursday and 18 on Friday. Get this out of the way, they are extremely comfortable. The cushioning is top notch. Comfort is a non issue with these. With all the weather hitting the west coast, conditions, even in the desert are wet and muddy. They definitely proved they are waterproof. And even after the round the mud and dirt wiped right off with a damp towel. Now the new spike system and bottom of the shoe is where it got interesting. Because the sole of the shoes is basically molded from heel to toe, they are extremely stable and minimal flex. Part of that is the shoes being new, but the stiff sole made any flex on the bottom very limited. The new spikes provided great traction. I have had issues in the past with my back foot slipping from time to time, but not with these shoes. Sizing will be the issue for some. I was told they run small and go up one half size. I did try them on before hand. These run narrow so i did have to go up that half size but had extra space in the toe box. If you have narrow feet or long toes, these will fit great. If you tend to need a wider shoe or like something with a bit of space then you may need something different. Or atleast try on before ordering. Overall solid shoes. Comfortable, looks great, and performs. Just make sure they fit!
  2. Finally able to take them out for testing tomorrow and and friday. Will let you know.
  3. I have 2 pairs or alphacats and love em. Not a fan of the BOA closure disc.
  4. They look better in person than the pictures and advertising show. They feel very comfortable.
  5. These showed up today. Full disclosure, were not purchased. Now to find the time to give them a proper test.
  6. I live right between those two resorts. Indian Wella was the first course I ever played out here. Won a free foursome in July and i ended up being thr coolest day of the summer, was under 98 that day. I was hooked. I have a love hate relationship with the Marriott Desert Springs courses lol. My home course is Desert Willow across the street. Ive played most of the PGA West courses. They cost an arm and leg right now. Lucky for me I don't pay full price for most courses. What courses you playing while you are out here?
  7. I live in the greater Palm Springs area and the cost in season to play here is ridiculous. Summer time its super cheap. Lucky for me I have never paid over $100 for any course out here.
  8. I just switched to the Zx5 mkII irons in the spring from the Callaway DCB myself. Definitely won't regret the switch.
  9. I can get you on several of the public desert courses, like Desert Willow, no problem. Private is another story... atleast until all my restraining orders are lifted.
  10. Lol i wish! It's private. And i don't have the 300k initiation fee, let alone the monthly dues! However I have customers who are members and my BiL has a client that lives there and has offered to bring the 2 of us as guests. October is overseeding month so no golf. Season opens in november.
  11. Know where that is, my BiL used to live down there. Palm Desert Ca., Coachella Valley/Greater Palm Springs area. Head north to Temecula and head northeast over the mountain for about an hr and if dumps you on the other side in Palm Desert. This course is built into the mountain and the first thing you pass.
  12. So I actually spent a few hrs over 3 days testing out all of the new drivers before they came out. I put them up against my current gamer, g425 max, and their previous generations (i.e. paradym vs paradym a.i. smoke etc) Generally the new models were just as good or better. The biggest difference though, far and away was the g430 max 10k over the g430 max and LST models. I did use the Chrome TTour2.0 65 S shaft for all the ping drivers and i play the previous generation shaft on my g425. All heads 9° for ping. Launch was up for the 10k. But spin was way down compared to both the 425 and 430 max models. Carry and overall distance were up. Only then LST came close but not nearly as consistent. Shot shape was straight or slight draw. The couple of shots right we pushes that still wanted to be dead straight. Overall dispersion was noticeably tighter with the 10k. It felt very stable and easy to swing. Ball was hot coming off the face. The sound was a loud crack, but still and improvement over the 425 sound. The overall shape still framed the ball nicely at address and the shallower face almost felt easier to find the middle. Ball speeds sat around 136-139 but i didnt really get after it. Average carry sat around 232y and overall at 256y. Spin was 2400 and launch angle was high, almost 17*. I already hit a high ball with launch between 15.5 and 17 but the 10k didn't ballon up due to the lack of spin. Average peak height was 94ft. I did notice i had 2 shots that dipped to about 1920 and 1875 rpm on backspin, which would be unheard of on my g425. The 10k seems to be a max version of the LST. I am sure for some, they won't see much of a difference between the 2. But if you are playing the 425 still, this is the model you need to start with when you are looking for a replacement.
  13. It's that time of year where boxes start showing up at my door and work that my manufacturers reps convince me to get... so far it's been a Ping G430 Max 10K and case of Srixon Z-Stars & gloves.
  14. Bighorn Mountain Course... because playing there isn't a pipe dream.
  15. With stronger lofted irons and some sets having 2 gap wedges the need/space for a 60 is diminished. The versatility of wedges allow you to do so much more. I play full face wedges in my 53 and 58. They look like shovels that can scoop anything.
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