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  1. Thanks guys. It sounds like the thought in general is to buy whatever club fits that gap best. I’ll see if there is a single iron at the box store here and if I can try it between the 8 and P clubs I have. I may spend some time on those other sites too. Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks RickyBobby! We don’t have a lot of options for fittings here. The one place in town only carries a couple options but I may give it a shot.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Snow is on the ground but the simulator winter league is right around the corner here. I went out for a few shots and realized I have lost my 9 iron last time I went out and “shared” my bag with another person. I had already replaced my driver and 5 wood with PXG after the Tour Edge heads broke off, as well as a PXG putter, so my bag is already a mix. Now that my 9 iron is missing, I’m trying to figure out how to replace it best. I can’t find the same irons individually since it was the Bazooka 375 set, and I hit them fairly well. How do you guys recommend upgrading and maintaining bags club by club? I’ve started looking at other clubs (Rogue, PXG 0211) to line up the lofts to try and keep some similarity to my gaps, but hopefully you guys can share some of your experiences on upgrading club by club. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Chuck, I’ll have to see where the closest fitter is and then maybe get there next spring. Snows already on the ground and we don’t have a fitter in the area.
  5. Thanks @RI_Redneck, I’ll have to get a few swings in the garage. I DEFINITELY have moved the ball much farther forward than you describe and take a noticeably wider stance than my 5W. I don’t use my 3W (haven’t upgraded it and the first one had the head fly off) but I hit my 5W great nearly like an iron. I’ll start bringing my tee in and see if I can find a sweet spot.
  6. Bump. I love my R10 for what it’s worth. I don’t “practice” with it in my garage but I will go out and play a round a few times a week. It’s nice as an option since our course is now closed for winter, but even just to have when the kids finally are asleep and I’m tethered to the house. Great fun.
  7. Hey @Bobbers, I was looking at one of the PXG fairway woods that had a 2 wood around 14 degrees, but you’re right that a lot of the new drivers seem to adjust to 12 degrees. As for flex, my Tour Edge Bazookas are Regular flex steel (irons at this point), the 5 wood is Diamana S+ 60g in regular flex, but I’m told that would be considered stiff by some other shaft manufacturers so I’d say it’s right on the edge. The titelist driver is regular flex as well, but I’d be looking more towards stiff for any new driver based on comments from the guy I’d been getting lessons from. The lengths are all “standard” but im not sure what that is. I am 5’9” and again the guy I’d been getting lessons from says that is a good starting point without getting a good fitting somewhere (not a lot of options in northwest Montana). I did get out for 9 holes yesterday and had some of my best drives yet. More of a fade than a terrible slice. I was deliberately tilting my upper body away from the ball on the driver only.
  8. Thank you both! I don’t have a 2 wood or any other drivers to try. I struggle with stepping up a tee box with the peanut gallery I can sometimes make it out with, but that’s a lot cheaper than buying clubs just to try!
  9. Thanks Cnosil! I’ve had a few lessons and my irons show it, and my new 5 wood shows it, but the driver is just not sticking. We’ll get one good hit out of a dozen and I cannot tell what was different. For saving strokes during the round, any thoughts on a 2 wood or stick with the 180 yard 5 wood for now? Thanks!
  10. I keep struggling with my driver slicing excessively. I still am trying different heights, different positioning in my stance, making sure to TURN through the swing with my hips, but I cannot hit my driver (old titelist) straight. I had my first hit of the day slice right into the adjacent fairway, and my playing partner said to hit a breakfast ball and it would be better. It sliced as well and both were within 5 yards of each other. Very consistent, just bad. My woods used to slice a little as well, although the PXG 5 wood I just got has been drilling them straight as can be, and my irons are pretty straight most of the time. is it time to give up on a driver? Should I try running a 2 and 5 wood and see if that’s my ticket? I’m also eying the PXG driver sale and thinking maybe they could fit me over the phone as well as the 5 wood, but I’d hate to do that and then just be slicing with a newer driver…. Open to any suggestions or help!
  11. Hey all, has anyone seen these or had a chance to play with them on a Garmin r10? https://www.titleist.com/product/pro-v1x-rct/002PVXRCT.html it sounds like it may help with some of the accuracy issues better players noticed with the R10, but I can’t bring myself to buy a dozen when 3 would be more than enough. Curious if anyone has tried them and noticed any change.
  12. Let me know if it doesn’t work out with @UpperHand I’m interested as well (zip code 59901)
  13. CLaw

    PXG 0211 Hellcat

    I got out for 9 holes last night…not my best. I will say that my putts within 6 feet were very comfortable and smooth. I didn’t over power any at that point which was often a problem before. I still need to get dialed in on the longer putts as I ended up leaving several 20+ foot putts well short. The hellcat feels heavier in hand, which helps smooth my stroke out, but gauging the width of swing for distances is something I’ll need to spend some time on a long green to get dialed in. So far, I’m liking it!
  14. I put a second hanging tarp (4x4) from my first pop up net to take most of the spin from my irons. Easy to replace the small piece and then the net helps with the bulk of the force, but not the friction.
  15. I got two of these from harbor freight, a piece of EMT and some large carabiners. One mesh tarp is 10x20 feet, and one 10x7 I think. The EMT is held up with carabiners on either end from my garage door rails, and the 10x20 tarp is hung from the EMT centered, so that about 5 feet folds back on each side. The 10x7 is attached to the top. “Stitched” together with zip ties and then hang a 4x4 target/sheet/tarp piece to hit into and be replaced as necessary. The whole thing rolls up and then gets pushed to the back of the garage rails where it can stay up for me. I think it was <$100 total and has great containment!
  16. CLaw

    PXG 0211 Hellcat

    Morning all! I’m excited for my new PXG box that came yesterday with a 5 wood and a new putter. I spent almost 45 min talking with PXG last weekend and at least 15 min was just on putting. My Anser style putter that came with my Tour Edge Bazooka set was holding a good line for me, but I could not get my speed dialed in consistently and I noticed the coating chipping off on the bottom. It may not matter, or it may show that I’m catching the ball more on the way up, but it was disappointing for a set I only got this winter and haven’t played a ton with. While talking with the rep, he felt that the hellcat was a good fit (stayed to the 0211 series for cost) but recommended a 25g weight in the grip, and that pushed us to a SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip. He felt that would have a noticeable change on my speed consistency. First thing I noticed from unboxing is the heft of the putter. It feels much heavier than my Tour Edge putter, and swings smoother. Whether this will translate to more consistent speed is yet to be seen, but it feels great swinging back and forth. Second is the quality of the putter head. For being the less expensive head, I was expecting to see some corners cut but it looks great! I will add to this as I get more experience on the greens, but within my garage setup on an 8’ Putt-a-bout, I’m having a much easier time dialing my speed in. Previously, I could consistently hit the hole but the ball would bounce back up and out off the concrete below the hole. Now, I can have the ball just drop in and stay from 3’ to the full 7’ range more consistently. I started 3d printing @pozzit putt-out last night and will see if that helps me gauge performance as well. I was surprised not to see anything on the 0211 putter line, so I thought I’d throw something out there as a start. Thanks!
  17. Hey everyone, I know most people here are well past their first set of clubs, but there wasn’t anything else here yet. This Christmas, I decided I wanted to get back into golfing. I never was really into it in high school but did go occasionally. I went in to our local big box-ish store and spoke to the guy in the golf department. He said that for someone hoping to play a few rounds a year, the Tour Edge Bazookas were a good fit. After about an hour in front of the Trackman, I was swinging the senior flex the best (I’m 35…). After half a dozen lessons over 3 months, the store swapped out my set for regular flex based on my swing improvement. Below are my thoughts and experience over the last 7 months. For where I was and what I thought I’d be doing, I’m terms of golfing, I think this was a great fit. The stand bag is comfortable with shoulder straps and, sufficient room in the pockets for a rain jacket, balls, tees, a glove or wallet, and an insulated pocket. The clubs included are a Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5-9 irons and a pitching and sand wedge, rounded out by the “anser-style” putter. The putter is simple but works well for me. I’m still struggling to dial in speed but can get most lines pretty well. The irons have served me very well. With my swing, I have a pretty consistent 160 yards for my 5 iron, 145 yards for my 6, 130 for my 7, 110-115 for the 8 and 9 irons, 100 yards for my pitching wedge and then a large spread on the sand wedge between 70-85 yards. Most of these work great for me most of the time. For someone just starting out, I can’t complain as I get some spin and good straight balls when I have a good strike. I do struggle with the gap between 7 and PW, because my 8 and 9 seem to overlap a lot. The lofts, based on the Tour Edge specs, should give two separate targets, but they really seem to overlap around 110-115 yards for me. The other irons are pretty distinct for their distances; I may be me doing something weird. I also think that the PW and SW make sense for the wedge end of the irons, but I never could get a lot of variation out of the sand wedge. I’ve since added a lob wedge and am getting great control at 50 yards and under, which lets my sand wedge be that 70-85 yard club it wants to be. Again, this likely has a good bit to do with me and my skill set, so your mileage may vary. The rest of the clubs are a bit more of a struggle. I’m personally having a hard time getting most of them to go straight, and I know a lot of that is me. The hybrid works pretty well, but doesn’t really have any difference in distance for me compared to the 5 iron. Because of that, it rarely gets used. The 5 wood is my favorite of these and tends to go the straightest for 160-180, but I have a lot more mishits. The three wood and driver bother overlapped and had a large spread of 150-200 with a lot of variation side to side. I hear lots of new golfers struggle with the woods, so I was okay with accepting it as an issue with me and working through it as part of the learning curve. However, one day at the range, I have a good swing on my driver but at contact the head flies off and down range about 20 yards. The store I bought it from happily sent it off for warranty and about 6 weeks later it came back with a new shaft. While I was waiting, I borrowed a friends old driver with a very whippy shaft that was consistently 170 yards with a strong curve to the right 30-40 yards every time. I ended up playing my 3 wood more often….until it did the same thing on a hole with an elevated tee box. The head flew/rolled about 60 yards on what felt like a great shot. Same store sent it in for warranty as well and it just came back, again about 6 weeks later. The pro shop at the course said they have seen this a lot, and they believe the woods are much too weak for most swings. I’m only swinging 70-80 mph, so it’s safe to say I’m not fast by any means. The worst part of this is having any confidence a newer golfer was gaining get shattered. My 5 wood still gets used, but part of me keeps waiting to see the shaft break right at the hosel. I have since bought an older Titleist driver and can hit that 180-220 either straight or again off to the right, but with much more confidence that it won’t break. Overall, I’m pleased with the irons and even the woods for the price point and where I started. I had expected to have a few lessons to be able to play a couple of rounds this year and instead have had over a dozen sessions on the Trackman, several lessons, over a dozen rounds of 9 or 18 holes, a 15+ Lunch hours at the driving and chipping range, and a scramble for a local charity. If I had known how much I would have been playing, and the challenge he around the woods, I would have tried to go up a tier. For what I thought I’d be doing and around a $500 price point, it was a great choice. And even now, as I am starting to upgrade certain clubs, it gives me a good foundation. I don’t have the set as it was purchased even in the first season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still several original irons left in my bag after several seasons. Hopefully this helps someone looking to get into the great game.
  18. Thanks @pozzit, I’m going to get this in the queue!
  19. Hey everyone, I’ve been cruising the site and thought I’d finally do an introduction. I used to play with my Grandpa a long time ago for a few rounds a year, then took a 16 year break and now have settled down and started back up, though I’m closer to at least getting some practice in weekly if not a round. I’m loving that I can get a break from everything else going on without a full day like for hunting or fishing (other hobbies). I can sneak out over a lunch for a bucket of balls, or duck out if work a little early and play 9. I picked up a Garmin Approach R10 and that’s been a game changer because now I can play in my garage when it’s dark out. Having a busy job and young family makes it a challenge to get any time in most weeks. I’ve been using MyGolfSpy after I initially bought some Tour Edge Bazookas to start again at Christmas. I’m hoping I can keep learning more and maybe start to contribute since I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought I would. Thanks!
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