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  1. Tim/ Iowa 10 Handicap Current Wedges: r11 AW 50* & RTX 2.0 56* Favorite Wedge Shots: Greens around here are pretty soft do a good 1 hop and check from 35 yards as well as 100 Yard 3/4 50* is lethal.
  2. Finally got around to making a set for myself. total cost was about $45. Used many of the same materials as edingc but made a few changes. Used 3 different colored grips to differentiate the weights (keep in mind that the grip weight is different depending on color). I also used a smaller OD diameter on the washers to be slightly more slender. I also used the Plasti Dip Spray which worked great but is very light weight less then a gram per coat. so make sure you get the weight almost perfect before the painting. I think i put 8-10 coats on one to get the weight right.
  3. Love this I was thinking about a DIY PuttOut curve & Gate. Will keep an eye on these reviews. Great test
  4. I was looking at regripping and was wondering if any one had any opinions of Tacki-Mac brand of grips. I have been using Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G for the last few years and really like them but for less then half the price how do the Tacki-Mac Perforated Tour Wraps perform? I have ordered one for my Superspeed DIY build to understand the feel but how do they hold up with durability?
  5. This is a great discussion I have been debating on pulling the trigger on a launch monitor as well its unfortunate to hear that the SC200 has that much of a distance discrepancy. I have seen some reviews that warn about really short wedges & very high swing speeds but I was hoping i could use this to dial in distances & understand speeds. I did find a MGS article from a few years back on the SC200 https://mygolfspy.com/voice-caddie-sc200-review/ Seems like they through it was accurate enough, they warn about setting correct lofts in the SC200.
  6. Tim Pozzi / Muscatine, Iowa Handicap : 9.4 Current Irons are TaylorMade R11 4-AW Preference: Prowler VT, 4-PW, Stiff Flex, 1 Degree Upright
  7. I think i'm going to make one for myself and my Dad this will be a fun project and really straight forward Good write up. I think i'm going to order 3 different color grips instead of electrical tape since its only a few cents more each.
  8. Tim Muscatine, Iowa 105mph Snell MTB Black I have been playing the MTB Black for about a month or so and currently have the Snell Test Pack and have hit a few with MTB-X and do like its performance at its price.
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