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  1. I decided to start looking for some old used blades to get a good perception around what I "should" play and what I aspire to play. Ended up finding these bad boys when going to test the MP-20 MB (so nice) and for $100 I couldn't say no they are in good shape and feel great... Until they don't. They are so shinny and so clean and so small compared to my current r11 this is a 6iron compare Looking forward to get these on the course play around with workability see what todays "tech" really means. I don't expect to game these for a full season but want to train my brain and body for center strikes and work my way into what actually right for my game. I would love to do an HMB MB combo set. Anyone else have some MP-33 or Anyone have a set of old blade they take out for fun? I'm also looking for a little restoration on the 6 iron face and some tiny rust specs on the back but I don't want to damage any chrome. Any suggestions? Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. pozzit

    Mizuno MP-20

    I really want to try these they look gorgeous I would almost guarantee you i would be fit in the HMB's they look beautiful. I was testing out the JPX Hot Metal Pro and they were flying well. Wish I could get these out for an on course round may need to see if there are any courses near me to try these or HMP
  3. Hey all not sure who here really has a 3D printer but I created a similar device to Puttout. Love playing around with things like this and have made 2 versions just to have them in different places on my new basement putting green. I have designed it to what i believe is only 1 foot past instead of Puttouts 1.5ft. If you have a printer go for it. Want to do what I can to help support golfers and makers. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3854752
  4. Hey over this past weekend I started to do the same saw a deal on some "outdoor carpet" at Menards for $0.61/sqft I used my 3D printed stimp meter to verify the speed rolles about a 10 I only added a 1/4" padding underneath so I don't have full depth cups. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Yea I need to put some weight in it or put some carpet spikes to grip a little better.
  6. Here is the Youtube link for all of you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diCIDCSHNiE Anyone who only listened to it here is the Most Wanted Utility Iron, Its still embargoed so we will find out on Thursday. What could it be??? My guess is Srizon Z U85 or maybe Mizuno since they have cleaned up the iron category.
  7. pretty sure smash factor would be a solid 0.05 there is a reason there are no plastic golf clubs. ....Long holiday weekend what else to do but have some fun designing these things. I'll get it printed and then post it my only concern is it will move if the ball hits any part of it
  8. Yea I was thinking of making a MGS ball marker or even some putting aids similar to Puttout or some gates. Sent from my SM-G965U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. It was from scratch so it's no where near perfect but it's just fun designing these. I'm planning do make my 2ball putter and debating about doing one of the Mizuno JPX line if I can get ahold of one for a week or so. Sent from my SM-G965U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. I would never thing of doing something like that https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3769514
  11. So I have a 3D printer and have been thinking about ideas of what i can do with it and as i was thinking about winter putting practice was curious what my carpet speed was. So about an hour of CAD later and 6'ish hours of printing and I got myself a mini stimpmeter. I did the math to scale down the ramp so that it equates to a relatively accurate measurement. I originally designed a 9" ramp which made ever 3" = 1 "Stimp" point. (marking on print is wrong). This made me ecstatic so I kept messing with it and did a bunch of different locations around the carpet to get an average and the carpet in that room is around a 9. Since 9" was a touch large I simplified it to 6" so every 2"=1 Stimp and have posted the file on thingiverse if anyone wants to print it and have fun go for it. This was such a fun project and i want to do more things like this. Maybe a Loft/lie measurements or alignment tools, if you have idea I love tinkering with this stuff. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3839217 I'm welcome to share any math if anyone cares and if you really want one but don't have a printer shoot me a message.
  12. Tim /Iowa Hdcp- 9 Current irons - TaylorMade R11 7i carry - 170
  13. pozzit


  14. pozzit

    Sub70 golf

    Interesting that you would replace your 919 forged(currently top of my list when I replace mine) for these. Haven't tried anything from sub70 yet but will probably try to demo the 639CB in the next few weeks.
  15. Tim/ Iowa 10 Handicap Current Wedges: r11 AW 50* & RTX 2.0 56* Favorite Wedge Shots: Greens around here are pretty soft do a good 1 hop and check from 35 yards as well as 100 Yard 3/4 50* is lethal.
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