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  1. Wow thanks so much that's so much great information I know you hit on most of the courses we were looking at we may make a few changes because of your information. The only course we have been researching that you didn't mention was Golden Horseshoe in Williamsburg. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Awesome I made one for triple track. I'd love to try this out if you don't mind sharing your file. Edit: Totally glazed over you were selling it that's awesome hope you get some bits. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. 7700 putts wow I would be surprised if I have hit that many putts in the 19 years I have played. [emoji3525] Realizing why that's my weakest part of my game. I tried to take a big initiative last year and spend 20-30 minutes on the putting green prior to my weekly league and kept that up but maybe got 50-100 putts in during that time. I am astonished at your dedication keep going bring it home strong. You definitely need to report back half way through the year and let us know how it has impacted your scores. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. O yes we are definitely looking at Richmond as an option. That's actually the 1st choice since we have never been there. A few of the guys are worried about the weather there so we are making sure we have a plan B which is Charlotte area. If you have any suggestions let me know for sure. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll have to look at those courses more in-depth. We usually plan mid to late April for a trip of 8 guys. We usually play 18 on the way to the location then 36/day for 5 days then 18 on the way home. We usually end up paying $60-100/day but one of the guys haggles like crazy and usually gets replay rates for next to nothing. I'll definitely look into Edgewater and Fort Mill if they have 3 courses that could be a place to bounce back and forth every few days.@Middler that's always a little disappointing when it's dormant fairways. I know we have had issues before with dormant fairways and aerated greens being early season. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. I help plan a golf trip every April and we are comparing 2 locations currently Richmond VA and Charlotte NC. I'm in charge of trying to plan out some courses for Charlotte and was curious if any of you had any suggestions of courses around that area. We usually target up to 90 minutes from our hotel. We haven't booked any hotel yet am trying to get a good idea of the area. We are coming from the midwest (Iowa & Indiana) so we are looking for something different but mostly just good quality courses. Searching the area I have seen good reviews about Eagle Chase and Moorseville. Are there any other suggestions?
  7. Wow this is awesome I have not seen a site like this I'm sure ill definitely burn an afternoon messing with number. Wish it gave yards offline as well.
  8. Does it use the sleeve of any other manufacturer? I would be curious to try with different shafts.
  9. I really might have to give the KE4 a try I have been hitting the KE4 2 Utility iron and I have really like it and although it is quite chunky it does feel decent. Driver is definitely a weak spot of mine. Have you compared it with any other drivers? What driver do you think it compares closest to?
  10. Surprised the DBMs feel softer then your Clevelands. I really liked the TE & the TS-1s I have hit I didnt seems to have the best results with the PTM for some reason. I'm working on a day to get to a launch monitor and test out and compare the 3 Maltby options compared to the MP-33s and my current r11 gamers.
  11. @azstu324those look nice. Cleanup and grip is all i have done with mine as well. How do they compare with those DBMs. I just picked up a TE, PTM, and TS1 to compare.
  12. Yea think I played 18 then 3-4 rounds of 9 before the end of season. I also use them on my optishot with foam balls. They are a blast and feel very confident with the very thin topline. It really started getting me thinking about lofts on irons these are almost exactly 1 club less even though I think it's only 2* different. I highly recommend everyone trying some blades just for a round or 2 to put golf every shot you have into a different perspective. Using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Man golfers are dull.1st thing everyone is saying is lawyer & tax professions ugh. Its like we actually want to make smart choices. Well if figured out I only need 3 million to never work a day for the rest of my life(I'm currently 32). So that gives me $122 million to spend or donate or give to family without having to worry about working again. Priorities would be donate to my church for a new building, set aside for kids and donate to family, then travel and golf. I would probably make my own company something I love to do, golf related or construction and run it from a distance and let other people stress over the details or just volunteer at a bunch of different organizations. I think I would have a problem spending that much money. I'm sure new house, new city, golf simulator, new cars, and maybe a golf membership. Yes I would get a lawyer & account and be smart but that's so boring. Common why punch out to the fairway when you can hit that little gap in the trees that might get you near the green.
  14. I knew Ben Hogan used to do lofts but didn't know they had 2* increments. Thats a cool concept for fitting but im sure would not be the most cost effective method I am a little surprised that golfers are adjusting the loft of every club. I have always understood loft adjustments is usually used to get even gapping compared to getting 3-6 yards more out of each club. I understand the smaller profile for users but are they gaining anything from having a 6.5 iron instead hitting a light 6? Are users really trying to dial a 6 iron in to 170 yards instead of 165? Is the Launch, Spin & decent changing enough to need a 7S over a 95% 6 iron? I don't blame Titleist for cashing in on a market gap. I'm just confused and if the clubs are the nearly identical but 1/2 club more?
  15. “While we’ve engineered T100•S for distance, this still a precision product,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D. “To be a great iron player you need to be in control of your distances and have the ability to work the ball when the shot calls for it. The design of T100•S simply allows players to hit their number from even farther away – with the tight dispersion and proper trajectory they need to hit it close. I have mixed feelings on this, More distance should be hitting an extra club but lets make a new set to sell only for more distance. I guess Titleist is stating they are stronger and only reason they are stronger is for distance. They are not saying its a new and improved better then the old one and don't mention lofts. Titlest could add a 2 iron to the set and make it 2* weaker then current and market it as T100-Control and just change the number of T100-S on the bottom of the club from a 7 to an 8 iron. Unless Titleist is planning to go to a we make clubs in 2* increments and you pick which loft you want to dial in bag gapping. I am totally on board with this idea and would allow for precise adjustment for fitters and golfer I'm sure this is a waste from manufacturing and confusing to someone buying off the rack. I really would enjoy this idea, I don't know how the numbers on the bottom would work but maybe we get to stamping numbers on at purchase or move to lofts on the bottom.
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