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  1. @deejaid This is amazing. You just gave me a great idea for my review. I have no talent like you but my wife is a graphic designer and been doing some video editing for our church... Now I just need to convince her to do all the work haha. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. Alright Driving was much better yesterday. I missed 2 fairways the first was cutting the corner to much and the second was a push avoiding the OB left. My strikes were much better then previous rounds. We got a bunch of rain earlier that day so the course was soft and i had a ball mark within a few feet of every drive. Drive lengths of: 283,249,244, 237, and 230 yds I also just received an SC200 Plus and will review that separately but hitting a few drives on the range before and after the round. I felt like it was fairly accurate it didnt get the mishits very well. I was getting most carry distances between 235 & 270 yds and swing speeds of 95 to 108 mph
  3. Alright well ordered an SC200 Plus launch monitor and should be arriving today. Also tonight being league night I should be able to get some good data tonight, just hope hope weather forecast is wrong and the rain holds off.
  4. Congratulations wish the best for your and your wife. Just remember the sweet drives as you get a few seconds of shut eye. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. Congratulations all hope you hit them well and enjoy them. Also for everyone else who missed out. 75 Icons added to the Demo sets. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. Its primarily been a straight flight. I have had some bad swings and got a hook or slice out of it but its just a terrible swing I had not the club. It has always felt more like a push or pull compared to a fade or draw. Anything that i felt was a slice was definitely face open and cutting across it. There is no club that will fix this.
  7. Wanting to get back into shape a little and shake off this Covid lethargy. I started the Fit For Golf 101 yesterday. I know that the 101 is the beginners program and i wouldn't say I'm out of shape just wanted to start back into it a little bit slower and transition into it. I also feel that for my age and swing i am not as flexible and pain free as I would like. Phase 1 workout A was definitely on the easy side for me. Nothing to complex or exhausting and no pain. I look forward to the coming workouts and depending on difficulty may move up to one of the other programs after a few weeks.
  8. I watched the Crossfield video and made me think of this thread. Obviously he is one person and I noticed there were more good shots with the blade. Like mentioned by others TXG videos mean so much more to me then Crossfield. I want to do a apples to apples compare with my MP-33 irons & TS-1 to really compare and understand the pros and cons of each. I love @ncwoz comment about Mark playing the Launchers if he hit his Top Flites so well.
  9. Im not sure about launch angle but I definitely think I brought peak height down and have never felt like the ball has stalled in the air because of spin. When everything opens back up I'm going to get on a simulator and compare these as well as any other driver I can test Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. YES don't forget some random FORE or swearing you may hear from other holes.
  11. Alright 9 holes with league yesterday played the back nine so there is only 5 holes that you can hit driver and even one of those I rarely use driver but got to test the Hogan. weather was garbage and with a constant wind and really heavy air and misting near the end so all shots were short. Hole 10: Face Open push right 213 yds Hole 11: Fade and didn't account for the wind 220 yds Hole 12: I rarely hit driver here but had to try and cut the corner slight push which made it through the fairway but solid strike 264 yds (maybe i need to try and cut this corner more) Hole 16: OB Left wind off the left give up swing big old slice into trees and long grass 198 yds Hole 18: Misting heavy air good strike only fairway 241 yds With those sad drives through, I have been really enjoying GS53. My initial impressions have not changed it feels and sounds fantastic. I have compared this to my Ping G30 on the range and a few holes (no numbers yet) the Hogan was a better more penetrating and did not spin up like the ping.
  12. I feel like it resets evertime you relaunch the game. I never use that computer for anything but optishot so its at volume 1 just to hear some faint churping and usually play music or MGS podcast as i play
  13. Glad you finally got fit. There can be some truly incredible things that a fitter can find and inform you of during a fitting. Yes the specs now match your swing and get improvements but working on lowering your strike and hitting up on the ball really will help your swing.
  14. This is a fantastic idea I wish i had one close enough to try this. My plan was to try and get to a fitter and have them fit me for any driver and then compare my dispersion and distance to the GS53.
  15. Ill look into that one more in depth, I have seen that one before but not super close. You mentioned you have the SC200 and if your one of the Superspeed testers you have the PRGR how do you think those compare? Which would you prefer if you could only have one? Any standout features on either device?
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