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    Thanks all Clearly I need to get on here more regularly. Got 54 in on the 16th so i was busy.
  2. Great opportunity. Currently use Arccos, have used game golf in the past, would love to test out Shotscope to compare.
  3. Well I was going to make the comment that this will be the record holder of most entries but that seems overly obvious since there are already 11k people in 24 hours. Will be a fantastic read look forward to it.
  4. I will gladly accept delivery of the Last place trophy... How many people will we have will have all 6 golfers get cut, or DQ'd?
  5. I have been putting a line on my ball the last few years and have no clear proof if it did or didn't help my putting. I do it on anything I put intention into. My own mindset it set it and forget it. I will be marking my ball to clean it, I will need to ready the green and pick my aim point, if I set the line and "confirm" it I then ignore the line all together and only focus on the speed. It helps take that out of my mind and focus on only one thing at a time. I am a quick golfer. I played 18 holes walking in 2 hours 15 minutes (taking my time) and marked 90% of my putts. It doesn't take long if you its a clear part of your routine. If I place my mark back up decide I'm off, Ill adjust check again and still am not happy I just spin the ball and hit it by feel. In all it should take no more then 10 seconds with practice. The biggest point to make is if you don't fully trust the line its only a distraction. It is all personal preference and whatever works it what's important. I have tried to encourage my dad to try and it breaks his train of through enough that he doesn't want (and bending down more then necessary is avoided). I have tried lining up my drives but have had issues since my eyes are not directly above the ball and skews my aiming up.
  6. The Agera looks really good in my opinion I love the 3D printing story. I need to test one of these out because although they look cool in the pictures the actual thing or playing with it could look a little different. Also we got to see how these perform in the Most Wanted Testing.
  7. Beginning this year my wife has wanted to get a little more exercise as she is fed up of being stuck indoors with the pandemic, especially being cautious being pregnant. She "persuaded" me to take a walk on the course. So she stated swinging from the Junior tees (150yrd or less) and has been enjoying it so far and plans to continue after she gives birth. As of right now she has been using my old clubs that are more game improvement but I know are not to the specs she needs. Is there any Shaft recommendations for driver (Ping G30 head she has enjoyed but the X-flex isn't ideal) I was curious if anyone had any recommendations of I likely wont buy her any clubs or reshaft anything until after she gives birth since nothing "fits" her now lol and very much is limited in her "core" movement.
  8. Yea I have always had a 56 in the bag and that is my go to club I put a 60 in the bag 2 years ago and maybe use it 1 a round or less. So I'm hoping I can shift Sand shots and others to the 54 and the higher launch shots to 58. I have never felt comfortable with anything more then half swing with my 60.
  9. Well I shared the article on Why/If you should carry a Specialty Wedge. he just doesn't get any spin around the green and every ball rolls 15+ ft past where I expect it to come to a stop. So I mentioned my experiences with Maltby and he proceeded to grab my wedge out of my bag and chip in the backyard for an hour. Well he proceeded to order the 50*TSW received it hit the range and ordered the 56*TSW (now in stock). Which talked me into testing my wedge gapping an ordered the 54 & 58* instead of the 50,56,60 gaps I currently have. The only concern I have is bounce options with the 54,58 from the looks I assume they are Forging the 52,56,60 and bending them 2 degrees strong to hit the other specs. Clubs should arrive the next few days and ill share some pics when they arrive.
  10. This is a great test for the community. Putting has always been a weak spot for me, I have been working more on technique now that I can putt during some long web meetings ...What's that Ting noise?
  11. Look forward to these reviews the new Callaway didn't fair well for me in my last fitting but I hope they fit each one of the testers good luck all.
  12. I'm still playing it and I have some beast drives but it tends to be on the spinny side for me. I'm in the process of getting fit for a new driver and although this does a decent job competing the spin is just too high.
  13. If you have to ability to design it I can 3D ptint it for you (only Plastic) unfortunately.
  14. Here we go again let the Memes begin. Let's Go Lets Go Also off topic but not sure if anyone else is on Tapatalk but I can't seem to find the Test thread anywhere.
  15. Finished my round today read this post and punched in the score. I'm excited. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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