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  1. Where do the non shot scope testers post? I'll be playing a 9 with them this week and I wanted to update things on my sim work with them.
  2. Mine is kind of dependent on the situation, if they're homemade burgers on the Weber I could go just plain cheese burger. If I'm out I go Medium Rare, LTO, mayo ketchup and something to add spice if available. When I lived in Charleston, SC few years back a place called Sesame Burger(?) was a great spot for burgers and onion rings.
  3. I agree those Ghost bags are great looking, I'm still rolling with my green MGS Jones bag so I couldn't make the jump just yet. The pictures serve as a great advertiser though because it has me jump on their site for a bit and that any day patriot was very close to going in the cart.
  4. Rolling off day 8 of 21 (ish)12 hour night shifts in a out 5 hours and I will be headed straight to the range for the first time this season. Been getting a lot of indoor work in the garage with the R10 but it just doesn't instill confidence the way seeing the ball actually fly. Going to need a few more cups of coffee to power through this morning but I'm looking forward to this range session. I hope everyone has a good start to their week and manages to get some golf on their schedules.
  5. Yea seems like a minor detail but changes the whole experience. Grip is such an overlooked factor in so many peoples swings and can fix a lot of issues.
  6. I have a hard time with sim fitting too because the ball flight just isn't reinforced the same when you see it flying. The feedback isn't the same.
  7. I'm sure there are plenty of options that are high enough quality it wouldn't hurt. The Titleist was great because it was on a range with Pro V1s. The fitter asked if I wanted to know the tweaks or clubs I was hitting or just go blind, I went with the blind trust route. He was measuring my old irons while I hit top, my lie angle on old clubs were all flat. After few hits he shifted me into 1up and changed shafts and it was like I was playing a new sport. We proceeded through my longer irons and seeing my 4 iron return to a high piercing flight felt great. They had different size grips for each shaft too which I hadn't seen before. All in all it was my best fitting from a leaving confident I had got them right and not the feeling of I'm going to be in the wrong clubs in a few weeks. He also recommended Pro V1x to help raise my spin numbers and I haven't gone back.
  8. Yea I held out on irons for this T series and I am not disappointed, pair that with the fitting experience through Titleist I have a level of confidence playing these I've never really had before. I hadn't had a fitting quite at the level before that, convinced me to only purchase clubs after being fit into them.
  9. I was struggling with a toe miss on my 4 and 5 irons (T200) which made me second guess going with a mixed set of the T100 and T200s, I ended up adjusting my hand position slightly and it helped my consistency a lot. Golf clubs are funny though if a few mis-hits cause any doubt it can be tough to hit.
  10. Yea the logos kind of look like the generic recommendations for little league trophies. I agree with Rory too, I think he had a lot of pressure last year and got burned, I don't think he's mentally reset and got his game where it needs to be. He seems more relaxed off the course but on the course I think he's feeling more pressure than ever.
  11. I made a post for the upcoming Upper Deck Golf at the Linc in Philly, anyone going or experienced this before? I'd appreciate anyone who knows anything to head over and let me know what you thought about it.
  12. I know Scottie recovering after some bad shots to still go as low as he did is crazy. I'm happy to see Bryson make it out of his mad scientist personality phase he's a lot of fun to watch play.
  13. I know and some guys look like the wind is dying down on holes and playing relatively normal, then a group later none of their shots are holding lines. It's gotta be so tough with how much it's changing from hole to hole.
  14. I signed up for the Upper Deck Golf at Lincoln Financial Field today, I was wondering if anyone has done this before or if there is any other members on the forum who plan on going this year? If you've done it in the past could you key me in on how it works and your experience with it? If you're planning on going let me know what days or times, I'd love to grab a beer with some forum members. I'll be playing on Friday May 31st in the 10:04 time slot with @Lou Abel. Also if anyone is looking for early access I think I can send over my Eagles STM code, or if you a member of the GAP you should have access through them.
  15. I was curious about this also, I know Mike Carroll mentioned the stack and FFG having some compatibility, and incorporating some speed training sessions to work in parallel with the Stack. I'm a big fan of the speed training and it's helped a ton but I'm currently sitting stalled out and I'm wondering if a different work out routine would help push past the plateau.
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