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  1. 1. Cypress Point 2. Rivera 3. Scottsdale TPC 4. Troon North 5. La Purisima 6. Sandpiper 7. Brentwood CC 8. Ojai Valley 9. Grayhawk 10. Avila Beach Golf Resort* *Not the most noticeable but one of my favorite courses to play
  2. Thought this was pretty funny...... https://www.facebook.com/uniladmag/videos/383134912501424/
  3. Played with the Maxfli Tour X balls this weekend, thanks to this test and really came away happy with the results.
  4. Very impressed with this ball, especially for $25 a dozen. Consistent high ball flight, held the greens really well. Did some chipping with one and a ProV, for me the Maxfli spun a little more than the ProV. Might be something to the CG thing, had an errant drive that i thought when I hit it "damn, thats going to be way left", ended up not near as far left as I had originally expected Overall pleased with the performance and may have to go pick up some more before the sale ends
  5. Prepped and ready to fly!!
  6. FYI..... If you don't want to pick up two dozen golf balls if you are not sure you are going to like them. Not sure if all Dicks would do the same but at mine I bought 1 dozen and was charged $25.
  7. Anyone see Callaways response yet? https://callawaypresscenter.com/company-statement/
  8. Well looks like I'm going to have to get rid of those refurbished balls Been thinking about trying out the new Maxfli balls but was waiting for this, gonna have to head to Dick's this weekend
  9. got 3 good players, team got better. I'm ok with this.
  10. Hold it all the way at the end, no grip sticking out. Tried longer shafts and gripping down but just doesn't feel right.
  11. of course I leave the winner of the tournament on the bench
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