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  1. I dont think IR spots count as roster spots. As long as you have less than 14 active players you should be able to add.
  2. looking at some of those waiver bids it looks like I got a bargain on Davis
  3. Also I think you have to wait till week 2 is officially over before you can make roster changes.
  4. Well..... I'm glad I raised my bid amount then
  5. Same here, thats why I had asked.
  6. What time do waivers run today?
  7. Anyone else have a problem getting in the draft room? I tried for a straight 45 mins and got in maybe 3 times and each time got kicked out within 30 sec.
  8. anyone want that coveted 13th spot hit me up
  9. Ok then........ lets do it one more time
  10. I was to, like the second one better
  11. Saw on Fantrax my football teams disappeared and got worried. Just want to make sure you received my message I'm in!
  12. Hmmm... Decided years ago I cant put with anything other than a mallet so was very interested in this test. Have tried the 2 ball putters on different occasions and just wasn't right for me, didn't like the way it set up. The Mizuno M Craft looks interesting though.
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