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  1. Trying a slightly different approach this time............ Most likely will end up with the same results
  2. What the heck, maybe I can find something to kick the SLDR out of the bag?
  3. count me in! Two great test for the price of one?
  4. I think there may be a problem with the trade sheet, it keeps under valuing my players
  5. Battled back to finish 241st, don't know how I did it!! Congrats The Right Stuff!!!
  6. Purchased my dad a Haack pro net for Christmas. He has been very happy with it. Recently the target ripped and since they have a lifetime warranty he called and they're not just sending him a new target, they're sending him a brand new net!
  7. Who has fog in June in CA? Just 4 hours away and supposed to be 103 here today.
  8. Congrats testers!!!
  9. Team is in, sorry to the players I jinxed this week!
  10. Surprisingly had a good week, even made it to the front page of the leaderboard...... Wooooohhooooo
  11. Congrats y'all!!! Definitely gonna follow this one.
  12. Welp, just checked.... Yeah my team still stinks and doesn't seem to be doing any better this week so far.
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