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  1. Thanks everyone! Happy Birthday to @BIG STU as well
  2. Not fun at all, been through this many times. Hope he feels better soon!
  3. So to stay on topic, last night my daughter called me a buttface
  4. So far its working well for me. Last round had 29 putts (yeah I missed a few greens but still).
  5. butts are one of my daughters favorite jokes as well
  6. The right push is my biggest problem, so far it seems to have been less of a problem with the Evnroll compared to the Odyssey.
  7. I don't feel I have had to make any adjustments in my stroke. So far very happy with how I have been putting with the Evnroll.
  8. A lot of fun guys, can't wait till next year!
  9. Been to the course a couple times plus a session on the practice green. Had planned to go back out this past Sunday but had to deal with the Hurriquake So far looking pretty good, the second time out on the course had a little shakey day putting but pretty sure that was the Indian.
  10. Well, let me add a little bit of my own eye candy..........
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