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  1. No worries, take care of the wife!! Hope she feels better soon.
  2. Sure, why not Now lets start the playoffs!!!
  3. ok, I'll give you Casey for him
  4. Thank you sir!! We'll see how long it last, lol. Will miss the recaps but know you have a lot going on right now
  5. Yeah, don't understand why people sign up then not participate?
  6. Agreed, I will let her know
  7. This is the current setup, picture taken a couple years ago. The wood is falling apart now and wife wants to change them out before she plants her summer crop. Will look for the cedar boards before we begin the build
  8. I think cedar is what my wife wanted to use. Thanks
  9. Changing out the veggie garden beds sometime this year, old wood is deteriorating. What kind of wood did you use for these?
  10. Well, looks like I'm out, that was fun. .
  11. Daughter has swim lessons tonight, will probably be in for first part of the draft and use autopick from there on out. Pre-ranked players are locked an loaded!
  12. I'm in, shouldn't take me long to be ousted.
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