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  1. Hmmm... Decided years ago I cant put with anything other than a mallet so was very interested in this test. Have tried the 2 ball putters on different occasions and just wasn't right for me, didn't like the way it set up. The Mizuno M Craft looks interesting though.
  2. Well great, Fantrax not loading.............
  3. Good luck, I have the same problem with the dogs. Will be following for recomendations.
  4. Dont do JB Weld, get two part epoxy from Homedepot, it works fine, never had a problem.
  5. I heard they may postpone until October?
  6. Woohoo, first place!! Dont think I've ever been in first in any of these leagues. Can we just end now?
  7. Got my pre-draft rankings set up (hopefully I did it correctly). Will try to make it in but wife already has projects lined up for me tonight. Question: since there are 4 copies of each player is it possible to pick the same player twice?
  8. Oh Tommy............ https://www.tmz.com/2019/12/11/pga-golfer-tommy-gainey-arrested-prostitution-sting-two-gloves/
  9. Oh man, been away and didn't know about the pick em's. Would have been fun. Good luck everyone!
  10. Looks like my team is finally coming together, just in time for the playoffs
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