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  1. off to a rough start............
  2. I too was showing I had 4 players starting, now only 3, 2 if you dont count English.
  3. Wont be able to make the live draft tonight, y'all have fun!!! Set up auto draft hopefully I did it right
  4. Man, Bucky division was close!! Great matchup guys, good luck @Apolloshowl make us proud!
  5. Well, its fantasy football. Have seen stranger things happen.....
  6. I prefer Fantrax, MFL wasn't bad once you got the hang of it but the fact I couldn't enter the draft puts a damper on it for me.
  7. Looks to me the standings should be as follows: Bucky Division Apolloshowl Bucky Wagon poprocksnTD's golferKen Texas DVM Mudfish Shooter Division Chief Officer Mike Undershooter Dangeruss Topher StrokerAce DJ Mico ZJBogey Berg Division PAGolfer Collins923 Ryming Bergs Red-Zoning Out Goaliewales14 Rev's59ers Stud Division DaBears2100 Manimal26 Walnutz Plutang Clan Golfspy MPR Actually Kurt If I am wrong on any of the
  8. Yeah and the weekly summary of points has been updated as well but not the standings?
  9. Will the website still keep track of our points so we know where we stand or should I keep my calculator handy this weekend?
  10. Almost went with the Raiders, figured if I did they would lose though so went with the Seahawks. Who knew
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