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  1. Lost my wedge and need a new one before a tournament next Saturday. Anyone have one their not using? Thanks
  2. Saw a guy do this the other night playing softball. First thought was WTF?? Could only imagine seeing that on the golf course. How does one even do that?
  3. great idea, now off to the Home Depot!
  4. have only tried it with the putter, not sure how well that would work for me.
  5. Yeah, saw that on twitter yesterday. Pretty cool, gonna have to try some of those on my daughters shoes.
  6. and wondering how this thread could still be going on........
  7. Looks good to me [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G930V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Well, missed the draft but lets see how this plays out. Good luck guys!
  9. Well wasn't able to make the first draft, was kinda pleased with the team I ended up with Hopefully I'll be able to make it Saturday night, if not I have my rankings set up!
  10. Gonna be tough to make the draft, driving home from work at that time. Gonna go set my order now............
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