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  1. My back is in traction just reading these. 5 this week is impressive
  2. I myself is headed to West Palm area in Florida Thursday . I have rounds at Banyan Cay, Dye Reserve and fingers crossed Medalist!
  3. Fat Perez definitely Takes them to another level but I’ve been watching since the begining they were just as funny with the banter and always had some cast of characters to add to the mix . But agree FP is just a special dude I can watch those guys play all day
  4. Thank you i’m very excited i’m in one of the forums now Best Golf Video Podcast ? Just put my 2 cents in! I can see how my day will be filled now! Very Excited . Absolute Love what you created here!
  5. For me I can't get enough of The Bob Does Sports gang they are very relatable to the average mid handicap golfer the 8-14 range and they have 1 scratch golfer who could be the most entertaining golfer on social media named Fat Perez. Fore PlaY Pod and No laying Up are more consistent with more pro golfers and approach the hot topics of the day more frequently . BDS and Fore Play Pod also have great content on their Youtube channels posted 1 to 2x a week extremely entertaining. Rick Shiels does one of the best podcasts with club reviews
  6. New to the forum I did eventually sign up in the correct spot. Totally understand where you are coming from. Can you please explain what you mean by contributing? Like I said brand new here and would love to contribute anyway I can and willing and eager to pay my dues !
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