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  1. Let’s not forget that this is a brand new company(yes the owners have been in the game a long time) and they are just getting going. @Dead Solid Bogey the designer of this shaft is also the one that designed the Ventus Velocore. While they may not be in your area right now, I’d expect this shaft to gain traction before long as a couple tour pros (Vijay Singh had it in play at the masters) have started putting it through the paces.
  2. I’m using the new Wilson Staff Model 24 regular non-x version. They are buy 2 get 1 so I bought 6 dozen after finding one on the course and putting it in play for 9ish holes.
  3. The left dash was great. I switch to the Wilson and couldn’t be happier. They are cheaper, lower spin off the driver, and feel better for me.
  4. Not on your list but I’m in love with the Wilson Staff Model ball. Feels soft off the putter like the chrome soft did for me but better for me off every club. Playing the regular model and my only complaint would be maybe a touch more spin from irons but I’m playing Cobra Forged Tec at the moment. Have some t150’s coming hoping for the slight spin increase.
  5. It’s the regular as they didn’t have the tour-1 in stock at the time. It’s not as low spin as the TD or DS but by no means high spin. When I say forgiveness I’m talking miss hits. I was was losing decent distance with the DS LS and TD(more sold this as it was fade bias compared to the Paradym but turns out so was my swing). The added forgiveness of the BO was great but since switching to the Aretera Alpha One Grey shaft I am finding the center of the face way more often. Which has me wanting to go back to a try low spin head.
  6. I have played both and the AI TD was more fade biased for me. The DS LS felt better and the ball seemed to rocket off the face. I ended up moving to the PXG Black Ops for forgiveness but having been hitting the Aretera Alpha One Grey shaft and how consistent that shaft is I’m tempted to go back to the Smoke TD or TSR4 8* heads. All the heads nowadays are great so finding one that builds confidence and looks good to your eye when performance is equal is huge.
  7. So far for me dispersion and spin consistency are huge factors
  8. My comment about post count was not a shot at you. I’ve been on golf forums for many years and have come across more one time posters posting negative comments about things only to disappear than I care to count. Its why I phrased it the way I did after asking my question. Ad an update I ending up going with eBay. When I went to check out on global golf the condition rating went from CPO to Excellent and when I called to talk to someone it was an hour wait so I moved on.
  9. Doubtful on price reduction as they are brand new shafts
  10. What did you buy and what condition was it listed? I know everyone has to start somewhere but I’m always skeptical of a first time poster and a negative comment.
  11. When I looked at the rating chart if its in order it goes Hoping that’s what it means I tried calling but the wait time was an hour so I hung up lol New CPO Like New Excellent Very Good Value Poor
  12. Anyone that has bought from global golf what were your thoughts on condition vs their rating. Specifically looking at certified pre owned but want all opinions.
  13. Date 05/19/2024 Course Name Hillside Golf Course Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 75 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive Slope and rating the same 107/68. Managed to chip in for birdie, make a 40+ footer for birdie, and hit driver 7-iron into the 520y par 5 18th to 13 feet tap in birdie.
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