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  1. that makes 2 of us. Looking at pics of the Mizuno 225’s LE and Cobra Forged Tec black, I actually think I prefer the almost grey/matte Cobras. I love black irons but the glossy look always worries me with wear.
  2. Good golf karma coming your way! Moving to the archives
  3. All good. Just don’t want anyone excluded that wants in. Just follow the link in the group PM.
  4. I have played the PX I/O’s earlier last year and they are great shafts. I actually prefer those to the modus or LZ’s tbh but they aren’t cheap to source shaft only normally. @Bang60 as for the “Ottoflex” not sure I’m necessarily the target golfer for this or the autoflexx. I have hit the real autoflex a few times and I spin it crazy high and it goes left a mile. I currently game a BGT Brava shaft in my Ping G430 LST and don’t have too many complaints. I had planned on doing a short comparison review between the 2 but after a few swings it was apparent than the comparison would only be about 2 paragraphs. TBH if I do pull the trigger on the Srixon or any other driver(again), I’m gonna go the exact opposite of the bgt. Going to go stiffer feeling with a Hzrdus Hulk PVD 60 6.0 for a fun comparison.
  5. Yeah it’s last years model. I couldn’t resist brand new for $750 vs $1100ish for the MKII. I have played the Modus 105s shafts before and like them well enough. The 7-iron with the modus was point and shoot when I hit them so I’ll give them a fair shot. I also have some Tour Issue XP95’s laying around that will get shot #2 if the modus fails.
  6. Picked them up today after work. Brand new still in the wrapper. Except the 7-iron that I hit the other day. It’s always a special feeling taking the wrappers off new clubs. I almost broke down and bought a ZX5 LS off WRX and I still might. Local guys say he hopes to have his in hand next week to demo otherwise I would have already sent PayPal lol.
  7. I sent him the link just waiting for him to respond. Also still missing @jstoneif he is still interested
  8. Rob I’m really curious what you think of that Ventus red TR. It’s in my list to try along with a few of the drivers you plan on testing
  9. I don’t have the Max like Rob but to my eye the lst I have reminds me of the g400 lst. Slightly more pointed than the g425 lst but with a shallower face. It gives it the look of a bigger footprint which I like.
  10. Nice little break from football and I’m ready. Let’s get it!
  11. Hit the last years zx5 irons last night and they were soooo good. Point and shoot straight and felt amazing. So the i59’s are gone and the zx5’s are waiting for me to pick them up. At this rate if the zx5 LS driver is as good as some reports, I may have a full bag of srixons. Lol
  12. Heads sold. Make offers on shafts
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