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    Somerset County NJ

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    60 and over
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    90 mph or less
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    A few times per month
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  1. I’m going with Scheffler. He’s just got too much momentum to pick against him.
  2. Golfspy_Lukes - Love the county courses here. I usually play either Spooky or Quail because I can get a reasonable tee time a couple of days ahead. Hope to see you out there
  3. Greetings from Somerset County NJ 1. Started playing in my mid-forties and played maybe a dozen rounds per year until retiring. No handicap officially established but Arccos estimates it to be 22+. Normally shoot in the low 90s 2. Mind-body kinda zen aspect. Yeah, I know it’s a little frufru, but I take my transcendental experience where I can get it 3. Found out about MGS years ago and appreciate the unbiased information. Don’t know if I know any other spies 4. Somerset County NJ. Play the county courses. No home course 5. The weather qualifies for both answers 6. Retired 7. From Jim Mora
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