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  1. We need 8 forum members to put these putters to the test................................ Another 4 to be picked ??
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Founders-Club-Premium-Organizer-Divider/dp/B08HNC9CRQ/ref=sr_1_31?keywords=golf%2Bbag&qid=1699022900&sr=8-31&th=1
  3. Agree totally, but from my perspective - do we really need this us vs them. They (tour players) already make IMO way to much money and to me this competition(?) is nothing more than an exclusive more money grab for everyone involved.
  4. Brooks - he's on the LIV tour right? Speith - Naw! he just seems to be limping along and not really motivated. JT - That's a slap in the face to all those guys who played hard and made it to Atlanta with a couple who had multiple wins to boot...... Ricky - while i like the rocket man, see the above statement with reference to multiple winners... Burns - kind of in a fog about this pick, nothing really jumps out as to why and again see the above.
  5. To me, it really looks like the combination of all that heat for the entire week, coupled with playing 3 weeks straight has just sucked the mental and physical strength of most of the players. VH however seems to be on another level and if the heat doesn't get to him today, it should be an somewhat easy Sunday finish for him.
  6. For a follow up: Long putts with gripping the putter on the upper end is great, but not so good on short putts. For those I find that gripping half way down on the shaft is much better and allows the upper portion of the shaft/grip to not influence the stroke (back weighting). On fast(er) greens (ours run 11 to 12+) trying to hold the putter on the upper portion allows (at least for me) too much head weight for short(er) putts and I struggled with keep the head square while losing stroke speed. Left a lot just short and mostly pulled. Went to the half way down the shaft grip and everything fell into place. I also noticed that a slightly open stance was beneficial in a free release of the stroke.
  7. Tried again, the pics look like they are viewable, at least on my screen.
  8. The overall weight of the putter changed drastically, but in a good way. The feel is much more pronounced and the larger grip stabilizes my wrists without having to overly concentrate on that aspect. The putting stroke itself has become more of an actual mini golf swing and has allowed the stroke to seemingly free wheel itself. Surprisingly, length control is looking to be much better because of those aspects, where as the shorter putter(s) have always needed a firmer stroke and in doing so, more than likely the head would be pushed/pulled off line enough to stray off course. All and all, it's new and it's in the honeymoon stage, but it looks really promising.........
  9. Rickie should have gone over to the LIV tour. They only play 3 rounds and Rickie shoots good for 3 rounds, could have won some events. Forth round - "sigh" not so good...........
  10. Putting is very specific to the individual. Play ball forward in stance, middle of stance, slightly back in stance, slightly open stance, slightly closed stance and what type of putter being used. The variables also include what ball you play, left hand low, palms facing each other and so on and so forth. Now for myself, first rule of thumb is distance control. If I can't get the ball to the hole then everything else is moot and 3 putts are the discovery of the day. Second, follow a pre-stroke pattern. Third, focus/concentrate on making your stroke. Keep your head still !!
  11. I'm making a facsimile one. No way that I would fork over a couple of hundred bucks on a putter (if it was available to us lowly golfers). Using a Ray Cook copy of a TM Spider, bumping the shaft out to accommodate that 17 inch grip, so it's actually a copy of a copy. The darn grip costs more than the putter, but I do like to tinker and I've seen several of those what I call semi arm lock on the both tours, so there must be something to them. If it seemingly works I'll give a review with pics.
  12. Picker is safe from this guy..............
  13. As much as I'd like to see Rocket Ricky win the Open, sadly I feel he will implode on the back nine. The inner me is hoping that this will be a reverse physiology moment and the golfing deities will relate......... If Scottie can get the putter to behave, it may be all over early. Harris is another contender that just may slip in quietly while everybody is focused on the meltdown.......Just hard to say, but it will/should be an interesting afternoon. ON another note------HAPPY FATHERS DAY-------
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