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  1. This may or may not fit into the prime subject disscussion, but it's offered anyway. A playing partner went whole hog for a fitting and expensive clubs. Total cost was just at 5K and he was as proud as a peacock. First round out with them and he shot his normal score, which was decent enough but not earth shattering for what he paid. Now in the group behind us, which were a part of our total group, we had our resident old fogey (76+) who plays irons from the early 80's a somewhat newish 8 year old driver and 3 wood off the rack and a Ping putter circa 1967. Well when settling up after the round, Mr 76 won 3 skins, 2 greenies and tied for lowest putts. Mr peacock won zip, but was still proud of his look at me set and bag. Bottom line is as the old saying goes, "it's the indian not the arrow"
  2. When you hit a good drive and the next guy hits and somebody shouts "That's a Linda Rhonstadt"........ you turn and say a what? and they say it blew by you (" blue bayou you")
  3. Apparently you liked the Wilsons you played with, so perhaps look at what wilson has to offer. You can always find a set a year or two older and if need be, get them adjusted to your liking.
  4. ballhawk

    Spauldings Back

    Anyone tried the new Spaulding golf balls. Saw them at WallyWorld, 3 different models with 1 looking like a top tier player.
  5. Semi old school.............Ping first edition (pat pend) eye 2 irons 2-W, Adams 3 wd, Tour Edge driver. axis putter.
  6. I've been a Texas wedge guy for my entire golfing life, but it's predicated on lie and bunkers. I've putted from as far as 40 yds from the green, but on closely mowed fairways. Even putted from low rough if close to the green, it just takes a little practice. The older i get 70+ the more I phase out concentration wise on some shots, but with a putter in my hand, I'm forced to focus and it just works for me. Plus it drives the younger guys I play with nuts, when I get it up and around the hole with the putter.
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