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  1. Played my season opener this morning. I didn’t have much expectation as I did not practice much during winter and only went to the range a handful of times in the past month but I am still disappointed/shocked by my performance. My driver/game off the tee was still hibernating it seems like. Shot 97 (+25) at my local course (net +16). - 0/14 FIR and 3/18 GIR - 6 penalty shots off the tee!!! - 36 putts It can only get better from now on. (Strokes gained vs. 5-handicap players)
  2. Woke up this morning to an e-mail newsletter from my local golf course and they're opening this Friday! Was quick enough to secure a tee time on Sunday morning! The season now officially begins after three long weeks of wait where everyone thought that an early spring would allow for an early season opener... LET'S GOOOOO!
  3. Absolutely! Mine is the 16th hole. It is usually where my rounds sink or swim as a good round prior to playing this hole means nothing. It's a 400ish yds par 4 with a right bend. The first challenge lies on the tee shot where immediately right of the cart path is OB, long off the fairway is a water hazard and bailing out left leaves a very long approach shot off a steep downhill lie (for right-handed players). Next, the elongated green is protected by a gigantic and deep bunker on the front right. Bailing out left ensures that you will be short-sided and once again leaves a downhill lie for the chip shot. Scoring a bogey on this hole is not the end of the world and anything better typically signifies that I've had a great round!
  4. I've been using the Amazon one with water and I honestly find it perfect! No need for any aggressive wire brush. It ensures that all grooves are sparkling as needed at all times and I can quickly clean my clubs if I have to wait on the last few tees: It also saves me from cleaning the clubs once I return home!
  5. I had a Garmin Approach watch for the last few years. While working well, the associated app and advanced data analysis tools were basic at best. I switched to a Shot Scope X5 watch with club sensors last season and couldn’t be happier. I highly suggest their products and they are frequently on sale. The app and data interfaces are absolutely on point. If you are obsessed with data, a handful or corrections (mainly regarding putts) are required after the round and that’s it. The experience is basically seamless.
  6. Just realized I missed the second wave by more than a month. Is there a contact at Red Rooster that could verify if there are some MGS Forum gloves remaining? If not, is there a promo code available for Forum members by any chance?
  7. To me, most of my what I consider as my best purchases are affordable/underrated pieces of gear. On the contrary, a bad purchase is simply something where I didn't get my money's worth. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of things that come to mind that were straight-up bad golf purchases. BEST Driver: Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 9* with Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70X shaft (my current driver). I got fitted for it and it was at a time where my old driver was ruining my life. Simply having a lower spin head with less loft and a stiffer shaft completely changed my game off the tee. 3-wood: TaylorMade Sim Max 15* with Fujikura Ventus Blue FW6S (stock build). I ordered this 3W online without having ever tried it. I simply didn't have a 3W in my bag, it was on sale and I knew that the Sim line was appreciated by many. To this day, I can't see myself swapping this club for anything. I would be afraid that any upgrade wouldn't perform as reliably. Club cleaning brush with water (link here). Talking about affordable stuff. I got this because I got tired of coming back home and spending 10-15 minutes cleaning out my clubs after rounds. With this tool, I keep my clubs deep-cleaned during the round and at the very worst, I quickly clean them in the parking lot prior to leaving. Wide brimmed golf hat (link here). I now have a few from Titleist, Puma and Ciele. It simply helps save my ears and neck when I'm not as rigorous as I should be with re-applying sunscreen during a round (plus, I like the style). Leather golf shoes (link here). I take some time to mention leather as the water resistance of genuine leather shoes is generally very good. I used to wear canvas/mesh shoes as I rarely play in the rain but playing in the morning, dew sweeping rounds used to get my feet completely wet by the first 3-4 holes. This isn't the case anymore with those Nike shoes. WORST Cotsco (Kirkland) golf gloves. Yes, you get 4 gloves for an unbeatable price, but these 4 gloves combined don't even last longer than most decent regular golf gloves + they get grimmy very quickly. Costco (Kirkland) golf balls. Yes, you still get 24 3-piece urethane balls for an unbeatable price but they are hard a rock (even more than Top Flite XL 2000 and Pinnacle Gold IMHO, despite their compression index being around 93) and spin like crazy. They are very good around the green, but terrible off the tee. Garmin Approach S60 watch. Very expensive golf watch for the few features that it offers. The Garmin Golf app is basic and provides virtually no input regarding advanced statistics (e.g., strokes gained). I changed it last year for a Shot Scope X5 watch with club sensors and couldn't be happier! Personalized ball markers and divot tools. Useless/gimmicky and wayyy too expensive for what it is. I got it as a gift but I would never have paid for that. Golf lesson at my local driving range. There is no course affiliated with this range. It's simply a range in the middle of the city where most people go for fun or an activity (like going bowling if you're not an avid bowler for example) and only a few go to actually practice or take golf lessons. I took an hour long private lesson with the "head pro" at my range and I had specified my skill level and what I wanted to work on prior to the lesson. Unfortunately, I did't get what I was hoping for with that single lesson and I didn't book another one as I felt that the instructor's golf skills and knowledge weren't enough to help me. I then went for a single lesson with the head pro at my local course and THAT lesson was eye opening!
  8. Third range session of the year so far while waiting for courses in my area to open. Taking winter off (no simulator golf at all) really paid off it seems like. It looks like the bad habits that I had picked up grinding and trying to correct flaws for the past two seasons have evaporated. I've never swung the golf club like the last week and I dig it! I'm currently focusing exclusively on the backswing, mainly the turn and tempo and magic happens!
  9. I make sure that I have the same grips throughout the various sections of the set (i.e., same grips for irons 4i-PW, but they can be different than the grips on the wedges which are themselves identical). I like everything that is corded and dark in color. It usually gets very warm with high humidity indices in my area so having a corded grip helps a little bit in that aspect. The darker colors help in maintaining the grip looking clean/relatively new IMO. My go-to grips are Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord and Golf Pride MCC+4. I have the stock Lamkin Genesis Cord on my wedges and they're perfectly fine. I will likely swap out the grips on my irons this year for Golf Pride MCC+4s (Caley 01CB that I got to test last summer. I simply didn't want to scrap brand new grips when I first got the clubs but now they're pretty worned out).
  10. In the Montreal (Canada) area, it's usually around mid-April. I played my first round of 2022 on April 18th and for 2023, on April 14th. This year we got what appeared to be an early spring so we anticipated opening for Easter weekend (March 30th), but temps have fallen below 0 C (32 F) since last week... Can't wait to get started!
  11. Callaway Rogue ST Max LS 9* with Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70X shaft I've struggled too much with driver the last 2 seasons to change my set up now that everything is sorted out! Good things are coming this year, i feel it, and if I can drive the ball like I used to, I think that I can become a sub-5 handicap player before July!
  12. ***Semi-spoilers*** Just finished Season 2 of Full Swing! I do think that this one was better than the last one. Having a narrative aimed at the Ryder Cup helped in creating continuity amidst episodes touching topics such a the LIV merger, creation of designated events and the various roles played by Rory on and off the course. The "standalone" episodes about Joel Dahmen/Wyndham Clark, Tom Kim and the Fitzgerald Bros were top of the line IMO. For those of you interested in some extra bits, here’s an interesting interview with executive producer Chad Mumm about the logistics of filming the Ryder Cup calls scene! As he rightly guesses, I do now consider myself a new Keegan Bradley fan! Absolute professional on and off the course. If you haven’t watched Season 2, GO!
  13. Well, first range session of the season on March 5th. A full month or so ahead of the typical opening date of driving ranges and more than a month and a half ahead of the usual earliest opening date of golf courses in my area! After taking the winter off from practive (no simulator at all), I was astounded by how quickly I found my swing back. I've been struggling with weak cuts and slices for the past two years and spent an uncalculable amount of hours working of my swing to avoid these misses. Yesterday was all about tight draws! and misses were snap hooks (yes, I'm happy with that ) with the occasional straight-push. That's golf I guess! A little time off seems to have paid off. Absolutely pumped for the start of the season if I can indeed start earlier this year!!!
  14. Getting fitted is always a good idea! That being said, I would recommend educating yourself on the process and the impact of the various specs/adjustments of clubs on ball flight and all (if you are not already cognizant on theses topics that is). This is simply so that you can decipher or criticize what the fitter says and understand the route that he takes to converge toward your final setup. Most fitters don't possess the absolute truth or there might be multiple setups that suit you. Don't feel obligated to buy a set that you don't like or feel comfortable with even if a fitter says that it is the best-suited set for you. Enjoy the process!
  15. Good morning Spies, I have been in and out of the Forum for the last 3-4 months now since the start of winter here in Canada and with ski season being absolute trash this year due to warm weather and lack of snow, I woke up today thinking about next golf season more than ever before! Good being back and seeing the multiple hot topics being discussed on the Forum! Cheers!
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