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  1. Just swapped out a 6 iron for 6 hybrid. Getting older sucks but I hit the hybrid pretty well so none of my buddies have given me crap about it.
  2. Was a Callaway fanboy for the longest time but finally admitted to myself what all of my playing partners already knew - I can't hit their wedges for crap. Cleveland wedges were a revelation and transformed my short game ( ymmv ).
  3. Always walk until the days start getting to 90+ degrees. Too many times I would walk it in the heat and start to drag about 14/15th hole. Play golf for fun and it just wasn't.
  4. Tried using an alignment mark but found myself spending way too much time making sure it was lined up exactly at my target. Easier to orient the line on my putter to square it to the target. Also found it distracting in the fairway when the line was off to one side or across the top of the ball.
  5. Take Tiger's putter hands down. All that engraving on the gold ones would make it impossible to hit any putt straight:)
  6. Used Callaway supersoft for many years and then someone gave me a sleeve of tour response. Birdied the first two holes that day and have never used anything else. Much better stopping power on the green - for me ( ymmv ).
  7. Rob St Louis Missouri Bettinardi BB1F Would like to test the number 2 wide
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