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  1. Think about your costs, too. Take how much money and time a fitting costs for just the 6i, and times that by 7-9 (depending on how many irons you buy). Sets of irons are already expensive... why incur even more costs when the majority of golfers wouldn't even notice a difference? When it comes to irons, it's usually a good idea to maintain a uniform pattern amongst the set.
  2. Wishon also makes it a point to say things like "most golfers" or "those with a late release" when discussing specs, because most golfers won't notice the oh-so-slight changes. All the Tour pros here obviously are the 2% who don't apply.
  3. So, here's a link: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/agency-bans-dior-mascara-ad-featuring-natalie-portman-124547129--abc-news-fashion-and-beauty.html For those not interested in clicking it, here's an excerpt: A Christian Dior mascara ad featuring actress Natalie Portman has been banned in England after rival makeup company L'Oreal complained that the magazine ad was misleading and exaggerated. L'Oreal complained to Britain's Advertising Standards Authority, the independent agency that regulates advertising across all media and that takes action against advertisements that are
  4. We get this question a lot about our original S2S shaft designs, again because if the golfer has not heard of Wishon Golf, there is a natural tendency to be skeptical about the quality and performance. Any Clubmaker with a copy of the TWGT Shaft Bend Profile software can us the program to sort and analyze any shaft in the data base to find out what other shafts are very similar for all of the stiffness measurements and stiffness playing characteristics. But for those of you who do not yet own a copy of Wishon Golf's unique and very helpful Bend Profile Software, here is some information to
  5. I don't see them lasting through the season. They'll be on the clearace rack with a quickness.
  6. It's a "hot" feature, like white paint on a driver or putter, but not entirely necessary. Consider that between 70 and 80% of all golfers fight a slice... why would they need a face that opens? Closes more than normal, maybe (it's the most viable way to help a slice for drivers), but it takes about a 1.5* change to notice any appreciable difference. This is another one of those "Keep Up With The Joneses" bull$hit deals. Ping finally caved... I don't believe Cleveland or Mizuno would or should. But that's how they do things in golf; someone comes up with something, it catches on, ever
  7. Wonder what kind of ad spin will come with this?
  8. I feel I'm pretty easy to get along with on the course, but I do have some pet peeves: 1. fix pitch marks and divots. It isn't that hard. Besides, it helps you, me, the course superintendent and everyone else. 2. Don't spit near the green... especially in the cup. It's absolutely disgusting and f*cking rude, to boot. 2a. same as above, but switch out "spit" with "throw cigar/cigarette butts". I used to smoke; when I did, it wasn't too hard to hold on to the butt the extra 5 minutes until I got to the trash can at the next tee box. 3. Club throwers- especially the ones that think the
  9. My father-in-law's new* full set of Taylormade's (plus bag) aren't helping him out drive me. Nike and TMaG are probably using the same marketing firm to do their work. Or, they think we're ignorant enough not to notice. *they were new last year, so I guess he should be looking into the RBZ or R11S's to gain back the distance that he's obviously lost by playing an older (and obviously inferior) model.
  10. Twice. Two years ago I went with inches for length measurements while making the headweights 8g apart instead of 7. That can be a pain in the a$$. I swingweighted them last year, now this year I'm keeping the 7g increments and using centimeters as my length measurement. That I found out about near the end of last year, when I picked up Jeff Summitt's new book. Everyone is going to have their opinions on this. Maltby isn't that big of a fan, especially when he considers that swingweighting's worked for about 100 years. Some people are fanatics. I don't know where I stand anymore.
  11. That's exactly it. Too much cost. Not to mention the leftover inventory incurs a tax at the end of the fiscal year... who wants to pay for over-ordering ATTAS's and Iomics? There's not one person that would benefit from knowing if their driver is 10.3* or 10.5. 9.5 or 10.5, not so much- especially if you believe the loft/launch angle effect TMaG gave Golf Spy T in the haircut article. Or if your face angle is .5* closed and not square. Or if your clubhead weighs 203g and not 200g (3g is normal tolerance). Or if the COR's .82 and not .83 (a whopping 2 yards difference!). You'd be ma
  12. The I-Mix from Callaway was one such model that failed. Personally, I think it was implemented wrong... why the h3ll have one head, a "normal" shaft and a "high-launch" shaft, when the average golfer should stick to one? There's the cost that's involved, as well. Retailers would have to stock a BUNCH of heads, shafts (at all, or almost all, pricepoints), grips, ferrules/adaptors and "disposable" clubmaking stock (tape, solvent, epoxy, swing weighting materials, etc.). That's an inventory and cost nightmare- especially those high-end shafts that might just sit there for the whole year.
  13. I've been a fan of Karma grips- anything from Hireko, really- but with the lower pricepoint people tend to shy away. Sucks to be them.
  14. So... you spent $20 for a sticker that lined up perfectly with the chevron on top of the crown? LMAO!! If anyone is truly convinced this works, remind me why so many people want the belly/long putters banned.
  15. I still haven't gotten around to that, but I haven't got an air compressor... yet. Definitely on my "to do" list this year.
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