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  1. So, I was walking alongside the local golf course this morning, in the dark, watching the moonlight reflect off the lake that should be one of the fairways, then another and another; lots of rain lately so I guess most courses are what we call "wet", not unplayable to the dedicated but harder to find a decent drop area from the standing water. I am thinking of inventing the "water club" - a wedge with lots of holes drilled through the face to allow water to run through when one strikes a partially submerged ball. Don't tell me it has been done! Worth a try anyway. So, this gives me an excuse to rehab my injured knee, torn ACL I think, my wife wants me to see a doctor or physio but those folks are busy dealing with sick people, know what I mean? Anyway I am working on it. I think I have a book on physio somewhere, or it's on the 'net. This means I have had no chance to lose Boz's excellent balls lately or continue the comparison of balls that have a high viz vs those that don't. Now take away all the marshals on the pro tour events, make the players play faster, and give the players a reason to play a ball that is easier to find yet performs well (start with the ladies' tour)and maybe we would start to see "Vision" on the leaderboard where "Titleist" is right now. One can dream Boz. I know these balls are aimed at the weekend warriors, the holiday hackers, the non-tour "wish we were"s but it would be nice. But I digress. Well Christmas is coming and I for one will play on Christmas Day, the course is closed but people are "allowed" to play anyway, and I doubt if the conditions will be like last year, deep frozen, 220 yard drive and 100 yard run on, hit the hard green and watch the ball bounce into the distance, fun. I'll apply hot ointment, bandage my knee, take painkillers just in case, and hopefully try out my new water club with my bright, reflective, high viz Boz Balls. Nil desperandum, eh? Hit 'em straight!
  2. I fully support what gdddy said, I rarely buy golf balls, I find enough good condition ones that I really would never have to but I was impressed enough with this product that I did buy and once again Wayne came through better than expected. I am sure if I had ordered balls on line locally they would not have arrived as fast as Wayne's product did, still blown away by that. The only problem I have is that I blew out my knee, that coupled with the snow we had followed by the Deluge means that I have not had the chance to lose any of these precious things on a course. Buy the Vision balls, try the Vision balls, tell your friends.
  3. Only thing missing, (unless I missed it!) is an eyeball or a pair of eyeballs. Seem apropos.
  4. Here is my new swing and my new swing coach. I couldn't get Tiger's coach, too busy he said. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pw0XRAuO0w&feature=player_embedded
  5. Yesterday I thought I would put my sore knee to the test and try 18 holes, heck if Tiger can do it... Put the first X3 in the water 30 yards to my right, hit off the toe; put a TaylorMade TP Black into play and did the same thing. Played ok after that alternating with the Arctic Whites and the UV Yellows. The balls behaved beautifully but I had a couple of wayward swings where I pushed the ball left "coming over the top" I said to myself so I made a swing adjustment and obviously fixed the wrong thing and hooked another X3 out of bounds. These balls do not show up very well in deep scrub in an out of bounds ravine, what's with that! I will spend longer hunting for a Vision than any other ball; how's that for a ringing endorsement? Found little difference in distance when I put other balls into play and I was hitting short except for when I thought I would be clever and use more club - then the beast would fly over the back of the green and gone, fun that. I really like these balls, still not sure which I like best though, not put the pinkies into play yet, need to nurse my knee a bit more, think it affects my play somewhat. Guys I bought a mixed batch from Wayne, they arrived so quickly they could have come from BC! Thanks again for introducing me to these. Now I have 400+ balls to use up that I picked up on the course walking my dog, "good ones" too, might make some friends, eh?
  6. Man, I don't know Dick. Do I now have to change the name on my clubs? And my golf bag, and hat? "What are you playing" "Dicks" Doesn't sound right. Guess I won't be playing Dick's balls either. The mind boggles.
  7. Lifted from Swing by Swing Golf. In My Hand I Hold A Ball, White And Dimpled, And Rather Small. Oh How Bland It Does Appear, This Harmless Looking Little Sphere. By Its Size I Could Not Guess, Of The Awesome Strength It Does Possess. But Since I Fell Beneath Its Spell, I've Wandered Through The Fires Of Hell. My Life Has Not Been Quite The Same, Since I Chose To Play This Game. It Rules My Mind For Hours On End, A Fortune It Has Made Me Spend. It Has Made Me Curse And Made Me Cry, And Hate Myself And Want To Die. It Promises Me A Thing Called Par, If I Hit It Straight And Hit it Far. To Master Such A Tiny Ball, Should Not Be Very Hard At All. But My Desires The Ball Refuses, And Does Exactly As It Chooses. It Hooks And Slices, Dribbles And Dies, And Disappears Before My Eyes. Often It Will Have A Whim, To Hit A Tree Or Take A Swim. With Miles Of Grass On Which To Land, It Finds A Tiny Patch Of Sand. Then Has Me Offering Up My Soul, If Only It Would Find The Hole. It's Made Me Whimper Like A Pup And Swear That I Will Give It Up. And Take To Drink To Ease My Sorrow, But The Ball Knows ... I'll Be Back Tomorrow.
  8. This is one of the rare ones that is open to Canadians. I feel your pain.
  9. "...a line-up of five game-changing new bags set to enhance the experience and performance for the golfer....and a Sergio Garcia-inspired staff bag...hero stand bag" Well that does it then, I must get one! But am I worthy? I really dislike the Adidas 3 stripes, so gaudy these days.
  10. My Callaway cart bag is just about perfect but starting to show some wear at the top. It has all the pockets I need including a full length waterproof one, separate holder for the putter. My carry bag is a Mizuno, is just the right weight and almost enough pockets but the mesh holders on the side did not last long, had to repair one. At the range it does not like to stand on smooth concrete floor as the legs just keep on opening up until it falls flat but otherwise I like it. Tried to find a bag with real full length dividers but most of them only divide down a few inches then the clubs get tangled.
  11. A coloured ball is just that, a golf ball with colour and most people won't be interested in using them. Mostly women use the Crystals I hardly see anyone else with them. Now a ball that has high visibiity in the air and on the ground that has the added advantage of being suitable for most people to use rather than being a rock that only Pros can really compress and get to work for them, that is useful. I have used other coloured balls but I still lose them among the leaves and other debris. A high viz yellow ball, or a high viz white ball like the Vision balls is just the ticket. The difference between these balls and the others is enormous. Vision balls look like they mean business whether it is the gels or the others. If the Srixons perform well and have high visibility they will sell if the Pros use them and if they spend a lot on advertising. Hardly anyone pitches "game improvement balls" to the masses no matter what colour. The right colour is important, and I am colour blind so I know what I am talking about!! For me they have to stand out, even the green vision balls are not bright enough for me, (now that I realise they are green, I thought they were a dull yellow); I have never seen balls as bright as these, people sure look and take notice. I wish I had enough to hand out "go ahead and try" when I get my next batch I will do just that, AWincey certainly does; and word of mouth trumps advertising. Time will tell if the OEMs are just trying another pitch which I think they are. The right colour. The right visibility. The right ball to use. That is what is important. Enough rambling, someone else's turn.
  12. Now that is refreshing honesty from someone in the industry, and that alone is worth the price of admission, I for one along with a number on this forum will be patronizing Boz in the future. This is one product that delivered as much as, and more than, advertised. I wish Wayne all the best in this endeavour; this kind of customer-centric attitude is a winner in my books. And Wayne has been more than fair with me; what more could i ask for. How to turn a "buyer" into a customer the Boz from Oz way.
  13. AW, when you order the balls from Boz, what do you pay in brokerage fees? Just received a bill for $15 for the trial set. This is one of those ridiculous fees we get here in Canuckland. I once was billed $60 in brokerage fees for a $20 item from the US. Go figure, and there is no appeal. I am thinking of ordering some balls direct form Oz.
  14. Played really well until the wheels fell off for some reason, decided to throw away my good swing and top, hook and slice my way around the last few holes. Lost both Russells for no good reason other than the idiot swinging my clubs. I still can't decide which I like best but I have been playing multiple balls (if I go round on my own) and generally, when the good golfer is playing, the Visions go further and are nicer to use in all aspects. The Russells were a pleasure to use, straighter and about 5 yards further, nice around the green, but now they have gone. I finally bruised the Proto but it still flies nicely. I have not used the Arctic Whites much as I concentrated on the yellows for now. Played the worst 9 holes of my life on Sunday, lost more balls than ever, could not swing a club properly to save my life. Good thing I did not put any Visions into play. I would have none left. The state of the course did not help, just punched and sanded and championship rough where balls dive in to die. But I can't blame the course, the equipment or the balls - I hate that! The trouble with this trial is that I get scared to use the Visions near hazards and that gets into my head and I end up putting them into the hazard. The Pinks still intrigue me and I would like to try them, I don't see them on the Vision site so assume they are not production yet or I would persuade my Brisbane friend to buy some and send them to me. In all they feel good, I have compared with several brands lately and they give the most satisfying click off the club. Not sure which they compare best with as I do like the ProV1x, but am willing to try anything as I have hundreds of balls.
  15. I did for a while, they soon left my bag, they were fiddly to use and easy to lose, I decided to connect them in pairs so the cover was always attached to another club in the bag. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
  16. And yet I will watch the LPGA any time, no matter who is playing, but the coverage is awful. I enjoy the skill level of all the tours but people like Tiger bring that something extra, and the women are not handed it on a plate and work hard. I realise there is a dichotomy here. It mus be late.
  17. Whereas I, like many others, rarely watch if Tiger is not playing. Go figure.
  18. I think the final day will be memorable, a close finish, the fight back after being "wiped out" on Sunday. Tiger's "return to form". The decision to not put Tiger as the anchor man. Phil playing a good game. Fowler scratching back to even the match. Jimenez' excellent play. I think it was an excellent Ryder. I liked the outfits on the final day, pretty much the only ones I liked. Hang on, I am CANADIAN (and Brit) so why do I even care?
  19. Watching the Ryder Cup today reinforced something that really bugs me. Did you notice how long they took over putts? Everyone was involved in scoping the green, the caddies, their playing partners, I am surprised they did not have the officials checking out the lie for them. No wonder the games take so long. Might as well carry a theodolite. For goodness sake PGA should add a rule, and I hate adding rules, only the player checks out his/her putt and the lie of the green; and they only have a certain amount of time to do so. I know there is a lot at stake but this is ridiculous. On the LPGA one even sees the caddie lining up their player's tee shot! I want to scream "just hit the ball" and the trouble is this behaviour (not my screaming) translates onto the course for us hackers.
  20. I found this: http://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.ordergolfonline.com and http://www.hostlogr.com/site/ordergolfonline.com Hosting report about Ordergolfonline.com. Ordergolfonline.com is currently hosted at Foshan City Shunde District IDR Internet Project S visit site. The IP links to a server in , Europe. The company behind this all is Foshan City Shunde District IDR Internet Project S. Domain:ordergolfonline.com visit siteWebsite ISP:Foshan City Shunde District IDR Internet Project S visit siteWebsite Organization:Foshan City Shunde District IDR Internet Project S visit siteHosting Location:in EuropeWebsite IP: Buyer beware I guess.
  21. Fair weather golfing! Where's the fun in that? Actually, it has been rather nice here too, not the temps you guys have had down there though. At least in this part of the "frozen north" I get to play golf year round except for maybe 3 weeks.
  22. I wonder what the MyGolfSpy members use in the rain? My Callaway rain suit is just excellent for the really heavy stuff and walking my dog. It is not heavy or restrictive. Callaway rain shirt for light to heavy. SunIce Typhoon striped pants (so I look like Phil) keep me dry but I sometimes tend to overheat and sweat. The bags do get wet, Mizuno bag was soaked last time out, keep my gloves in a freezer bag now. Callaway cart bag is pretty good and has a waterproof pockets that is full length. Generally though I try to make do with a short sleeve rain shirt as I hate the restrictions of too much gear. If a little chilly the Mizuno long sleeve shirts are excellent and one does not feel wet in them, the material warms up when wet, neat Lastly my Sunice GoreTex pants are excellent when it is cooler and wet. GoreTex is simply too expensive though. What you got?
  23. There was the Quest CT 24 wedge, or the PureSpin Diamond Face wedge
  24. This article might be interesting, No Grooves article comparing a wedge with grooves against one without: Also some argument/discussion out there re milling vs grooves. Off topic by now I know but... "The wedge tests were done with an imaginary target 50 yards out. So looking for more spin so that we can stop the ball on the spot, what does the wet do to performance? First the Grind Studio Prototype 58 with grooves* 50 yards to target: These results clearly show that wet conditions and wedges will result in considerably less spin 3500rpm or so less making it harder to control the ball and attack the pin. 50y out from the pin the dry conditions allow accurate max spin shots right at the pin while wet conditions created a higher shot, less spin and over hitting the target with no spin back. Now the Grind Studio Prototype 58* with NO Grooves: This test with no grooves showed a couple of things in both dry and wet. Firstly how important grooves are () of course. It also showed that soft forged wedges even with no grooves have some bite. Some say the softer the material the more friction it causes on impact (Yamaha a while back went with S10C wedges!). As you can see in the dry results with NO grooves, the backspin numbers are almost as much as WITH grooves in WET conditions due to the friction created by the soft steel. Control with no grooves is obviously not as much and the ball overshoots the target. Now add WET to the equation with NO grooves and the wedge looses all traction and spin. The ball pretty much slides off the wedge and balloons up way overshooting the target. So these are all interesting numbers to look at. They not only tell us that there will be performance differences in dry and wet conditions but also that there are equipment considerations to keep in mind ie what ball to use, what kind of grooves on the wedge or materials, and even what lofts. This test again was done in a controlled environment with just water on the ball and club. But it definitely makes us think. By the way here is what a wedge with no grooves looks like!"
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