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  1. HenryF Cedar Park, TX I rarely walk a course, but would love to start walking more often. Currently own a Clic Gear 3.5
  2. Henry and Austin, TX How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?: Carpet Current/Past Experience with putting mats: Not a fan of putting mats with an upward ramp. Not very life like if you ask me. And some times when unrolling a mat out of its product packaging, there tends to be folds in the material which leave to untrue rolls. Because I tend to only play Muni courses, I think the slow speed mat would be most comparable to what I play on. But I do like the idea of being able to brush the mat to change the grain of the mat to practice on a faster speed.
  3. Henry/Cedar Park, TX/USA Odyssey M330 Milled Mid-Mallet I like the Tyne 3 with the Ping PP61 Grip; I've always liked that style of putter, with the toe and heal arms that stretch back, creating that higher MOI. But I've never allocated any money to change my putter. I've always looked to spend money on newer game improvement drivers, woods, or irons. Because I've always felt more comfortable with mid-mallet putters, I also like the Piper C. But I would really like to change things up and try something new to see how it works for my swing.
  4. Henry in Cedar Park, TX Big Bertha A-wedge 52 degree mid bounce
  5. With COVID-19 and the fact that I work in the Oil&Gas industry, I've got a severely limited budget with no room for GOLF. So I've been looking for ways to play with cut costs. One way of course, is to walk the course. However, since I am also limited, physically, with foot and leg issues, I'm considering adapting my fat tire bike to hold my clubs and ride the course. Has anyone tried to do this? I'm wondering how agreeable most courses would be to allowing me to ride my bike. I've come across a bike trailer that would be perfect as a bag cart: https://www.burley.com/product/travoy/ I guess my ideal solution would be: https://www.finnscooters.com, but that's definitely out of the budget. I would appreciate any other Ideas!
  6. Hey jnharvey44, I don't know why I've got such a apprehension about playing solo. I guess, because I play so sparingly most of my rounds end up just being a practice round, and if I were to be grouped with some guys that play fast and accurate, I would end up upsetting some of them. Like you, I'm not that much of a people person, but I'm definitely a golf people person!
  7. Wow free membership to a private club... oh boy, that's the life!
  8. Hey Tom, I’m totally with you on the Hole-in-one issue when playing alone! However since I tend to play at muni’s and don’t have a home course, most courses would rather group singles or doubles together with other singles or doubles to make up as many 4somes as possible... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Hey yungkory, I’m totally with you on having major withdrawals and simply ready to go out alone and see who I end up being grouped with... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Will do! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I live in the Avery Ranch/Lakeline area and I'm definitely always looking for playing partners. But I must warn you, I'm a bit rusty! My favorite course in the area has always been Highland Lakes over in Lago Vista (The Hidden Gem, as I like to call it) but due to its "Hidden"-ness the course has always struggled to stay open. Now with the Quarantine it looks like it has closed for sure AGAIN. Such a great course, such a shame! I'm always ready to play, just lemme know where and when!
  12. There pretty much isn't a day where I wish I was on a course somewhere, ANYWHERE, playing golf with my buddies. However, I've always been the type of person who prefers to play with friends rather than going out on my own. Unfortunately, all my golf buddies live in other towns and other states. So as a result, I don't get to play as often as I'd like because I simply can not find any playing partners. Another result of not playing too often is that my game suffers from the lack of practice. I think that's one of the reasons why I like to only play with friends; I don't feel any pressure to play at the same pace as the rest of the foursome. I can be myself and actually enjoy the game. There was a time when I had a buddy of mine encourage me to join his golf league. Since my skill level wasn't as great as his, I was put in a different pool of players and never got to play with my buddy. But since I was grouped together with players of my own skill level, I actually enjoyed playing along with strangers. In fact the more I played the better I got, and actually earned a spot to play for the championship of my bracket. But that was some time ago and back when I lived in a different place. So now where I live, (closer to family) I have one brother-in-law that plays, but we can never schedule a time to play. There are a number of courses to play in my area. I played at my favorite course, last October, and probably had the best round ever. Some four or five months later, I played at probably my least favorite course and had the worst round ever. I know that I just need to simply play much more. And with this COVID-19, being cooped up in the house for so long while witnessing the awesome weather that Spring is rolling in; I'm just about desperate enough to go out solo. However, I'm not too confident and certain what type of round I'm going to have. I just want to play! So the question is: Am I alone in finding it difficult to go out to play? Is it just a self-made phobia or do others feel the same? I guess one could say it's all about pace of play. Since most of us are recreational golfers, and don't play golf for a living, the only golfers that I've met that had no problem going out to any course on their own are those golfers with the lowest of handicaps.
  13. - Henry - Cedar Park/TX - 20 - CallawayX22 - Desired Model to test- T200.
  14. First Name / State or Country of residence: Henry / Texas Handicap: +20 Current irons in Play: Callaway X22 The carry distance of your 7 iron: 130
  15. Henry Flores and Cedar Park, TX Do you putt using a line? – Yes If so, how do you currently draw the line? – Use a ball line stencil tool with a red sharpie along the equator, as close as possible Preferred Golf Ball Model – Callaway Chome Soft Yellow Ball Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc) – (I wish RED was available) Black/Personalized XL/"HENRY"
  16. Love to find fellow spies in the Cedar Park area who like to play at Crystal Falls or the Old Highlands Lakes course in Lago Vista.
  17. Your first name and home state/province: Henry, TX Current handicap/avg score: 26, 100 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? No What is your current iron set? Callaway X-22
  18. First Name: Henry Home State: PA Current Handicap: 26 Current Long Iron/Hybrid: I've just recently switched from using a Callaway Squareway FTi 7-wood to a Callaway 815 Big Bertha 3H set to 21 degrees, with regular flex Speedster shaft.
  19. I'll have to look for that one in any of the sports stores I visit... I surly will have to see, feel it, touch it, play it to believe it... And thank you MyGolfSpy for all that you do!!! I love this website almost as much as I love golf... well maybe not that much, golf is WAY up there in my list of loves... But thanks again, I've found this forum to be a valuable reference and have already purchased a couple of products based on the opinions and reviews of all your members.
  20. I do like the darker metal color... but I'm happy with my X22's
  21. I drove by the nearest Dick's Sports to take a look at the Clicgear Accessories but they did not carry any... Is that an online only thing??? I did see that they currently have the 2.0 model on sale right now for $159.00, if anyone is interested... I was just on Clicgear's website, they have all sorts of custom fitted rain covers as well, since i'm up here in North Central PA for the summer where it rains just about every other day, I may be ordering that soon... but it's not available on Amazon.com, I wonder if it's a Clicgear website ONLY item???
  22. Although I've recently switched back to a traditional head driver (FT-i to a FT-9), I still live by my FT-Squareway Woods... they are my best clubs in my bag... I don't know if it all just mental, but I feel that my "Square" clubs are easier to hit and much more forgiving... If it wasn't for the economy the last couple of years and the original higher prices for the "Squared" clubs, I'm sure there would have been a better response in the market
  23. Has anyone clicked on the Axis1 Putter advertisement Link??? That is one funky looking putter... It looks like some one wrapped it around a tree in frustration... you would think that any counter weighting would be placed away from the face... I would fear that off center hits towards the heel of the face would shoot the ball out sideways...
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