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  1. Henry Flores and Cedar Park, TX Do you putt using a line? – Yes If so, how do you currently draw the line? – Use a ball line stencil tool with a red sharpie along the equator, as close as possible Preferred Golf Ball Model – Callaway Chome Soft Yellow Ball Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc) – (I wish RED was available) Black/Personalized XL/"HENRY"
  2. Love to find fellow spies in the Cedar Park area who like to play at Crystal Falls or the Old Highlands Lakes course in Lago Vista.
  3. digitaltexan


  4. Your first name and home state/province: Henry, TX Current handicap/avg score: 26, 100 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? If so, which set? No What is your current iron set? Callaway X-22
  5. First Name: Henry Home State: PA Current Handicap: 26 Current Long Iron/Hybrid: I've just recently switched from using a Callaway Squareway FTi 7-wood to a Callaway 815 Big Bertha 3H set to 21 degrees, with regular flex Speedster shaft.
  6. I'll have to look for that one in any of the sports stores I visit... I surly will have to see, feel it, touch it, play it to believe it... And thank you MyGolfSpy for all that you do!!! I love this website almost as much as I love golf... well maybe not that much, golf is WAY up there in my list of loves... But thanks again, I've found this forum to be a valuable reference and have already purchased a couple of products based on the opinions and reviews of all your members.
  7. I do like the darker metal color... but I'm happy with my X22's
  8. I drove by the nearest Dick's Sports to take a look at the Clicgear Accessories but they did not carry any... Is that an online only thing??? I did see that they currently have the 2.0 model on sale right now for $159.00, if anyone is interested... I was just on Clicgear's website, they have all sorts of custom fitted rain covers as well, since i'm up here in North Central PA for the summer where it rains just about every other day, I may be ordering that soon... but it's not available on Amazon.com, I wonder if it's a Clicgear website ONLY item???
  9. Although I've recently switched back to a traditional head driver (FT-i to a FT-9), I still live by my FT-Squareway Woods... they are my best clubs in my bag... I don't know if it all just mental, but I feel that my "Square" clubs are easier to hit and much more forgiving... If it wasn't for the economy the last couple of years and the original higher prices for the "Squared" clubs, I'm sure there would have been a better response in the market
  10. Has anyone clicked on the Axis1 Putter advertisement Link??? That is one funky looking putter... It looks like some one wrapped it around a tree in frustration... you would think that any counter weighting would be placed away from the face... I would fear that off center hits towards the heel of the face would shoot the ball out sideways...
  11. Thanks for all the advise!!! Well I did it... After finding other forum posts and reading all the Clicgear reviews I went ahead and ordered one... a Yellow 3.0... I was seriously thinking about getting the 2.0 but since I usually load way too much stuff in my pockets, i thought that the underside carry-all netting would be well worth the difference... Initial reports... I LOVE IT!!! It's very sturdy, much better than the flimsy one I used to have... I took it out of the packaging and my eyes were just popping out at the amazement of how big the wheels are... and then I started folding it all out... and it's Huge and built like a tank... and yet it glides with no effort what so ever... So the funny thing is... Knowing that expected delivery was on Friday, I schedule a 9-hole tee time for 5:30pm... I get home after work and the package is waiting for me... i rush in and start unpacking, like its christmas morning... I scramble and take off all the plastic wrap... pull out the instructions and figure out the proper way to un-fold... then I re-fold... then un-fold and then re-fold and get it in the car and head out to the course... where I start showing it off right there in the parking lot to any one who wants to see... so as I said, this being my first time to walk a course, this pull cart just glides down the cart paths and fairways... hardly any effort what so ever... and going down slopes, it is so well balanced I just let it roll down ahead of me... I really do believe that with this cart, I was able to walk the course without straining or overly exhausting myself anymore that I would have if I were driving a cart... if it wasn't for the late start, I would have love to continue on for 9 more holes... I had such a good time with this cart, I was literally dreaming of playing golf with the cart, later that night... and I can't wait to get back out... after all, I have 39 more 9-hole rounds to play until it pays for it self... Thanks again!!!
  12. Not really sure how an adjusted shaft weight would affect a putt on a speed rated green... I like a heavy weighted putter head; I tend to be a bit heavy handed with my putting, the lighter the putter the harder/faster I tend to hit the ball, shooting the ball across the green. With a heavy weighted putter head, it tends to require more effort to swing the club and therefore slowing down my swing to where I can gain much more feel and control... As for adjusting a putter shaft according to green speed, that's something can of worms... These days, it's way too easy to get lost in all this adjusting and tweaking of things... we've got adjustable heads, adjustable hosels, adjustable shafts... what's next, adjustable grips??? gloves??? grooves??? or maybe shoes??? balls??? body gear??? just sell us a robot that can play for us and we can sit at home and watch our adjustable-selves hit perfectly adjusted golf shots... or we can simply take a ball and hit it with a golf-stick and the simply enjoy the challenge of getting it in this little hole several yards away...
  13. Yeah, this is a great idea!!! It appears that not only will it reduce chatter, but it looks like it will keep things in place pretty well while traveling...
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