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  1. Mike La porte, IN 10.4 GHIN TaylorMade P790 T-200 Pleae Thanks for the opportunity, should be fun!!!
  2. Headed to California for the next several months out of the cold. Mike/La Porte/Indiana TaylorMade TP 5x 100 MPH Driver SS
  3. Mike/La Porte, IN Handicap: 8.3 Current Irons: TM P790 Original version Carry distance 7 iron = 160/yds Appreciate this so much.
  4. Mike, LaPorte, IN Index 9.9, swing speed 95 Cobra F9 I would choose a 19 degree to take a run at the Cobra. It was between these two great clubs in the sim (which I hate) and the Cobra edged the CBX by a smidge. Real world, on course might be a different story and I would like that opportunity to test.
  5. 1) Michael Byrnes, La Porte, IN, >100 Rounds 2) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 3) Handi = 9, Swing Speed 95 mph Driver 4)Current Set: Mizuno ST190G, Cobra F9 3F, Ping G410 3H, TaylorMade P790 4-W, Titleist 50, Callaway 55, 60, TaylorMade Spider Tour Black P 5) Desired Cobra Set: Yellow/Black 9* Driver and 3 Fairway, F9 3H, 4-pw F9 Conventional, King wedges in 50, 56 bent to 55, and 60 bent to 59*
  6. Mike, Indiana 8 handi, ss 100 Ping G400 G410 Plus and thanks for the opportunity!!!
  7. Mike La Porte, IN 10 HC TaylorMade P790 4-pw Would love to give the I-500's a go!! Many Thanks PING!!!
  8. Truley black beauties: Mike from Indiana 66 8.5 index TM P790's 4-PW, Srixon 3H, 50* Titleist SM 7. 56* nd 60* Macdaddy
  9. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Xander Schauffele Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Andrew Landry Winning Score -9
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