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  1. I some how became a Titleist guy. Seems that all the brands are making really great equipment these days, it's great for the game.
  2. Club Champion upcharges for shafts that manufacturers do not upcharge for. They also try to sell you on the quality of their build which is BS (I had build issues with all 3 of my wedges). Not only was I fitted for the most expensive shafts in woods and irons (I changed all 14 clubs), they up charged for EVERYTHING. Got the clubs played a lot of golf in the 13 months I had them so I thought I would go in to (Golf Mart) make sure the loft and lie were still to spec. Not only were the shafts 1/2" longer then I requested, the swing weights on my clubs we D7 for everything and D9 for wedges! Loft and lie were off but I expected it that since I play over 50 rounds since I got them. I should have done more research before I went to buy. I got serious about golf last year and thought I haven't bought new clubs in years and never been fitted before so why not splurge. Splurging is one thing, being ripped off is another and that what it felt like. I got refitted for a new driver (my CC driver broke at the adapter) and the fitter (very knowledgeable at local Goff Mart - recommended by my coach) informed me that the $400 upgrade shaft for the driver did give me 3 more yards but he and I both agreed that it wasn't worth it since not much improvement in dispersion or spin compared to one of the free upgrade options. AVOID CLUB CHAMPION, do A LOT of research online (TXG, Rick Shiels, etc...) and talk to golfers and see where they went.
  3. NOPE - I would AVOID Club Champion at all costs. Literally 13 months ago to the date went in paid my $350 (decided to get "serious" about golf) and bought a great set of Titleist TS2 woods, T300 irons, SM8 wedges & Scotty putter for $5k+. Exotic shafts, purring, I got EVERYTHING. There were some red flags (fitter made the mistake of charging me for 13 Arccos smart grip SETS instead of 1 but he didn't blink at the then $8k price tag. When I informed him of the mistake and wrongly went ahead with the purchase. 12 months, 53 rounds, and a dozen lessons later I'm not sure how much of my handicap drop (7.6 strokes) are due to the clubs. The one thing I do know is that while I was having one of my grips replaced (Arccos sensor died - they replaced under warranty) I mention to the club builder (@ Golf Mart) the issues with my game, holding the green from 100-150 yds per Arccos. He said to go grab my 8 through 6 irons and he would take a look. Measured them the issues were, (1) all of the clubs were 1/2" too long, (2) the swing weights were way too high D7-D9, (3) lofts were off (this probably due to my use), (4) they had fitted me to a low spin head with a low spin shaft (later confirmed with launch monitor). He wanted me to try the same club with a different shaft and right away I was getting more height and because the swing weight wasn't crazy high I was getting more distance. I schedule a fitting with him the following week and my "FREE" one and half hour iron fitting with him was much better than the CC. He had me hit a few heads, then a few shafts turns out the stock shaft model worked the best, but I liked the feel of one but the performance of the other. His solution was to soft step my iron shafts so I could have the best of both worlds; ALL FOR NO ADDITONAL CHARGE. Big Box stores may hire ex-hamburger flippers (nothing wrong with that as long as they know golf and the tech) and CC may hire people with more "industry" experience but they're no better. I've seen this on may responses, its not the company (Club Champion, Cool Clubs, Dick's Sporting Goods, GolfMart, Etc...) that matters, IT'S THE FITTER. You can end up like me with a s***** fitter at Club Champion and great fitter at GolfMart. Talk to the fitter, do they want to know about your game, are they asking you the right questions, do they give you their opinions, is the first thing they do first thing they do grab the $400 driver shaft without going through through the various stock options? If you're not familiar with golf clubs or the fitting process, watch some you tube videos (TXG, 2nd Swing, etc), they have a lot of great info on fittings. Finally, sorry this is so long I needed to get this off my chest, I would avoid Club Champion because of their hard sales pitch, "we build the clubs ourselves so its better than the manufactures" bs, and overpricing for exotic shafts and standard shafts. THEY UPCHARGED ME FOR SHAFTS THAT TITLEIST HAS AN NO UPCHARGE OPTION! CC Are the greedy bastards!
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