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  1. Coming from GD AD-DI and BB. I had the pleasure of fitting a HZRDUS on my Callaway Epic Flash LS 3 wood. By fitting I meant using my own NEVO and R10 because I just don't have good experiences with professional stores and fitters out there. I don't want to name the stores and pros that I've went to, in the years. They just don't work for me. Real fitting takes time and patience and resources that can get you different shafts to "try" before "buy". I haven't gone as far as TXG, they are just too far in Canada that require a lot of time and travel and luggage (my clubs). Maybe one day I will. Back to HZRDUS, I fitted a black, because it is just a smooth stable and end the balance to hold the Epic Flash LS. As this particular head is heavier than my TSi3 3W or Ping G410 LS 3W. Yes, I am crazy stupid to have them all. My experiences tells my that I must have different clubs to compare and to generate different feels. Sometimes the best feel shaft/clubs do not give you the best results. That's why fitting methods today don't work for most of the golfers.besides, summer and winter, you are swinging differently and your courses behave differently, so I swap shaft/clubs due to different conditions. Where I live, the summer gets to 100℉ and winter gets to 37℉, like this week. And I am playing tomorrow at around 37℉. Those who knows, the GD AD-DI is completely different than the HZRDUS, but, that's the beauty of it. When I'm using the HZRDUS, I adjust the 3W to a higher loft setting due to its lower launch profile, the result is a wind penetrating launch that beats the AD-DI in that condition. But, it is hard on your wrist, very harsh on your wrist/shoulder. So if you are 60+ with winter arthritis, you will play HZRDUS in pain. Thus, explained that the original post that the golfer has a violent transition that the fitter recommended to use the HZRDUS to "smooth it out". As the most violent transition golfers, or fast tempo golfers will "feel" the HZRDUS more than the smooth swinger. By "feel" I meant these golfers won't find the HZRDUS "whippy/soft/unstable", these vocabularies will never go with the HZRDUS. Since I don't really use the 3W more than 2 or 3 times per round, I use the 3W more when I am on the golf range or tuning new shaft or launch monitors. But, the results of HZRDUS are that it has less hook/slice than any other shaft/head combo, and if you have the right launch number the distance is never a problem. One side effect that I observed is that the sounds are a pitch lower compares to other shaft/head combo. The TSi3/HZRDUS combo sounded very unwelcome for example. So if you are sensitive to the ball impact sounds, this is something you might want to consider. One more thing that I notice, the same HZRDUS shafts that I have, when I measure the weight and flex, the deviations are more than 15~25%. So each HZRDUS might be unique, thus hand rolled versus none hand rolled, might also present another parameter to consider, I guess. It really takes patience and well thought out process for a golfer to feel confident after the "fitting" process, to put that club in the bag with absolutely zero doubt when you pull it out later to use it.
  2. Tony Fremont, Ca Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds? Yes, I walk all the time. Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one. I use Clikgear ROVIC1 Sent from my KB2007 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. 1. Tony Yeh, San Francisco 2. Garmin X40, Shot Scope V2/V3 3. Laser Rangefinder+MobileApp The Grind.
  4. Thank you for the opportunity... Tony Yeh and San Francisco Bay Area, California I currently use a GPS watch + laser some times. I believe technology help golfer enjoy each round more, plus it helps to speed up play by providing information to reduce doubt. And maybe collecting more data during the round. Good luck to me!!!
  5. Tony/California 12 Srixon 545 7 iron = 160-165 Thank you for you good articles and this opportunity.
  6. 1. Tony, Fremont, CA , and 100+ Rounds per year 2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 3. Handicap: 12 and driver 105~115, Swing Speed 4. Srixon 545 Current Set 5. Desired Cobra Set: Driver: Avalanche10.5 , 46 in, stiif, Tensei CK Blue 50 3w: Avalanche 15, 43 in stiff, high launch 60 g shaft matching driver shaft. 3-hybrid ONE length+1.0 in, Atmos 7 ONE stiff shaft 4-hybrid ONE length+1.0 in, Atmos 7 ONE stiif shaft Iron: FORGED TEC BLACK ONE LENGTH 4~gw stiff +0.5 in, Steelfiber i95 cw Wedge: King Black ONE length, 56/10 and 60/8 ONE Length +0.5 in, stiff
  7. 1. Tony and Fremont, CA 2. 10 and 105-110 3. G400 LST 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero Thank you for the opportunity.
  8. 1. Tony, Fremont, CA 2. 12 hdcp, 100-110 mph 3. Ping 400LST/G30LST, 915D4, KING COBRA LTD, BRIDGESTONE J30 (Tensei Orange White/Blue/White, AD-DI5) 4. G410 PLUS
  9. 1. Tony/CA 2. FJ Tour 3. Most recent 30 (gust 50) mph at Wente Vineyard (best drain course in NorCal) and 30 (gust 45) mph at The Bridges (Superbowl day), the pro shop guys came out, begging us to go in and gave us rain checks!!! LOL...
  10. If anyone can help me to get this putter, I will in debt to him for a long time... Love the look of this low profile putter... Thank you so much!!!
  11. Tony CA/Fremont/USA 12 Srixon 545/745/SteelFIber i95 i210 gaming a G400 LST... still has a set of Ping Zing and lots of Ping putters in my garage... the all American golf manufacture, honest product provider for their customers...
  12. Tony/Fremont, CA Srixon 545 4-GW/Aerotech SteelFiber i95 STIFF Handicap: 12 C300 Forged Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck with the reviews!!!
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