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  1. What a jerk, not a fan especially after that
  2. That is hilarious,punks got what was deserved.
  3. I think he is ok ,needs a little experience .Don't know much about him except he is friends with tw and is a native american ii
  4. impressive ,but turn the sound off if you watch the clip
  5. I have a few thousand rounds of each but I really hate to shoot much bc I cant find it and if I do its way overpriced ,the other day I found a box of 50 9mm target loads for 54 bucks ,no way Ill just golf until things settle.Thanks for the reply ,Dave
  6. I have several firearms as well! Are you having trouble finding ammo 9mm ,.380 etc there? Almost impossible finding handgun ammo here
  7. I voted the most interesting man in the world guy, John Barry, although theyre all pretty cool. hard to choose ,great idea and nice work, Dave
  8. the new x forged irons look awesome i may finally break down and buy some new irons

  9. Welcome Im up by frankfort in.,I think you will enjoy it here its an awesome forum Dave
  10. I like to use rockbottomgolf and callawaypreowned
  11. Thanks for all your replies thats what I needed to know Dave
  12. THanks guys I appreciative it ,yes revkev. We are getting a lot of rain looks like no golf today !
  13. To all you clubbuilders on here ,I want to swap the shaft in my 3 wood with a super light shaft.The new shaft is about 10 grams lighter,my question is will i run into any swingweight issues? Or any other problems ,I want to replace an Aldila Voodoo (adams f11)with a excalibur sl model.Or is this a bad idea? I injured my shoulder this spring and lost some ss and it was recommended to drop down to a regular flex shaft.Thank you
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