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  1. Haha! How does that work, with Palmer in there twice?
  2. Haven't heard of them yet?! Haha! We've only had articles and threads about PXG for about the last year.
  3. He differentiated between the "feel" of the feedback you get from the shot and the "touch" it takes to execute shots that are less than full in his first post. "Touch" is a better way to describe it I think.
  4. Wow, what kind of "Pro" would sacrifice all his credibility by endorsing a product made for the express purpose of cheating and then make such a statement? He has no business getting paid for teaching golf. Ridiculous....
  5. This is summed up in two words....common sense. However, common sense is quite the oxymoron. In reality it's very uncommon, whether we're talking on or off the golf course. Choosing the length of the course you play should be mostly guided by the "length" you hit the ball. Kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.
  6. It's an awesome option to have. I would make sure to bring my son to a course with them if they show up around here. He likes golf, but isn't totally hooked on it. He would want to go all the time if we had the skateboards available.
  7. 2015 golf? Almost completely nonexistent.
  8. What could possibly make these a negative or detriment to the game? No one is forced to use them. Those that do will easily speed up the pace compared to sharing a cart and driving it to both players' balls. They will make the game more attractive to players, bringing in more revenue to courses that have them. What harm could it possibly do to the "future of golf? Just because something is new and different doesn't mean it's bad.
  9. Looks like you could make a mean poached egg in it.....
  10. Haha! I suppose you're the only one who hears "the voices" too?
  11. Not as long as they don't twist or slip...
  12. If you're taking a wild shot in the dark at how to mix and match your set, you bet you'll have gaps. That's where fitting comes in. If you kept the Hogans up through 29°, the next club up could end up being a 29° hybrid to keep the right gap. The only way to find out is by trying different options. You won't be able to talk it through and know what works. Gotta hit 'em.
  13. Yea, one girl doing it all would be something alright.
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