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  1. Found an SM9 58* wedge from Global Golf that was Left Handed and really good condition. I usually only like to buy new for wedges, but there are free returns and it's not like I'm in a rush here in Indiana to play - so I thought I'd give it a shot.
  2. Wish I could make it, but my two oldest have dance competitions that week. Enjoy all for what will no doubt be a great outing with great people!
  3. Got out to my local course yesterday to use their indoor Full Swing Sims. While we "played", I just can't call it playing so I'll stick with practice. I hadn't played any real golf since mid November and only did one other simulator time in early December. Basically, I was not expecting much in terms of contact or my swing in general. However, I hit my driver great. Probably the best I've done in this simulator, which would be about the 10th time now. Chipping was a different story, but I don't really amount the simulated environment for chipping/pitching. Some fat iron shots here and there, but was really please with how the swing felt. Going to keep at it every couple weeks to try and keep my swing speed up and contact strong.
  4. I finally got around to doing a quick hit on the TSR2. I was in Charleston for work and had a little time open so went into an Edwin Watts. This was a smaller shop and with me being Lefty they didn't have all of the shaft options I would have liked, but take what you can get. It was the TSR2 with a stiff Tensei 1k black shaft at 60g (I think). Overall the club felt really solid and easy to hit. I definitely noticed more consistent ball speed on mishits as well as higher ball speed when I didn't feel like I was swinging that fast. I think this is still a contender but I'd need to get properly fit with the right shaft. My spin remained high on every hit and averaged about 3600. However with the said besides a few warm up balls to get timing that were hooked. The rest would have found the fairway or been very close. Distance was mediocre because of all that spin. Average around 262 carry and 280 totals. Long was 275 carry and 292. Again that's not beating my current Mavrik sub zero, but the consistency could be enough to make the switch, which is more important for me.
  5. Hahah - I misspoke, it's actually my grandmother in law, but still the same gist. She usually has no idea what to get me, but allows $100 limit, so when I'm not forced into a joint gift with the wife - it's always been a club or something golf related lol
  6. Work has been nuts lately - sorry it took so long to get back. I went with heavier weights. My putter is a 34" and had 15g weights in it. I went to 30g and what a difference. It feels much more balanced in my hands now and I know some of it is the honeymoon phase, but my overall stroke just feels easier too. I have an older Scotty pro platinum newport 2 as well, but I don't see it coming back in the bag. I get the great feel of that with the 5.5, but also the added alignment aid which just puts it over the top.
  7. Forgot to mention - also bought a new weight kit for my Scotty 5.5 and man has it made a difference. I've had so much better speed control lately and 3 putts have really diminished. A bit afraid that it's the newness more than the actual different weight making a difference, but time will tell.
  8. Not sure it will do any good - but really want to try the new TSR drivers. My current stick has been fairly good sans the one foul ball I tend to always have no matter what equipment I use.
  9. Just ordered a 54* Vokey SM9 to replace my current SM8. Probably could have gone another year if needed, but my mother in law asked what I wanted and I said that would be great.
  10. Big time win for the US. Let's go. 19.5 - 10.5. Sorry Internationals, but you've got some work to do
  11. Good point - my miss does tend to be low or a bit off heel which is a big spin machine when that happens.
  12. You are absolutely right. With Taylormade I am usually that way. I can get my spin down and hit some huge numbers on distance, but have no clue where it's going. Truthfully, I'm still that way depending on the round. Usually it's the foul balls off the tee that cost me strokes, everything else is usually fairly solid. I am the same way. I would quickly average 280 off the tee if I knew if was a shot I could rely on and keep in play.
  13. It's been a slow year for the golf game. Have just been tied up with other activities and do not have the same "want" this year for whatever reason. However, I did play in an outing recently. Expectations were low as I hadn't played a full round in about 5 weeks or really picked up a club. Surprisingly I did not have any mishits - scratch that I did have a thin one with my hybrid. Driver was really good. Pretty good distance and accuracy all day. Approach shots caught the green for the most part, but I was certainly not pin seeking. I think I had two shots under 100 yards within 10 feet and one from 125 where I was about 12 feet. Everything else 35/40 feet on average or missed a couple greens. Keep in mind we were playing from white tees so I did not have that far on approaches. Only had to chip twice on a couple par 5's. Both were great and gave us tap in birdies. Putter - different story - did not help my team all day. Could not start my ball on line to save my life. A couple decent putts, but probably only 3 that had a chance to go in. Fun day out with great weather. Happy with my play, just wish putter could have been a bit better. Team was -9. Winners were -12.
  14. This is one where I'm sure the aerial shot does not do it justice. On here it looks straightforward unless there is heather or something like that. I'm hitting driver with a full swing and not trying to aim it. I don't mind fairway bunkers unless obviously I'm up against a lip. If I'm in the rough, it would be tougher to get the ball close, but should be able to get it up near the green for a chip. Back left looks like a good spot to chip from in most cases, but would do my best not to short side myself. Hopefully then make a putt for par or at worst get out of the #1 hcp hole with a bogey.
  15. I've had a Ventus Blue TR with no issues. Before that the standard Ventus Blue Velocore with no issues. Hope I'm not setting myself for an issue now that I've put this out there. The original Ventus Black Velocore was actually the club I was fit into a couple years ago. The Blue has been pretty good for me, but I'm wondering if I could see lower spin with something not too stiff from the black. I also need something that isn't incredibly low launching so that and the stiffness were the reasons I decided blue.
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