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  1. The lack of weighting on the perimeter kept me from buying the G400 LST. This is going to be tough not to pick up as I just bought the Titleist earlier this year. I'm not usually a frequent equipment changer but I do like what Ping is doing.
  2. I went on a work trip a little over a month ago and I'm trying to tell the upper mgt to make it an annual thing! You can definitely make it happen with kids as well - I have 3 children under the age of five. We just stayed at Bandon for one night and played Pacific Dunes one day and Bandon the next. You could easily hit three courses or four if your up to play 36 both days. It would be pricey though for all of that as each round is about $225 - $275. To answer your question, we flew into Eugene and stayed the night there (much cheaper) and it was about a 2.5 hr drive from there. We didn't book the flight out that far in advance so tickets were still a bit pricey. I think it was around 550ish when booking a month out. No one in our group flew to Portland, but a couple did fly directly to North Bend and I would not suggest doing that. Those who did all experienced a delay of some sort and the airline even lost one of the guys' clubs. Of course it came to Bandon the afternoon we were leaving.
  3. Took a half day Friday and found a stellar deal on GolfNow - Seriously $8.49 for Bear Slide in Indiana for 18 and a cart (pretty nice course in the area)! However, as pleased as I was with my great deal, my game did not follow. I started off very strong with a great birdie on the first, but just never had the confidence in my swing. Had a two way miss going so it was difficult to adjust to anything. Distance control was ok even when direction was not, but then I wasn't chipping/pitching the ball very well either and leaving myself much longer looks. Putting oddly enough was decent, even though I still had 16 putts on the front side, my distance control was good all day, just didn't make that many putts besides the first hole. Pace of play was really dragging so I had to head out after the 12th hole for my daughters school spring program. Still going to stay positive as I had some different mental thoughts this round, which got me overthinking a bit. I've been playing well so far this year and I need to get back to what was working. Part of the problem is finding time to play. I haven't played a full round since I went on a work trip to Bandon Dunes April 8th!
  4. I've not played near enough top tier courses to have a top 10 list so I'll shoot try something different. The courses that are notable and those that I had the best fun factor for one reason or another. Bandon Dunes Pacific Dunes Cog Hill - Dubsdread Laurel Valley Fun Factor Myrtle Beach National Brickyard Crossing Cowboys Golf Club The Club at Savannah Harbor
  5. Congrats to the testers chosen. Srixon has not always been my favorite ball, but one that I could rely on when needed. Also, I tend to find them around $25 bucks a dozen or better - so they are always nice to have around. However, with the likes of Snell and some others around, I'm interested to hear your take on them and will be keeping an eye on the Snell test as well that will be starting soon.
  6. Concentrated hard on impact and where I was making contact with the ball. Pictured a nail in the golf ball to try to hammer it in and went back and forth between a draw (inside of ball) and a fade (nail on outside). I found this to really help me stop thinking about where my positions were within the swing and I really hit the ball solid.
  7. Agree - same with the masters. I'm not sure if it's him trying to work in design on these hats or what - but nevertheless, it's not a good look.
  8. Maybe he's referring to actually lifting of weights where there likely aren't as many guys who are benching a lot of weight. However, that's only me trying to find any justification for this guy. I would say that the exact opposite is true from what I've seen on tour and even in the college ranks at the bigger D1 programs. Fitness is a HUGE part of their programs and daily routines. Maybe you don't want to trade bodies with them, but I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't want a body like a Brooks Koepka, who basically looks like a Mens Fitness model. Give me a break
  9. I've been a bit more stagnant in terms of weight the past 3 weeks or so. I've continued to work out and get to the gym, but have not put in the effort on the diet that I really should be. Not getting terrible, but allowing myself more indulgences. Time to push forward again and drop the final 10 lbs. Down around 28 lbs so far. Good luck to everyone else and keep pushing!
  10. Wow, that is saying something about Srixon's belief in their clubs! I wish more manufacturers did this, sure you can find the "Playability" guarantees at many golf shops, but this is very cool they do this.
  11. I'm with Apes44 - I've done this on a couple local courses, but never on a course that I would write home about. If I'm playing two balls on a hole, I tend not to focus in as much.
  12. I think you are good - you could go as far as to request serial number and call srixon if you'd like, but I don't think you'll have an issue with golfdiscount.com. Great choice in iron by the way. I play the mizuno mp18 sc and the srixon 785 (most comparable) nearly took them out of the back for me, they were just that good. Maybe in another year or two, I'll try to find them on a deal as a backup set. Best of luck with your new irons.
  13. Pending payment Received and sold. Please close down thread. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Send me an offer bump :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. I have this bookmarked and used to find it very helpful - I just ran a few tests and it doesn't seem as good as it used to, however I did get the Ping and Taylormade links to give me some upcoming dates. Its a start. https://blog.nextgengolf.org/golf-help/finding-a-golf-demo-day
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