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  1. Welcome, you might notice from one pic to another that I've already tweaked the bag somewhat already this winter and likely could add one more clubhead before the year gets started. I'll try to add a little detail as to why I have the clubs in my bag. Driver - Mavrik Sub Zero 9* set to 11* - Ventus Velocore Blue 6X - By far the happiest I've ever been with a driver. The shaft and head combo has greatly improved my overall driving in 2020. My fairway stats probably only increased slightly, but from play, I can tell you my dispersion overall both left/right and front to back has greatly
  2. The Srixon ZX Utility iron came yesterday. This was just extremely easy to hit and gave me the exact carry and forgiveness I was looking for. Also dispersion was outstanding. I immediately knew off the face where the ball was going and the sim would justify. Excited to put this one in play.
  3. Have a great time -I am just missing out on a company outing at the end of April due to injury. I put together that trip and had No 2, 4, 8, and The Cradle on the schedule. If I were to redo it, I might add Tobacco Road in over one of the others. Don't think you can go wrong though. Low percentage this happens, but trying to look at doing another trip with different customers later in the year and so far have earmarked, Tobacco Road, Pinehurst No 2, and Mid Pines. Just not sure since Pinehurst is so expensive, but it's hard not to have that one on the list when you are in the area.
  4. Good options above. One odd thing I've found is that 2nd Swing, Global Golf, Hurricane Golf, etc. also have eBay pages and usually they are cheaper on there for some reason opposed to the website. Do you have any idea with the driver you are looking for? You can always go to Golf Galaxy or similar type store and try some pre owned drivers to see what you like. Or give some of the new drivers a test more so to get a feel for the shaft you like. Then do some research on similar shafts, ie mid launch, low launch low spin and so on.
  5. For lessons, I would prefer to hit off grass with use of a launch monitor if at all possible (best of both worlds). A local place has some hitting bays that you hit out to the range, so you can see ball flight which is nice, but still would be hitting off mats. As many have said, I think having some launch monitor info is important. My fear is always that I get too caught up in the data. Similar to a Club Champion fitting. I think it's wonderful as I'm going through it, but afterwards, I think back and would really have liked to see ball flight characteristics compared to my current c
  6. I have to make sure I'm making adjustments more often. Keep losing track of time and Thursday rolls around and I'm stuck. Most of your are probably saying no sh*t - but I am not too familiar fantasy play. If that wasn't already apparent by my standing in the league thus far.
  7. I'm looking at it as Ping has been ahead of most other companies and they are now only starting to bridge that gap with technology. Definitely surprised at results, especially after watching and reading so many reviews. Assumed Titleist would be up there, but still can't believe how well the G410 did with the new crop. Just goes to show how important fitting is to the fold. My MavRik sub zero has been incredibly forgiving for me and compared to other drivers in the test last year, was a weakness.
  8. $900!!! Where are you buying your drivers?! I understand with upgraded shafts, but even then you should be able to get everything for around $750 unless you bring autoflex into the fold. Or you are buying club champion directly?
  9. Back to this roller coaster ride. Got to start healthy choices again since I can't work out much at this point. I should be able to do a bit more next week, but no cardio for a while until I am healed up from this achilles surgery. Going to get my diet in order in the time being so that I can hit the ground running (literally) when approved by doc to do so. Roughly 225 right now with goal weight of 205 by June (ie Hilton Head Vacation). Definitely doable with smarter choices. Weight is just a figure to put out there. Feeling better and looking leaner is more important than the nu
  10. A buddy recently asked me my favorite par 3's, par 4's and par 5s so it got me thinking. First off, I attempted to think back through and jot down the courses I've played and I have to do a better job at cataloguing courses for memory. I do not have a large amount of courses that are top US courses, but that doesn't always matter. I thought it could be fun to read some of your favorite holes and why. Par 3's Hicory Ridge Golf Course - 8th Hole - Played this course in an outing and while it was fairly nice, it was not really all that memorable. Only reason this is here is beca
  11. Biggest hype from the outside seems to be TSI series and SIM 2. Usually by this point of the year, i would have at least hit everything to get a feel for it. This is an off year for the driver for me as I got the Mavrik last year paired with a Ventus Blue shaft, it's been really great for me and given me a lot of confidence. Also, I am getting back from an injury so have not been able to give them a quick try at the local Golf Galaxy. I don't have much brand loyalty to anyone. Even though Taylormade is incredibly long, I found the M2 to be unforgiving for me so I do have that no
  12. i think it's just club ho land, but let's be honest, you and I both probably already knew that! lol
  13. Like others have said, definitely an easy way to go to have this done. If you can find a good clubmaker/fitter, they can adjust just about anything for you to get to specs you need. I'm fortunate, that I live across the street from one, so anything I need done, they are walking distance away. Can also be a bad thing if I get to tinkering too much, but we won't go down that path. (Thougths of buying wrong handed hybrid on the cheap just to utilize shaft and regrip, change loft sleeve, and place in clubhead of my choosing)
  14. I'd say Ping - but I'm eyeing the Srixons for this year, so I would pick Srixon if I were you.
  15. @GolfSpy MPRDid you notice after your first few uses a specific pattern? I've heard that most do hit the ball a bit more fat than they realize, but tend to get away with it. Just curious on your experience?
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