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  1. Played the par 3 course to try out the new Callaway Jaws wedge. Well we didn't get along the first time out and I could not control my distance with it whatsoever. Tempted to send it back to callawaypreowned already, but may give it one more round before I call it quits. I've not gotten along with callaway wedges in the past, but thought I'd try again and veer from my trusted vokeys. The bounce is and grind is different, but it's what was recommended. I did have similar experience to my SM8 when I first received so I know it's me and not the wedge ofcourse. To the quick round. I expected to be flag hunting in all honesty, my distance control and approach game has been rock solid this year. The Bad: Only hit 3 of 9 greens and most holes were 115 and less. Swing did not really feel that solid all day. I had 3 bogeys. The Good: For the most part, I was within my margins for starting the ball online. A pull or push here or there, but nothing major. Remind myself that these greens are much smaller than a normal course greens - although that would just leave me with more 50 foot putts LOL Scrambling was very good, made a couple 15 foot par putts after tough pitches. Had several tap ins after nice chips. Poured in a 15 foot downhill birdie putt on the last hole to close out
  2. Exactly! Now I just have to decide what 3 wood head to keep that shaft in. Tempted to buy a mavirk 3 wood, but going to try the Cobra first to see how it pans out. The Titleist 917 has been pretty good to me as well so maybe it stays in the game.
  3. Found a couple good deals recently and jumped even though the clubs they are replacing are still in fair shape. Callaway Jaws MD5 Lob Wedge - 58* that I found in like new condition for $85 Cobra F9 3 wood with Red Ventus Velocore 7X shaft for $125
  4. I ended up getting something like this put on a canvas for a co worker who recently retired. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Was able to sneak out yesterday, but only had time for 9 holes. Played River Glen, which historically I do not play well, as the fairways are fairly narrow on most holes. Since I played from the whites, I was able to use hybrid/3 wood more often and still have manageable distances to the holes. It was about the easiest +1 round I've ever played. I hit all 9 greens and my only bogey came from a 3 putt from about 12 feet, but I was in a position that I could not stop the ball near the pin because of the severity of slope. Left with a 10 foot comeback putt very uphill and needed one more revolution to go in. Very happy with my approach game and was able to hit many shots with my Gap wedge, which I typically do not use that often. Putted well and was mostly just a misread on the putts, but I will correct that and get a couple more to fall next time.
  6. Played The Fort Golf Club on Friday, which is a great course in the area if you're ever around Indianapolis. Since I was playing with a couple clients, I teed up with them from the white tees, so only playing 6114 yards. Had a couple errant shots, but was able to sneak away with a bogey each time and manage the big number. Two birdies, 5 bogeys, and the rest pars led to a 75 for the day. Only drawback was that I had less than 120 yards on nearly all par 4's but didn't give myself the birdie looks I would have liked. I think I had 3 chances under 10 feet and made 2 out of the 3 which I'm happy with. Also sunk a few 5 -7 foot par putts to keep the round going. This was my first round with my stability shaft and my first impressions are that the stroke does feel more "solid" and by that I mean easier to replicate and get the ball started. I was struggling early in the year with the dreaded yips so this has helped. Secondly, the shaft did make my putter heavier overall. I should have measured swing weight to give exact, but I didn't. I have a few distances where I use indicator as I putt (inside or outside or my back foot) and will know the distance and I've found that I'm a bit short so far. However, this is been more with putts 20 feet or greater and I'm only about a foot or two short, so it's been easy tap ins thus far.
  7. We stayed in Sea Pines this time and went last year, but can't recall where we stayed (some VRBO property). Really enjoyed the stay and overall area even with the restrictions in place. I'll have to remember Waterside, it looks very nice. Still getting the lay of the land out in the area.
  8. My stability shaft came in right before I left for Hilton Head, so I just got around to having it installed on my newish Bettinardi 6.0. After a few putts, I'm impressed with the feeling I have. Almost like point and shoot and do not have to worry about stroke. It's a nice feeling. We will see if it truly makes any difference. I am still skeptical, but price was too good to pass up.
  9. My goodness. Just cannot imagine. Heartbreaking. So sad. Thoughts with them through this difficult time.
  10. Crescent Point Golf Club - Blufton, SC 79 8 FIR 10 GIR 35 Putts Played fair, but only played from the whites to match the rest in my group and course was only playing 6100 yards so i thought I should have scored better. Hit hybrid or 4 iron off most tees as there was a lot of trouble off the tee and no area to land driver. Was punished on a couple tee balls simply for not knowing the course, but for the most part happy with my game off the tee and approach shots. My game from 60 - 100 wasn't as sharp as it should be. Typically that's green light for me, but hit long on a couple occasions and thought I made good swings. Putting and chipping really cost me 5 or 6 strokes today, have to be sharper the next round. Had a great time. Down for a few more days in Hilton Head and playing Atlantic Dunes on Friday.
  11. On vacation in Hilton Head with the family and it's great o get away from the normal grind. Condo is a great location within Sea Pines and I get to golf on Tuesday and Thursday. Beach day today with a boat ride later this evening planned. Rest of the week should be fun but not looking forward to that 12 hour drive again with my 5, 4, and 2 year olds on Saturday.
  12. Gotta get back to it. Quarantine life has made me lazier, but even worse are the eating habits and how much pop I've been drinking. On vacation this week, so I'm going to try and make some better choices, but committed next week to smarter food choices and a lot more water. Also, now that I have some help with the kids, there is no reason I can't run 2 miles a few times per week and add in some body weight exercises. Keep at it to all those dropping the weight and staying healthy. Hope to join the train soon!
  13. I agree. I've been close on Titleist before, but think there's just too much good equipment out there to stay with one. I think that equipment these days is so comparable that if properly fitted that results will typically be negligible. It will come down to look and feel more for me going forward. Putter and wedges are a bit tougher for me to make a real switch from since you use those clubs so much more often and really establish a comfort and confidence level. With that being said, I just made a putter switch for the first time in about 10 years and really happy with my decision.
  14. Been on the fence about buying a pair of g fore gallivanters for the past year and a half. I hadn't seen this colorway until today and it worked out that it was my size. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Very cool - I had planned on going myself as I get to North Carolina now and then for work, but the timing just didn't work out. I'm in Indiana so if they have it in Kentucky the next time, it would be much closer for me. His rendition of Hallelujah should go straight to Spotify lol.
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