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  1. Bought a lot so far this season. A couple new SM9 wedges. TSR3 driver head. New golf shoes and plenty of shirts (Rhoback and Greyson). Tried a LAB Mezz putter, but just didn't love it. I could feel a bit of an easier putting stroke to make when using it, but it didn't really translate to anything better and I didn't love the look of it. Struggled with speed control as well, but that's also somewhat the norm.
  2. Most of my closet for golf shirt/q zip/hoodie have moved to Rhoback. The fit for me is just spot on. I also really like a lot of patterns/designs of Greyson and Peter Millar, but sometimes it's tougher to find the right fit. Especially with PM as they have so many different sub categories that I'm different sizes in so many different things. Also, trying to get a Stitch or Holderness & Bourne polo to give them a try. However, since many shops don't have those, it's a gamble to try the correct fit. Lots of good materials and options out there currently.
  3. Congrats - starting to notice a loss of speed myself so i'll likely be getting some type of speed trainer soon.
  4. I've had a couple different brands over the past 5 years. I had Ray Ban's New Wayfarer P for the longest. More for looks, but the optics were ok. Went to some Maui Jim's that I enjoyed, but last year I wanted to try prescription sunglasses. I didn't want to drop a huge dime on a big brand prescription in case I didn't really like them so went with Kirkland lenses in a couple frames. They actually have really nice optics and polarization. The frame is not as sturdy as I would like, but for driving and casual activity they are fantastic. For active - I just bought a pair of Knockaround sunglasses that I like the frame quite a bit. The lens could be better and have less internal glare, but they are decent for $30. Based on my good experience with the prescription pair, I'll likely look at an Oakley prizm/Maui Jim/Costa if I can find a deal and a "do it all" frame.
  5. This is very cool. Can't say enough great things about the community and information here. I have been unable to post much for a while due to family and work obligations. I will make it a point to get back here frequently once again.
  6. Was able to get down to San Antonio and played with a customer. Played The Quarry Golf Club down there and was really hitting some great shots. My driver was a real weapon and had chipping/pitching been a bit better could have been a really special round. Nevertheless, was very happy with a 1 over 72 for my second round of the year. Score - 72 (Par 71) FIR - 8/14 GIR - 12/18 Putts - 32 (Two 3 putts) 3 birdies and 1 eagle. 1 Bad double bogey. Going to Streamsong on March 13 so looking forward to playing those courses.
  7. Played my first full 18 holes in 2023. About 55*, but the wind really picked up and was playing a bit tougher. Oddly enough that's when I started to make some putts and execute on my chipping a bit better. The front 9, I actually had several good looks at birdie, but just couldn't make anything longer than 3 feet or chip anything closer than 12/15 feet. Definitely some work to do there. This was also the first time out with my TSR3 driver and it was great. I went 8/14 for fairways and could easily have been 11 or 12 with a different bounces. The 18th hole was just bad all around.
  8. Preference is the FJ stasof due to feel of the leather and fit for my hand. They usually last an ok amount of time. Less than what they should for price. I've tried so many others. Titleist just doesn't fit right. MG golf gloves are decent to have in the bag for practicing and surprisingly soft for $10 bucks. May give the Red Rooster a try after reading the recommendations.
  9. I understand they are trying to make it for a wider audience, but it's hard to believe they didn't have more compelling footage. With all of the storylines last year, they really made it vanilla.
  10. Had a decent day yesterday - low 50's and sunny. Decided to take my 4 year old. Bad decision. He lasted 4 minutes and was screaming and in a mood to leave. The few I did hit were not good. Will keep at it in terms of trying to get him introduced if he wants and hopefully hitting the ball better myslef.
  11. It's amazing how the year that Netflix decides to do the documentary is the year that sh*t hit the fan.
  12. I feel like I am better than I think I am. I have high expectations on my golf game, but when it gets down to it, I feel like I am very humble about my golf game. I have plenty of areas I can improve, most of which is getting in trouble off the tee at times. But most other elements are pretty solid. One part I feel like is a bit of a weakness is putting, but my buddies will say how great of a putter I am. That's one really cool element to golf is that so much of it is mental and about confidence. I think my mind is a strong asset for me as well during rounds. It can certainly turn with a few bad shots in a row, but overall I am very good about staying in each shot. Another thing with golf, is there is always something to get better or improve upon. You can never be idle.
  13. I went on a bit of a spending spree lately. Golf is getting much more in the forefront of my mind. Seems to always happen right around the Waste Management, however still a ways from actually playing real golf here in Indiana minus a lucky 45* day or two. First was a pair of Nike golf shoes. I usually like to have a more sporty pair as well as classic. Nike infinity tour Next% Next was the classic pair - and I have not seen this in person, but I like the way they look online. G/Fore Gallivanter And last, but most certainly not least - I found a Mint condition TSR3 driver head for a great deal on eBay. I will pair that with my current Ventus TR Blue 6X shaft.
  14. I hit a couple drivers yesterday. The Titleist TSR3 and Callaway Paradym and Paradym Triple Diamond. I have to say I was blown away by the look and feel of the TSR3. It was the winner for me on that day. Part of it could have been shaft a bit. I currently use the Ventus TR blue and I was hitting a Black Ventus with the TSR, but was hitting the Kalil with Callaway. Very good shaft as well, but I am familiar with the feels of the ventus line and was swinging a bit faster with the TSR/ventus combo. The standard paradym seemed to sit much too closed for my eyes. I really thought the Callaway would be going in the bag this year, but the TSR3 was just too good. The triple diamond was also very good, but just not quite as forgiving and a little less ball speed and distance. I also like that I can move the weight around side to side with the TSR3 as this helps me get the club closed a bit easier when I have the weight in the heel. I would say that the Paradym and the TSR3 were the closest when it came to mis hits and forgiveness. The triple diamond was definitely still better than my current Mavrik SZ in that department, but I can certainly notice a bit more of a punch with the new drivers. I don't think they will be adding much to my good hits, but the off center hits are definitely looking tighter and straighter. Indoors and on a simulator is so much different than real golf, so hopefully when I was seeing will translate to the course when I do make the plunge.
  15. Found an SM9 58* wedge from Global Golf that was Left Handed and really good condition. I usually only like to buy new for wedges, but there are free returns and it's not like I'm in a rush here in Indiana to play - so I thought I'd give it a shot.
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