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  1. Got a promotion at work and have not had hardly any time to play. I was able to play 9 holes on Saturday evening. Played ok, hit a few good very good shots and some very dumb ones. Best was a 4 iron from 225 on a par 3 to a tucked pin - settled around 15 feet aaaaaaand missed the putt. Greens were marked up from the days play and playing pretty slow so no big deal. Glad I got to get out and play. Have an outing upcoming at Laurel Valley Golf Club which is always in pristine shape.
  2. Played again. Still Bad........... Great course however. Outside of Columbus Ohio about 40 minutes called The Virtues Golf Club. Last two rounds have been really bad 85's. The only thing getting me through is that I can play this terrible and muster a round in the mid 80's. Thought I was trending down, but maybe not. Hope everyone else is faring well and playing great.
  3. How did I play? Really bad.... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Played in a scramble today with a couple of my customers and all proceeds went to the Folds of Honor that benefits fallen and disabled veterans spouses and children. In terms of the golf, I played really well and had one of my best driving days that I've had in a long time. My team made alot of good putts, but I was able to sink a couple when it counted which was great. We ended up with a 58 for -14 and won the scramble by two shots. I also won a close to pin and long drive, but donated the winnings back to the cause. Really fun day and a lot of money contributed to a wonderful organization and cause.
  5. I played in this unique outing this weekend that raised money for Breast Cancer. We played on teams, but used our own score and played the shots out, however we played from the Ladies Tees. I'm not sure if it was the mindset that we had to use my other team members score for 9 holes, but I played very loose and played some of the best golf I ever have. I had 2 eagles, 6 birdies, and 3 ugly bogeys, but altogether it was for a 64 (7 under). I missed 3 other birdie chances as well, 2 from 15 feet and one from 7 feet. I wasn't keeping tabs, but think I only had 24 putts or so for the day and was on fire with the flat stick. It would be my best round, but since we were playing Ladies Tees, I'm not sure it can be counted as such. The rating from those tees are 69 so it would be more like 5 under par, which would tie my best round. Anyways, a great round for me and all for a good cause. Hopefully I can continue this momentum when I move back to the regular tees.
  6. Of the irons I've had over the past 10 years, which include Titleist AP2's, Callaway Apex Pro Forged and now the Mizuno 18 SC, the mizunos are far and away the best feeling irons I've had. I've always been a good iron player, but am now around 13 GIR per round and playing some of my best golf. I also second the Srixon pick. They are extremely underrated and keep in mind they tend to have a bit lower spin, but longer distance than some of the others I've tried. I've never been a fan of Taylormade irons, but I think there game improvement irons are better than there players irons. Titeliest is always a solid pick for any club in my opinion. You may not get the fastest or top result, but you are likely to get a top 3/4 club out of it and have nice results. I just found some 718 AP1's for a buddy that were slightly used and found them for $380 from 4 - AW.
  7. Lanier Island Golf Course - Georgia
  8. I don’t believe it’s essential but it helps with my timing for that day and can say that I will play better about 85% of the time by taking some time to hit balls, chips, and putts than without. I’ll play some days straight from work and take a half day so there won’t be enough time to really practice. I notice those days I don’t really get in sync with my swing or feel as confident. Every course I play has a range and there’s usually 10-12 balls leftover from someone else. That’s about all I need to get a feel for the day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Pretty similar to the 60. This one has a third row, but still handles very well. I live in the round a bout capital of the US, so having something that handles around those makes a big difference. I've got three children under 5, so 3 car seats in the second row. Nothing besides an SUV is really a choice for me as I'm not really a truck guy and not ready to make the plunge to a mini van!
  10. juspoole


  11. After some patience and waiting for the right one to come along - I ended up with a 2016 Volvo XC90. So far I'm really pleased with my choice and have been very happy with the ride quality and interior touches of the cabin.
  12. Certainly not what should be done, but this is not nearly as bad as the alleged greens incident earlier this year. I'm not sure how bad it actually was as it seems no one had coverage on it, but from the report it was terrible.
  13. My stage 2 is up. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31988-2019-official-forum-member-review-odyssey-stroke-lab-putter/?do=findComment&comment=546073
  14. I've always had a couple balls in rotation - ProV, TP5, and Srixon. All are fairly close, but I have found the TP5's to generally be a bit longer than others which compares with the test. I echo some of what @PlaidJacket says about a good urethane ball. The only ball I've probably found that I dislike are Callaways, but everything else, it's more about the mental approach. One caveat for me is if I'm playing in significant wind. I have found that one ball may fly a little bit better than others at times, but really the majority is about the strike at the end of the day.
  15. My son just turned 1 a week ago and I have to give a shoutout to my wife. She does so many things for our kids including all the decorating for birthdays and such. She really hit a home run or should I say hole in one with this latest celebration.
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