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  1. I found out that skytrak is launching an update to the "spin decay" known issue. IE it keeps the spin rate the same rpms throughout the ball flight so draws and fades are multiplied more than as they would be in person. Saw a recent video against the Uneekor unit (around 7-8K) and it was very close in terms of ball flight. Carry numbers were different on some shots, but it is very exciting to see this get fixed.
  2. I usually buy wedges off the rack and don't think about having them checked. After some issues with my 58* Callaway MD5 coming up much shorter than I would think and just being a bit all over the place than what I'm accustomed to, I had all my wedges checked. Sure enough, I started to get the flight I was looking for and flying the distance I would expect. I was surprised how much a little adjustment made, and while I still don't love the MD5, it's been much better and at least consistent. Glad it's working out so well after your adjustment as well.
  3. One of my better full rounds of the year. Didn't feel like I played overly well to be honest, but didn't make any glaring mistakes. I did have a couple 3 putts, but the greens were just punched so distance control was a bit difficult. Course played a little long today as it was very wet all over the course. I did not think we had gotten that much rain recently so I was a bit surprised by this. Hoping I can get more rounds in this year, but it was nice to come out and play well after a few weeks layoff. Putted well and made a 25 and 30 foot birdie putt as well as several just slide by and nearly go in. Score: 74 (4 biridies and no doubles) FIR - 3 GIR - 11 (2 additional on fringe and putted) Putts - 32
  4. Great question and honestly a conundrum that I am still trying to work out. For me personally I like having the PW as well because that is a lot of half and 3/4 swings that you will face by having an 8* gap. My thought is to potentially bend the PW and GW a bit weaker since they are so hot off the face. If I can get my PW closer to 140 and gap wedge closer to 125, my SW is 110 so that would give me 15 yard gaps up through to 9 iron. I could also bend my 54 a bit to ease that difference and keep the other clubs the same. I prefer the bounce and sole options on 54 and 56 degree wedges usually more than a 52 so I would have some reluctance to do that personally since I chip and pitch a lot with my 54. Sorry for the long winded answer but hope this gave you a couple things to think about.
  5. Need to get back to this - I've been good for Cardio ever since my injury, but strength training of any kind has been missing. This will give me a good start. Should not be that bad - 20/5 or 25/4 times - let's go. Ok, first set down. Not gonna lie, a bit winded after 25. lol
  6. They are really good irons for sure - you and I had a very similar experience. I'm considering potentially refitting to try some other shaft options for the heads to see if it reduces my left to right dispersion more. I'll probably work more on the SkyTrak this winter and see how I am doing in the Spring before taking that leap. I thought feel was a little below what I have come to expect with the Mizunos. Other than that though, hard to find anything.
  7. Final Review is Live! Would love to answer any questions that you have after reading
  8. Got the Skytrak up for a bit for some last minute numbers for my review of the T100-S. It was such a nice day that I decided to go to the range - Bad Idea! By that point, I had made so many swings that I could not get through the bucket and my timing was gone. I'm playing on Wednesday at one of my favorite courses in the area - The Fort Golf Course in Indianapolis and hoping I have it back by then.
  9. Some great games this weekend. I am going to the Ohio State Vs. Penn State game in a few weeks in Columbus. I'm not a fan of either team, but taking a customer, who is big Ohio State fan. Shaping up to be a really good game with two highly ranked teams. Should be a great atmosphere.
  10. Went to the practice pitching/chipping green to work a little on the short game. Tried to maintain a consistent trajectory and tempo through the shots. Felt pretty good by the end and hoping it translates to the course for more tap ins after my chips.
  11. You have a loophole built in with BortGolf as well. "No honey - those are a build for someone, of course they aren't for me" LOL
  12. Completely agree on the strategy here. My boss started to really get into golf in April of last year, so I would go to the range and play 9 holes with him quite a bit. At that point, he was around a 30 handicap and lucky to break 100. He would always reach for the 3 wood from the rough/trees/fairway or anywhere when he had over 200 yards to the green. He didn't and still doesn't hit his 3 wood very well so it would just cost more strokes. I finally urged him to start hitting his 6 iron from those spots because just as you said he can hit that solid and straight much more often. Now, he is confident enough in his 4 iron to get it down there, but still the same approach. The next biggest thing I noticed is that course strategy was not in the thought process at all. He might give a little bit more help for his slice off the tee by aiming left, but coming into greens, there was not much thought. He would continually short side himself and not hit many greens. Last was his distance control - he really guessed at his yardages all the time. He would fall into the old adage of I've hit my 8 iron 145 once so that's the club I play. Obviously, he was only doing that 1 out of 8/10 times so he wrote all his average yardages out in his notes app on his iphone and still uses that during the round. He's been fairly good for his level in regards to the short game so that really helped as well. Now, he is consistently in the low 90's and breaking 90 often. He shot his best score of an 82 a few months back at a difficult course and I only beat him by 5 shots.
  13. Interesting......Well knowing you, I'm not surprised to hear that you didn't start with a box set. I know you got the Honmas, but keep in mind you can always do paint fill to add in whatever colors she wants in them.
  14. I currently have a SkyTrak, but I can tell you that I hardly ever use it. Granted, I lost most of the winter/spring due to injury when I think I would have used it the most. I will always prefer to hit off grass and be outside at a driving range or course. My largest issue is that I don't have a defined space in my house for the launch monitor. I am confident that if I had a dedicated golf studio, it would be fantastic. I think I would use it almost daily, even in the summer time if I had that. However, right now it's a garage set up where I have to put up and take down all the components after each and every use. I find the data to be accurate enough and the misreads aren't terrible. I feel like the technology on the skytrak is aging. If I had an inkling of the GC3 coming out, I think I would have held off and saved a bit more money for longer to get something like this. There are other great units in the price range like the Uneekor, but that is not mobile. I know the GC4 is great on both turf and grass so if the GC3 would be similar, it would be a no brainer to me. The main item I am not sure of with the GC3/GC2 are the software golf course simulator options. I've always been drawn to TGC2019 due to the open course design and allowing for any and every course to be available with great graphics in my opinion. Time will tell what I end up doing, but I have not made the plunge for TGC 2019 yet, because of my apprehension in keeping the SkyTrak unit overall.
  15. Thanks, I don't think with the mizunos, I would have ever went for that shot to be honest. Maybe with the Srixon ZX utility which is my 4 iron replacement, but the percentages are much lower. I think that just gives you a testament to how good these clubs are.
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