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  1. I've not tried it personally, but saw it included in some reviews on youtube.
  2. Our courses are still open so far. Have had the kids during the week as well as working from home so no chance to get out to play 9 over lunch or anything. Also, weather hasn't been the greatest. Supposed to have a couple nice days from Thursday - Sunday so I might try and get out for at least 9 holes at that point. Stay safe to all those who are playing.
  3. I would keep an open mind to used sets as well. A great way to get a wonderful set of clubs from a manufacturer you know makes quality equipment and then you can always have a local shop help to do the fitting and adjust anything needed. A 14 year old will most likely be happy with their own clubs even if it's a 8-10 year old driver or 7 year old irons...etc.
  4. At home like everyone else so trying to get whatever practice I can. Tried some pitching and chipping of various distances to get a few of my half yardages locked in. Need to focus a bit more on keeping club face square through impact and the different swings it takes for various ball flights.
  5. Curious on this as I've not tried the 130, but have had other Aldila Rogue shafts in the past. Always one of my go to shafts if I need something I can rely on, similar to the Proforce V2 of years ago. Always thought this was a wonderful shaft for quicker swing speeds with a touch of feel and not boardy with a lower trajectory and spin. I have the Black 95 MSI version in my hybrid and feel like it's a good fit that offers good launch conditions for me. I did find the following if you have not read before - https://mygolfspy.com/aldila-rogue-130-msi-shaft-review/ "Similar shafts, based on EI profile, torque, and other Cool Clubs S3 data, include the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black, and not surprisingly, the original Rogue 125. Golfers looking for a bit higher launch should consider the Mitsubishi Diamana D+ LE. Lower launch alternatives include the Fujikura ATMOS TS Black and Project X EvenFlow T11000 White."
  6. juspoole

    Nike RZN Black

    I regret not doing the same. Really liked the RZN balls and wish I would had gotten more. I don't think they are miles better than any other top balls, but for some reason i seemed to click with this ball and usually it instilled confidence with me whenever I was playing if that makes sense. Oh Well, now I also play the TP5's and they are very good.
  7. I wonder how many clubs/shafts Matt goes through in a year. He didn't seem like much of an equipment guy at first, but it's evolved much more and you have one of the best fitters in North America doing this for you each week.
  8. Glad I saw this, was just about to post this deal as I saw on Costco the other day. Plus another one for the Rukket net. Although the Amazon Basics one looks the exact same along with many others in design. Curious if there is any real difference to them, you might be able to save a bit more. I bought a country club elite strip 11 by 30 i believe, for a great deal. Still need to get something for the feet as the ball sits above me right now. Possibly a couple exercise mats or something. Not sure just yet. I've been in launch monitor/simulator market for a while. Would prefer Skytrak for numbers and visuals, but my issue is that it's been out since November 2014 and price is basically the same price. I'd love to see an update or new monitor with a similar price point that utilizes the very latest tech. Now it's very possible the software updates are doing this and the actual unit still is precise. I would love a trial period with one or testing of some sort as I've never used it.
  9. Our courses have mostly stayed open as well. I played on Thursday and from what I've found, is that carts are no longer an option, just walked. Also the clubhouses are shut down and all payment is required over the phone or internet before the round. To me, doing this. along with some other guidelines like the rakes and inverted cups give us just about all we need to keep the practices safe. I hope that people do not take advantage, but I think golf can remain open during this time if we are cautious on the course. I found a couple balls during the round and had to remind myself not to mess with them, luckily no pro v1's. lol
  10. The markup on these items are crazy, but they get away with it. I usually purchase older season gear unless there it a something that comes along that I really enjoy. Also, I find many of the items on eBay that are new and incredibly discounted. It's rare that I spend over $40 for any clothing item and may times $30 or less. Some of my favorite brands include: Peter Millar (the featherweight polos are exceptional) Greyson/RLX (some nice understated prints or patterns to be found) ie Bay Hill polo and an Indian Creek polo Under Armour 1/4 Zips (Best fit and functionality for me) Adidas Ultimate pants and shorts Under Amour shorts (mix nicely for casual and golf) Travis Mathew (more for work as the fit is really flattering for me). There trifecta pants for casual wear are wonderful as well. Much of what others have said, I could certainly wear as well. FootJoy, Under Armour, Adidas, Nike all make high quality golf gear. For the shirts, I want to ensure that it's got some stretch to it and more of a poly blend shirt that I feel comfortable and that I look good in. Some have said, they do not like the pants/shorts with silicone gripper, but I will ensure that my pants/shorts have it. I'm in fairly good shape and wear a 34/35 in pants with a muscular build and it keeps the shirts tucked in so much better than just a belt.
  11. What am I Thinking about? So much equipment that I do not need. Inside my head: ...a mallet putter would be cool to try if i find a good deal. Maybe i'll have more confidence with the bigger design and be able to line up better ...a driving iron would be nice (let's watch reviews of all of them on youtube) The GAPR LO and Srixon U85 look intriguing. (Checks eBay for current deals) ....the G410 LST is getting a lot of love....maybe I can find a head only for a good price and keep my same shaft. (Checks eBay, Global Golf, and 2ndSwing) .....I liked the Srixon Z785's, maybe if I can find a great deal they could be a back up set...... Keep in mind, I've got no issues with current equipment and went to club champion last year which confirmed most of my equipment is performing as well as just about anything that was out last year. Maybe a couple new polos or quarter zips. Don't really need them, but let's look anyways.......(Again have already purchased 4-5 polos for this year that I haven't even worn yet)
  12. Justin Fishers, Indiana 6.6 Handicap Mizuno MP 18 SC T100 - S (used AP2's in the past and had my largest handicap drop while using them. Would love to give Titleist irons another go)
  13. I ride 80% of the time usually trying to play more quickly or because we have a weekend round with a foursome where the course will not allow walkers until later in the day. I do love to walk, and walked 18 yesterday, but I realized that I need to find a lighter golf bag and take some items out or move to a push cart. I enjoy walking more as I feel like I am more engaged in the round and tend to play a bit better. Haven't done a complete analysis, but probably a couple strokes better. Most of my buddies I play with, would rather ride, so it would be a round alone if I did walk.
  14. First, I got to play golf yesterday and NOW THIS!!! Whatever this is?! Sounds good to me.
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