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  1. juspoole

    Rick Shiels YouTube Golf Open

    Count me as somewhat interested. I enjoy some of the videos that come out on the youtube golf channels that I subscribe to. I really enjoy the TXG stuff, but they can be a bit long winded on their videos. As perseveringgolfer pointed out, it'll be very interesting to see how the flow of the "broadcast" is. My other question, would be how on earth will they decide who's channel to put the content on? I don't know exactly how the money aspect of youtube works, but I have to think someone who has a video with 18M views is going to get a decent check.
  2. juspoole

    Oldest club currently used on tour?

    I believe that Padraig Harrington plays a Ping Eye 2 wedge still. I think some other players do as well. http://www.golfwrx.com/502412/padraig-harrington-witb-2018/
  3. juspoole

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Lefty and Broke 70 please. I saw where you only wanted to do 2, but if we're allowed 3, I'd also like the Hole in One. Cool idea to show some "flair", but just the minimum amount.
  4. Great news. Love my nx7 with slope. Never had a complaint and always gives me confidence with the yardage. Continued success to your company! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. juspoole

    Weight Loss Thread

    I’ve been on the train as well since the new year. Worked out all but two days so far since 1/1. Lost 6 lbs and hoping to get to a total goal of 30. Trying my best to snack healthy and avoid soda. Not a big drinker of beer/alcohol but the liquid calories of soda kill me. My wife works full time as well and we have three kids under 5 so time is short. I play basketball about twice a week and the others I am trying to continue to my gym at work during my lunch hour. It’s all about staying with it and just doing something. Crazy how often I try to talk myself out of going or doing something. Gotta stay with it. Good luck to all Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. juspoole

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Lifetime colts fan here. Thought we really were a shell of ourselves from the other games I’ve watched this year, especially on defense. Looking forward to next year as the team overachieved what I thought we’d be capable of. Hell around Indianapolis, it was as late as August 1 and we still weren’t sure how much luck was back. Hoping for a good draft and offseason moves as I believe the colts have the second most cap room of any team. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. juspoole

    Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

    Hard to explain it - i'll practice all sorts of drills for distance control and feel that I have them down pat, then out on the course I'll just lose it. I agree that contact and face angle do help and I had some adjustments done to my putter at club champion that I believe will help get the ball rolling more quickly. Just psych myself out I guess.
  8. juspoole

    Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

    Going back and forth on this. I'm an average putter and recently had a Club Champion fitting including getting on the SAM lab. It was determined that my putting stroke was actually fairly good. On the course, my main issue tends to be a misread or speed. Most of the time, I'm getting the ball on my line that I've chosen. I've read some replies that this can help some with distance control, but what I find happens is that I will just lose my feel for distance after about 7-8 holes and then my confidence sort of goes with it. I've read some others are putting stiff iron shafts to help with stability. Can anyone comment or even compare? That would be a much cheaper way to go.
  9. This has been a fantastic group thus far. I love to discuss and read about golf. It's crazy how much there is out there and that you can always learn more about this great game. Just in the last 2 years, I feel like I have such a better understanding of what makes a club tick; from swingweight, to shaft profile, to hot melt. Thanks for all the great conversation and hope to be able to start a club testing discussion sometime this year and get picked by MGS!
  10. juspoole

    How'd you play?

    Got to play up here in Indiana on Sunday while it was around 45*. Recently sold my driver and haven't gotten my new TS3 yet, so hit my 2 hybrid (my longest club) off the tee. Luckily only the whites were playable, so it was around 6100 yards. Working on a couple small changes to my swing and they are really paying off as I shot a 74 with some wind and greens that were very bumpy due to conditions. Very pleased and excited to get out for more throughout the year!
  11. Thanks guys. Definitely agree with some of your sentiments. I should have phrased it better. I do know some ways to get better with it, but when I try to really adjust and get that better attack angle with driver, my accuracy seems to suffer a bit. Although, this could be a great time to really work on it since there are still a few months until the season really starts. I've always been hesitant to make too many changes during the season because my enjoyment tends to fade since I'm not playing as well through that change. Pair that with the fact that I can't get out to play/practice as much as I used to since I have 3 children that are 4 years old and younger. Trying to get my 4 year old daughter into it as we speak. Don't judge my bad garage set up. lol
  12. Definitely agree. I think the TS3 is the lower spinning of the two if I had to pick. You can see my angle of attack is negative. I still haven't quite figured out how to hit up on the ball as well as I should with a driver. Hopefully the TS2 continues to work well for you.
  13. Thanks! 329 is deep! Especially in the cooler conditions. Hopefully that continues as the year plays on.
  14. Thanks alot, for me it was all about the weights in the TS3. I tend to come over the top a bit with a slight shut face, so by pairing a heavier shaft with the weight in the toe for a fade bias assisted the club face staying open and me coming a bit more on path. My spin was actually pretty close with both. Below are all my shots with both. The shots tended to be pulls with the TS2 although I did get the highest ball speed from TS2.
  15. Completely agree with you on the mizunos. I went the same route, but it was against the Titleist AP2 718 and the Mizunos. I have recently hit the srixons and those are very nice as well. My only downfall with Mizuno, and I can't really fault them, is that I wanted to have your exact same set up with the MB and the SC, but since I'm a lefty, I was unable to do so since only the SC's are available in left handed. Still love the iron overall and I can't see switching anytime in the near future.