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  1. Moved the kids toys out of our office and to the basement. Now, I officially have a set work from home space (I did have a desk already but it was in the living room and a bit awkward). I bought a couple things to hang up in there. Top 100 Courses map that I liked. Also got this made into a canvas print to hang up. One of my favorite golf experiences was actually on the Bandon Preserve Par 3 course pictured below.
  2. I received the official thumbs up for a customer golf outing to Kiawah in Mid April. Looking forward to trying my hand at the Ocean Course especially after Phil won it last year. As a fellow lefty, he's always been my favorite player even if some of his antics are a bit out there at times.
  3. Might be tough - but could possibly coincide with a work trip from Indianapolis.
  4. What do I have to lose - I'm in.
  5. I know you are giving the waterproof spray a chance - actually a really good idea for a golf bag too - thanks @Tom the Golf Nut I can third (or fourth) the comment for the adidas golf shoes. They are usually good for rainy rounds. One surprise I've had is actually the Nike Victory Tour. I found them on a steal for about $40 bucks a few years ago and they have become my cold/rainy/nasty weather shoes. Very comfortable for me at least and great waterproofing. Still can find new pairs around $50/$60 on eBay.
  6. I'm in midwest, so durability aside - I'm curious which one you would choose purely based on performance and looks?
  7. There are a lot of ways I could go here. I actually use my precision pro on each approach. My boss has an app that he uses a lot and I have found that the app will be off 10/15 yards at times because it may be he is one foot from it updating it's location. I feel a lot more confident using my rangefinder and seeing the distance, I commit to the swing more. Any Taylormade driver I have bought has not been a good fit for me. I have not liked the feel and although I am probably the longest on a good strike, I'm much more inconsistent and wild with it. Granted these were off the rack purchases but others were as well up until about 5 years ago. Currently would have to say my Skytrak and all of the other components (projector, gaming laptop) that I've bought for it. Don't get me wrong, it's great and is fairly accurate, but I do not have a large enough place in my home for a permanent set up. If I did, i think I would love it, but it's more of a space issue for me rather than the actual components. Was it the stamping or the actual wedge? Unsure why you would get an earful, everyone likes and plays different things better. What's great for me is the worst thing on earth for you. No big deal lol. Just curious if you mean the whole package or the stamping? I remember I tried the Callaway MD2 and didn't get on with it at all, but a few of my buddies swore by those wedges.
  8. I may be able to swing this as I get out to Williamsport pretty often and can surround a work trip out of it. Keep me posted.
  9. Great points! I completely agree with everything you put here. So much importance to numbers on a simulator even for irons/driver, but when you get out to the course where the results really matter - what are you doing then? It would not be feasible to test the same way because of just how much equipment is out there, but if you are able to demo 2/3 of you top performers from a fitting, I think you'd come away with a much better tuned set that you would have peak confidence with and truly play your best golf. I think a lot of people are able to adjust since they are in a controlled environment and hitting one ball after another.
  10. I will try to remember to participate each week as I'm making my line up on the Fantasy Golf side.
  11. Very Nice - I'm thinking about this club as well. Probably a 3 iron for me. I'll have to check out Facebook.
  12. Nothing - but being the club ho I am, I guided a buddy to buy a Mizuno M Craft Putter. Just like inception all I had to do was plant a seed. I'm trying to help him find a good deal, but now it's all he can think about when a few days ago, he wasn't contemplating a putter at all.
  13. I've tried a several other wedges over the past 15 years and the Vokeys always seem to have the right balance and look for me. I don't see that there is anything interesting or different with these compared to the last couple models, but there hasn't really had to be. As a Lefty, my options are narrowed from the start, so I appreciate when companies have several options available. Lots of good wedges out there and much comes down to feel and look preference over the fitting part of it in opinion, second only to a putter. With irons, hybrid, and woods, it seems like technology plays a larger role for me at least.
  14. Played 5 v 5 basketball for the first time since my achilles surgery on February 10th, 2021. I'm going to try and slowly get back to it during the next few months. After it happened, I lost so much confidence in my leg and wasn't sure I'd feel comfortable at all. I still have to be very careful, but I've had the OK from my doctor to do this for some time and finally gave it a go.
  15. More or less just have started to implement this feel into my driver swing. Simple but has been effective Feeling like I am skipping a rock with my trail hand on the down swing to get more in to out. Be careful not to let the back shoulder dip with it too much.
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