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  1. Are you strictly a feel putter or do you have certain measurements that are for different distances? Ie Roughly 5 inches back is 20 footer and 10 inches back is 40 footer? I started doing that more last year and it's greatly improved my lag putting. I still need to work on holing more of the 10 feet and less, but my distance control is usually spot on.
  2. Just terrible luck lately with golf shoes. First the Footjoy Premiere Flints, my heels were slipping out of them and it was a bit of a sloppy fit. Next, I tried the Adidas XT 360 (runner up for spikeless shoe) I must say cushioning, grip, and stability were all fantastic. When rereading the con of the shoe is was firm heel and they were not lying. I walked 9 the other day and by hole 4, my heel was killing me. Giving a try to something more aesthetic, but will probably only work on dry days out on the course, Nike 270 G. I still have a backup pair of Nike Zoom Victory Tour, t
  3. Still early....but pretty impressive to be rounded out the top 400. Please try not to be jealous.....
  4. I walked 9 the other day for the first time this year. Low and behold I have my best score of 35 (-1) so far this year. I need to continue walking more. I always feel like I am more focused and tend to play better.
  5. Great to hear it. You've been too patient all this time not to get something soon! Hope you continue on that hot streak and break par once you have them!
  6. Played a quick 9 at the course across the street from me. Played really well and happy with most aspects. If I'm getting picky, I could have chipped the ball a bit better. Score: 35 (-1) Fairways: 3/6 Greens: 6/9 (another on fringe 20 feet away so nearly 7) Putts: 14
  7. Not necessarily a new purchase, but having my previous gamer - Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 repainted. I had already stripped the old paint out, so it was ready to go, but I just didn't get around to doing it. Having a local shop do it for me as I'm sure they'll do a better job anyhow. Not going crazy with colors, just blue and white. Maybe do red, white and blue. Haven't decided yet. Going to put it back in the bag to see if a change helps me make a few more putts. Thinking more about it, I may just bite the bullet and have it refinished. It could definitely use it.
  8. Worked around swinging more around the body with my driver to help with the inside to out path. Also worked on putting for a few and softening my bottom hand and getting my ball on my start line. Feeling really good for the 30 minute session
  9. Don't know all that much about Honma, but have heard great things. Looking forward to reading along.
  10. No need to apologize when they can finish 25th and still bring home 100k or 70th and bring home 20k.
  11. If I can just have half my guys actually make the cut this time. It’ll be counted as a win in my heart
  12. Just got back from a great family vacation in HIlton Head. Was much needed for myself and the wife and I also was granted two rounds of golf this time around. Love to play and try out new courses wherever I'm at, especially the tree lined Carolina golf. However, I did have to work nearly every day for a bit, so this week getting back is going to be brutal even with trying to put some time in.
  13. Looking solid so far this week with my matchups as long as nothing crazy happens. @Apolloshowl is beating just about everyone this week, but other than that, I'm in the drivers seat to maybe go 9-1. A few more good weeks, I'm hoping to climb in the top 30. Wish I would have made more moves early as I was too stubborn and wasn't paying enough attention to the active fields.
  14. Looks like you and your daughter had a blast. I've been trying to get my 6 year old into golf that past few years as well. She loves the driving range since she is constantly hitting one ball after another, but so far she finds the course too boring. Any tips?
  15. Tough go for the final round, but it sounds like you played some great golf the first couple days. Hoping you get that first 7 footer to drop on your next scramble and start the day off right!
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