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  1. I am thinking of upgrading from my several years old Tour V3 to the latest... what improvements did you see from your 4 to your 5? THANKS in advance for responding.
  2. why do you think it is a waste of time?
  3. To play May River, you have to stay there. At least I had to when I played there a couple of years ago.
  4. Juan05


    Looking for members that live in Delaware or nearby, who have experience playing the following 5 courses... I am planning a trip to Delaware to play them this summer, and maybe we can meet up. The courses are: Bayside Resort, Bear Trap Dunes, Baywood Greens, White Clay Creek, and Deerfield G&TC Any suggestions for lodging or places I MUST see on this trip. THANKS... and hopefully we can play a round of golf or two.
  5. Here is an idea... Go out to Golfweek Magazine List of Top Course You Can Play in 2019. I put the link below for your convenience. Then as you plan driving through the states, see if there is a routing that allows you to play some of these great courses. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2019/05/29/golfweeks-best-2019-best-courses-you-can-play/ For example, while you could drive through the western part of SD, you could drop down into Nebraska, (or take this route on your way back) to play Wild Horse in Gothenburg (1 of the top public courses in the country).... or you could overnight further north in Valentine and play one or both of the courses at The Prairie Club. While none of this might appeal to you, using the list does allow you to think about options you may not have considered. Looking forward to learning about your final routing. Have fun and travel safe.
  6. Juan Gutierrez - Sarasota FL I have used a line on the ball for at least 10 years I use a plastic golf ball line marker I use a Titleist Velocity golf ball Black Line/JFG as the text Author of the book, "Make More Putts!" 2011 World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Champion.... so I know a little bit about putting. And would be honored to be a tester.
  7. I am playing several different courses in Nebraska : Awarri Dunes, Bayside, Wild Horse, Dismal River, Prairie Club, Tatanka, Plainview, and Quarry Oaks Anyone on here live in Nebraska and want to join me at any of these courses? We can talk about dates I am playing each through a PM. ALSO, if you have suggestions about playing these courses... that would be helpful.
  8. Juan Gutierrez Sarasota, Florida USA HCP 7.4 I have used a lot of different putting training aids... Almost all that Pelz Golf offers, etc., etc.
  9. In a couple of months, I am travelling to Nebraska to play all the courses that Golfweek Magazine Lists of Top Courses You Can Play in Nebraska. For 2018 that included Quarry Oaks, Awarii Dunes, Wild Horse, Prairie Club (Pines and Dunes and the fun 10 hole Horse Course) and Tatanka. In addition, I included Bayside, which was on the list until it was replaced by Tatanka in 2016/17, and Dismal River (Red and White Courses).... also I am stopping in to visit Sand Hills Pro Shop, etc. eventhough I could not get on that course. For those of you that live in Nebraska, or have played any of these courses, I would appreciate insights, suggestions, etc. Thanks in advance. BTW, I have done this same type of trip to South Carolina in 2017 and the complete list of courses in Florida in 2016. And am also working my way through the courses in New York.
  10. I play over 100 rounds per year My GHIN HCP is 8.2 My present putter is a customized Scotty Cameron Fastback #1 which I have used for 8 years. I won the World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship with it. I have also written a book on putting improvement titled, "Make More Putts!" which is available on Amazon.
  11. SACTOWN Thanks for the review.... I am the guy that is in the video of the putt of the week!! I spent part of a morning on Monday February 28 with Mark Sweeney, and he shot this video. We also set up an uphill 45 footer which I made. I spent the morning with Mark to help improve my ability to read long,double breaking putts... he is GREAT to work with. I too look forward to the 3 day clinics. I had the privilige of working with Mark and also previously with a couple of his certified instructors --Pat Walsh in Parrish, Florida and David Orr in Buies Creek, NC. These guys know there stuff. You will love the "Putt of the Week" videos. Check out this one
  12. Fozcycle... thanks for attending and reporting. I worked the event this year and last.... you probably saw me I was directing the parking!! And then ferrying some folks who were late. When they did the 1st Battle of The Babe, it was just T.J and Woody on a beautiful, sunny and warm January day. T.J. shot 66 and beat Woody by a couple of strokes. However, T.J. has not been on his game lately. Look forward to seeing you next year!! And hopefully as Woody suggested while on the 5th tee they get Brittany Lincicome to participate.
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