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  1. Honestly don’t know yet. And I’ve strangely never heard of World Tour. Odd name. Is it gimmicky?
  2. Been there. I think the best thing to think about when putting is speed. I say this because it takes a tremendous amount of thought out of “am I gripping too tight”, “am I shutting the face”, “are my shoulders square”. A lot of times when I catch myself getting too technical, I’ll drop a bunch of balls in the middle of a practice green (if no one else is around) and start rolling to all the different holes without thinking. Frees the mind up and my stroke sort of finds itself.
  3. Okay, hear me out... My wife and I every night in bed.... I know where your head is going, stay with me... relax by surfing the net on our iPads. Normal, right? Well the other night my wife glances over and sees me watching this - She asks “are you just watching someone warm up?” And I’m like “yeah”. And she looks at me like I was watching something much worse or horrifying. I told her it’s literally the most soothing thing and puts me right to sleep. And her response was something of the “okaaaay” sort. Am I wrong? There’s gotta be others out there that do this to, right? Who’s with me?
  4. This. I don’t mind carrying for 9, but fatigue sets in around 15, 16 and I’m sore the next day. Buy a good push cart and you’ll enjoy it even more.
  5. Manage the course. From tee to green avoid penalty shots, 2 chipping and 3 putts and you never have to make a swing change to watch your scores lower.
  6. Another vote for the Grint. HP tracker, GPS and scorecard. I’m not sure I need anything else
  7. How long have you been playing golf? Around 25 years. I think I was a late starter as I picked it up in my early twenties. What’s your handicap or normal score? HP is 13.4. What do you love about golf? A question I get a lot from my wife... I... I don’t know. It’s not love but more of an obsession. It’s definitely not healthy I can just tell you that. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? The unfiltered reviews. Do you already know any other Spies? Just the guys who reached out when I’ve won something! Where are you from? Novi. What is your home course? Links of Novi What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? I live in Novi. There are literally 13 courses within 15 minutes of my house. The worst - only getting to play them 6 months out of the year. What do you do for a living? Marketing and advertising director for a big software company (also time I started looking for opportunities ) How’d you pick your user name? Needed something “golfy”... I’ve been using it in and around other sites for years. Try to be consistent so that other people might recognize the name and possibly know me and say hi. I’ve always taken pride in not being an internet jerk.
  8. I've honestly loved this summer so far (all things considered). Have already walked 18 twice, gone down a belt size and the wife has slapped my ass a half dozen times in 3 weeks. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP
  9. A buddy of mine works for Carls. He said the Hybrid is just about everything you could ever want in a bag. Debating between that and a used Vessel...
  10. Same here re: the knits. Not sure there's any way around it but they're a spectacular shoe (just not great for golf). Have you looked at the TM Curator? Those are supposed to be pretty light weight
  11. Out of the first few mentioned, I've heard good things about Barefoot and Dunes (and obvs TPC). What was your top 2-3?
  12. Hey all, Me and few buds were thinking of driving down to Myrtle from metro Detroit later this summer. Of course, restrictions would need to be lifted, adhere to any social distancing rules, etc. No doubt things could change in a heartbeat, BUT, if things look better later this summer there's a good chance we do it. Having said all that, has anyone made a trip down from the Midwest area and if so, what courses did you play along the way and what courses did you play while there? We're not looking to break the bank and it would only be a 6 day trip (1 day down, 4 days there, 1 day back). But ideally we would rotate driving so there would be no stopping (except to golf). Thoughts, ideas, opinions welcome. Thanks!
  13. Nothing wrong with a white belt. Just needs to be paired with white shoes IMO... I have a Nike belt that's double sided White/Grey. It's pretty much my go-to belt as I have white shoes that I'll wear on nicer days and grey shoes for those spring and fall Michigan days that leave them... not as grey...
  14. So am I on staff with Wilson yet or nah? Soooooo pumped! Cant wait for the new sticks! Now does anyone want to buy a mint set of 585’s?
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