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  1. I hit every fairway but one yesterday with my driver. I haven't had that much control off the tee in a very long time. It certainly makes golf a lot more fun!

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    2. Addicted2Golf


      LOL. Well, I've had my fill of "creative shot making" from off the fairway. There's something to be said for hitting it to a designated LZ and then having a nice, relatively straight forward shot into the green. ;-)

    3. R.P. Jacobs II

      R.P. Jacobs II

      Kudos...THat's a great accomplishment & harder than hell to do..The Best, Richard....

    4. GolfSpy Tim

      GolfSpy Tim

      that's awesome!! I hit all of my driver shots with my new Cobra ZL into the fairway on Monday - headed out this evening to see if I can repeat that or if it was a fluke

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