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  1. I think I would tell myself to be more consistent in practice. For years my practice routine was just to go out and whack away on the range without giving thought to ball position, tee height, alignment, etc.. I think as I've gotten more serious about how well I play, that's really hindered my progress to this point.
  2. Ouch. Sorry to hear about that, it's crazy how expensive some of those are. I hope you can find one that'll last you a long time.
  3. Great round and I'm going to second the notion that you played a beautiful course. Some of those tree lined tee shots would make me a little nervous.
  4. Happy birthday gentlemen! I hope all of you have a good one.
  5. That's a beautiful course and great photos! Add I'm sitting at work right now, I'm really jealous. It sounds like you had a good time and great round. Have fun out there again today and I hope you play well!
  6. I feel the same way, I love fall and winter golf. It's less crowded on the course and is a time I can really get out and enjoy all the sights and sounds of nature. College football season is great, when there's a Tennessee Vols game on, the course is practically dead. It doesn't bother me to miss seeing the game, I can listen to it on the radio just as well.
  7. I can't wear pink at all with my complexion, but there's no shame in my game about "ROCK"ing a pink ball. Hopefully it'll be easy to track in the air and not rolling across the ground from topping it.
  8. I had this box show up at my house today, chock full of granite goodness primed for a round in the Hard Rock Challenge. I know which one I'll be playing to start the round off on Sunday. I don't think I've ever hit a Velocity, but I'm sure I'll be in for a treat. Or pain, probably pain. It's pink, so it can't be too hard, right? Thanks again to @chisag for offering to send these to me, it made my day. The information on this site makes it wonderful to be part of, but it's the people that truly make it great.
  9. A couple of weeks ago, I considered cutting Fleetwood since I wasn't sure if he would play in the States this year. I'm glad I didn't.
  10. I was hoping to get to use that at some point during this review, thank you for the perfect opportunity to do so.
  11. Yessir! With all the interest the HRC garnered later on in July, it got extended to run through the end of August.
  12. I've not been here as long as some of the other folks, but I consider it my one and only home to talk all things golf. You and every other member here have been some of the most kind and welcoming people I've ever seen in the internet and the love and passion for the game that's shared here is infectious. Thank you for all you do for us, you do an amazing job and the forum is a better place with you here. Congratulations on four years and I'm glad you found a home here on the forum!
  13. I was really planning on getting in on this, but waiting until today to issue a challenge because of work. Well, they decided to call production Saturday and that only leaves enough free time for me to get in nine holes this weekend and still be able to take care of other things. Irons only rounds are fun and so far each one of you are doing a great job scoring without having woods in the bag. Keep up the great work!
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