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  1. @DStar, I'm just catching up on this thread and I've just got to say, great work. That putter is beautiful! The color, the paintfill, and the set screws are all nice touches and make for a unique style you can call your own. Thanks for sharing this with us and I can't wait to see what you do next.
  2. That's a very cool looking bag of clubs! It had me going down a Google rabbit hole looking to see if I could find a putter like that. Hopefully someone can give you some information on it.
  3. Congratulations! You definitely deserve something nice for reaching a career goal.
  4. I think it's a cool drill and whoever came up with it is a genius. One of the biggest things that scared me about the 2 Ball alignment was how I'd react to it since it's totally different from anything I've ever used. I was scared that I would just be a disaster with it, but those fears have been squashed. This was a good verification for me to see that it rolled 31 inches down the ruler.
  5. I'm enjoying the intros so far @JFish350 @tchat07, you've both done a good job! I'll have mine posted on Friday, still hoping to play Thursday and take some video. I came home a bit tired from work today largely due to this: We aren't producing cars this week on day shift due to parts issues and we had a team building exercise (literally) where we took a walk at the nature park plus all the walking into and out of the plant. But, I was able to come home and do a bit of work on the PuttOut mat. I bought a metal ruler to see how I was starting it on line. It looks like it was a fraction left toward the end, but I wanted to post a video of the results here. Untitled - Sequence 01 22.mp4 Please excuse the chew marks my pug made when she was a puppy. She's quite vicious. I also intentionally hit a few off the toe and heel at six feet and was pleased with the results. The ball was still going straight, which shows the forgiveness of this putter.
  6. Happy Birthday Gentlemen! I hope you all have a wonderful one.
  7. First off, I'm glad to see all our testers getting their nets and putting them to use. I'm really surprised by the carry bag getting a hole in it already, it does look like bad stitching. Mine's held up the last year and I'm sure yours is an anomaly. It does suck and I hate you're having to deal with it. The only problem I've had is a hole developed in the channel for the roof. I think I'm to blame for that one, not taking care when putting the poles in causing them to wear a spot out.
  8. Thanks Mark! I couldn't believe it and will remember this round for a long time.
  9. I got out today to play nine holes and do some testing for the Odyssey White Hot OG putter test. Shot a 52 today, but the star of the show was the putter. I had a grand total of 12 putts. I chipped close a couple of times, but holed putts from 26 and 31 feet along with hitting one from off the green that was 18 feet. I shut into more detail in the testing thread. As far as ball striking goes, it was an on and off day there. The driver showed up in the middle of the round, but it left me at the bookends of the day. Irons were decent, I few shanks that first showed up during the warm-up on the range. The wedges were about the same as the irons, I hit some absolutely great shots and some that were atrocious. I can't complain, the work I've been putting in is starting to show up on the course. It's a nice confirmation that with more work my game will continue to improve.
  10. Today was the first chance I've had to get the 2 Ball out on the course to see how it performs. I shot a 52 and I'm going to tell you it wasn't the fault of the putter. My ball striking was off and on today and a few blowup holes really killed my round. Example: The 8th hole is a par 3 playing 164 to the flag. My shots were top, shank, duff, duff from a buried lie in the rough, duff, one putt. Triple bogey. I did have four holes where I had the game figured out and had two bogeys and two pars on those, the other 5 were a train wreck. Now on to the putting performance. I had an unbelievably good day on the greens. I mean, one of those days that happen and I'll never be able to repeat. I was hoping to take video, but I had players on my tail and after a couple of holes superstition got the best of me and I left the phone in the cart. Hole 1. 12 feet, left it a foot short and made the second. Hole 2. Chipped to 5 feet, made the putt. Hole 3. Repeat of hole 2. Hole 4. Chipped to 11 feet, one putt. Hole 5. Hit a 40 yard pitch to 31 feet, made the putt. Hole 6. Hit a 91 yard wedge pin high a foot off the green. Hit the 18 footer with the putter and it went in. Hole 7. Hit a chip shot to 14 feet. Had a downhill sliding left to right breaker that slid on the high side by two inches and kept rolling and rolling and rolling. I was left with a 12 footer. Left the comeback a foot short and cleaned up from there. Hole 8. Hit a chip to 26 feet. Hit a right to left breaker that sunk into the hole. Hole 9. Hit a 5 wood long, chipped to 5 feet and made the putt. That's 12 putts over 9 holes. I plugged the numbers into a strokes gained website and got the information that I saved 2.71 strokes with my putter. I haven't mentioned on the forum, but I did cancel Arccos. With some added expenses due to my mother-in-law being in the hospital, the renewal fee hit at a bad time. I am planning on purchasing the GolfMetrics app to keep track of my performance during this test. All that being said, I'm really excited about how this putter performed today and am planning another round Thursday.
  11. I agree with @cnosil, just keep plugging away at those things and remember, bounce is your friend. It's amazing how we can hit the ball a long way easily and then find the closer to the hole we get the harder the game becomes. You've got this! I have faith you can get it straightened out and will be shooting in the 70's soon.
  12. I did some work with the Odyssey this evening rolling some putts on the PuttOut trying to make some perfect putts and recording how many attempts it took to make one from each distance. I started at one foot and moved back every time I made one. It took 2 attempts to get one at 1 foot, 20 at 2, 30 at 3, and I tried 20 times to get one in at 4 before my wife had supper ready and I had to put the mat away. Untitled - Sequence 01 21.mp4 I'm not really disappointed at my performance, it was a good chance to get a feel of how to make putts at these distances and I was impressed that I really had only 2/72 putts that might not have gone in on the course. I think it really showed me how well this putter is working for me so far.
  13. I hit a small bucket of balls yesterday before moving over to the putting green to get an initial idea of how the Odyssey 2 Ball is going to work for me. I started out by hitting wedges toward specific targets and seeing how close I can get them. Most of my shots went close to the right distance, but left. It's not as bad as my usual left miss and I feel I'm starting to dial in aim on these short little pitch shots. I then moved up the bag work irons and I'm starting to see some positive results from my lesson, the Swing Jacket, and the Power Up wedge. I'm getting more weight feeling like it's on the inside of my right foot on the backswing and the results felt like I wasn't hitting them as fat. It could be trickery by the range mats, but I didn't hear as many scraping sounds off the mat before hearing ball contact. I hit some 5 weeks and only saw one horrible top out of the bunch. I did hit some low trajectory shots, but I'm happy with the improvement.
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