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  1. Congratulations on shooting your age @Beakbryce! That's a major accomplishment and a great round.
  2. I would try weighing your bag and getting the weight up to around 30-32 lbs. You can add extra weight to the bag by placing extra balls, weights, etc... I noticed a difference with my datrek bag and how much smoother it maneuvered after adding weight.
  3. I did see them, Instagram is usually pretty good about notifying about new posts. It's good to see some action promoting the forum on Insta and Twitter. Hopefully we'll see some new, contributing members soon.
  4. I happened to be wearing shorts. When it gets down below freezing I'll wear sweats over them until I get into work, shorts are so much more comfortable while I'm moving around on the line. Good morning everyone! I hope each of you have a good Tuesday. I'm relaxing in the car listening to podcasts and enjoying my morning coffee. It's the last cold morning forecast for the week.
  5. Great job to both @DaveP043 and @vandyland on your reviews of the Cobalt.
  6. Man, this thread has really taken off today. It took me a while to read all the responses. Personally, I'm a baseball hat guy most days. I have them in black, blue, grey, and camo since I'm a southern born redneck and former deer hunter. I also have a wide brimmed, white Under Armour hat I wear when playing in the summer heat to try and avoid getting sunburnt since I also have a skin tone that turns lobster red in the sun. Doesn't help either that I buzz my hair off, I've had a roasted head before and let me tell you, it ain't pleasant.
  7. Good morning everyone! It's the start of the work week and I'm sitting in the car drinking coffee getting motivated to walk in on a chilly 28 degree morning. I hope all you have a great start to the week.
  8. I'm getting really good at finishing in the bottom 5 weekly. I think next week I'll change my strategy and if I think a player will do good, I'll pass on them and pick opposite of what I think. Really enjoying the weekly league, it's fun seeing how good one is at being a prognosticator.
  9. Sounds like you've gotten into your groove, good round! I can imagine the lower altitude is affecting your yardages just a smidge. It's cold that your pro offered you a cup setting tool, it's nice to hear you've got some good people in your new area.
  10. Country ham is aright, but give me bacon all day every day.
  11. I keep mine in the bedroom closet where they sit in a climate controlled environment. I used to keep mine in the trunk of my car at all times until I went to get some hybrids regripped and the fitter mentioned how rough the temperature fluctuations can be on your clubs.
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