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  1. My wife picked up some "Ninja Rub" from Wal-Mart and we grilled some pork chops last weekend using it. Tonight, we grilled chicken using it and paired it with some mashed potatoes and corn...it was delicious!
  2. I was able to get out today and play nine. It was absolutely gorgeous out, mid 80's with enough of a breeze most of the round to keep me from suffocating. My round started off better than usual fairway/green on the first followed by a three jack for bogey. Second hole, par 3, green/2 putt for par. Then the wheels feel off. Took an 8 on a par 5 followed by a 7 on a par 4. My driver, irons, fairways, and wedges were all terrible. Tops Chunks Thins Shanks I can honestly look back at my round and say that I didn't hit a single "golf shot". I was
  3. I'm glad Penny is ok and back out watching baseball and enjoying herself.
  4. Happy Birthday Tom! I hope it's a day filled with family time and some birdies. Hopefully you'll get that hole in one today.
  5. When I grow up, I want to swing my driver as fast as your PW. I'm glad the work from your lesson is paying off and that you're seeing positive results from the extra width in your backswing. Keep it up!
  6. I took some time yesterday to work on weight shift in my swing using the Divot Board to quantify my results. I have a tendency to keep my weight back on my right foot throughout the entire swing as shown in my last range session. I found a water bottle drill where you place the bottle behind your trail foot and try not to knock it over. I've been doing practice reps in the house the last few days, working on the feel of doing it properly. With the Divot Board I was seeing better ground interaction with a lot of swings hitting at or ahead of the ball mark. I did get a little sloppy on a c
  7. Happy Birthday @Getoffmylawn! I hope you have a good one.
  8. Congratulations testers! We have a great group here and I know you'll enjoy putting (pun intended) the PuttOut through a rigorous test. It's very addictive and can be a bit frustrating seeing what you though was the perfect putt come rolling back to you. Have fun with it and I look forward to hearing your reviews!
  9. Best of luck to you and hopefully this'll be the year you crack the 80 barrier. I love the progress threads and hearing how others approach improving their game. I'm gonna be following this one!
  10. This is absolutely genius, and not to mention hilarious! We look forward to hearing more from you @The Hat!
  11. Yessir, I completely agree that we're going to get to that good golf place...sooner rather than later. It sounds like you got off to a good start today and you should be proud of that. I think it's important to remember our rounds fondly for those good shots and holes we're able to have. We'll start having them in droves before too long.
  12. I have no idea, either. The sad part is I build them for a living.
  13. That's awesome @cksurfdude! I'm really hoping you can keep up the trend of playing bogey (or better) golf. Keep it up!
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