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  1. Despite my general disdain for Taylormade as a brand, I tried the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Ghost Putter the other day on the putting green in Golfsmith. I really liked how it framed the ball at address and lined up. The feel was more muted than I'm used to but I made a lot of putts with it. Of course, I always do there so I'm convinced the entire putting green at Golfsmith is somehow designed to funnel balls into the hole. :D


    I know its one of the products on the MGS review list so maybe I'll be lucky enough to give it an extended tryout via the lottery. But, in the mean time, does anyone have it in their bag now? Care to share?

  2. I shot a personal best nine hole score of 39 on my Dad's Texas country club course on Father's Day. We were playing a skins game and I took money off everybody. That was a good day. :D

  3. I actually liked the I15 better after hitting it back-to-back with the G15. The I15 felt more controllable to me, and I thought it looked better at address. The G15 wasn't bad - it was actually very good - but I thought the I15 was better yet. The loft choice is interesting, with offerings of 8.0, 9.5, and 11.0, seeing as 8.0 is too low for most people and 11.0 is an awful lot, but I suppose they know what they're doing. Anyway, congrats on the new stick, and good luck.


    The i15 is a lower spin head designed for the better player which is why they only offer it in those lofts.

  4. Just got back from the demo range again.

    Hit both stock offerings and an Oban Devotion upgrade. Good news it that the upgraded shaft did not make a huge difference. Seem to like the TFC better.

    Launch monitor and fitting next week for the final decision. Dispersion is so much better.


    Moving from the DST already? Damn, you're worse than I am.


    I'm actually getting terrific results from mine. I hit 14/18 fairways on my Dad's course when we played on Father's day. I'm liking the distance also.

  5. Terry is obviously a bit biased, but the article is still spot on. You can get away with having gaps if you have the shot making skills to vary trajectories and spin, but why complicate things?


    I've always carried four wedges - a pitching wedge, gap, sand, and lob. I make sure the wedge lofts fit with whatever iron set I'm gaming. Since the pitching wedge lofts have gotten so aggressive, I find myself using the gap wedge more than any other club in my bag other than my putter. So, I take great care in making sure that I'm comfortable with that club and have confidence in it. Otherwise, my game really suffers.

  6. This is something that should be posted on the front door of golf stores everywhere. The average golfer has no concept that my "PW" could be different in loft (and length!) than their "PW." Ultimately, you can't blame the manufacturers - they're giving the consumer what they want: the ability to say to their friend, "You got 6? I'm hitting 7."


    I solved this problem for myself by buying a MX-300 gap wedge (50*) to add to my 55* and 60* Scratch wedges and my 46* MX-23 PW.


    Speaking of Scratch, am I the only one who finds it odd that they don't offer a gap wedge loft in anything other than their custom line? :D

  7. Are new golfers really buying full sets of clubs? I haven't been golfing long and individual clubs was so helpful for me...


    I find consistency across the set to be an asset in terms of performance (at least when it comes to irons and wedges). It also makes for a better looking bag. :D

  8. Finding the extra demo equipment to send out has been slim to none at the moment. We are not trying to snub anyone by not allowing them to test product for Free. We have been trying to make sure that our stores have the right amount of equipment to sell and demo so outside of that we have not found an offering to send out for free.


    I have been making every effort to clear demo equipment for sites like this.



    FYI the logo is clunky looking in order to better distribute weight around the cavity to increase performance of the iron. If the logo was any smaller or less clunky then the feel would be all thrown off. But seriously, sorry you didn't like the size of the logos. We all have our opinions when it comes to the cosmetics on the products.


    I guess I missed this post when I first read the thread, but it doesn't change my view. Quite honestly, what you send out for review and the stock that is destined for stores should be mutually exclusive. I'm not sure what "we have not found an offering to send out for free" means.


    You incorporated feedback into your site some time ago so I'm certain you're aware that consumers that venture into your stores read online reviews through organic and paid search as well as visiting discussion boards like this one.


    Your site has only three product reviews on the VIP irons and none since May. None whatsoever on the M85i. I think you should invest in some equipment to send out for review. :blink:

  9. I agree, the price is the low end of forged clubs, and the free driver is a nice touch and does add value. Again, before hitting and seeing unbiased reviews, lets all hold our judgments!


    Well, I wanted to do a review of their new line but all they said they would send us was a press kit with a wedge and then they didn't even follow through on that despite a follow-up on our part. Nothing came in the mail.


    I guess they are lacking in the PR area or they are afraid of what the reviews will say. Either way, it doesn't bode well for the brand. :blink:

  10. I found two negatives when I went to an oversized putter grip for a period of time last season: 1) Most of the grips (other than maybe the Lamkin 2TEN) change the balance of the putter because the grips weigh so much, and 2) For me, it took away some of my feel.


    The loss of feel should tell me something. I'm definitely too hands oriented in my stroke. But, it will have to be something that I will work on. I'd rather burn the edges a few times than run stuff four feet past.

  11. I play the CG15's and they are the best wedges I've ever hit. Reasonably forgiving off almost any kind of lie (if you're smart about the loft and bounce you play in different situations) and I can even get some chips to check up. Highly recommended.


    In terms of the set, I like a 50, 54, 58 combo. The 50 is a nice gap closer in most modern sets and the 54/58 sand and lob wedges are versatile around the green. I have no trouble getting the 54 up out of the sand and the 58 is a bit more forgiving than a 60.

  12. ClicGears are by far the best push cart. I never even considered carrying my clubs. I like to haul a bunch of crap around with me (everyone makes fun of me, until they need a band aid, or a tylenol, a cigar cutter, a lighter, suncreen, or a granola bar, then I'm their buddy!) Carrying stresses my back and definitely detracts from the enjoyment of the game. I'd ride before I'd carry, but I walk 80% of my rounds with the ClicGear and it doesn't matter how heavy my gear is!


    As to the beverage carrying with the ClicGear: they REALLY need to put out a cooler that fits the cart. Sun Mountain made an awesome cooler designed to fit thier push cart, but it won't fit the ClicGear. I've emailed them twice in the last two years and they say its in the works but so far nothing! Send them an email everyone! http://www.clicgear.com/cgi-bin/contact.cgi?dist=United_States


    I've seen that cooler and it's great. I just sent them an email also. Hopefully they will release one soon!

  13. Not familiar with that model but I stopped carrying years ago. I like to walk, but most courses in my area require carts or have courses too spread out to walk. A good pull cart is a great compromise..


    As planned, got the Clicgear tonight. Got a very good deal via a Friends & Family coupon provided by a teacher friend of my wife. Pics are below:








    It's obvious that the build quality of the Clicgear surpasses your average run of the mill push cart. And as you can see, the thing folds into this small bundle. I'm very happy - can't wait to take it out on the course this week!

  14. Get it done my old friend. I have used my 2.0 for two years now and it is great. It really does help fend off the late hole decline for me.

    And it makes it easy to transport adult sodas... :)


    Have you figured out a good transportation system for hauling adult beverages on the Clicgear? If so, then do tell. :rolleyes:

  15. I've been playing the CG15's for a month now. Best damn wedges I've ever gamed.


    I love the Dynamic Sole Grind model for chips around the green and the sand wedge is money from green side bunkers. Nearly as good from the sand as the Ping iWedge it replaced and much more effective and versatile on other shots.

  16. That's the problem with some of the kids these days - they don't take the time to learn anything about the equipment they are playing. In the old days, pros used to bend, grind, and adjust the swing weight of their own clubs. Now, the tour vans do everything for the pros and the kids in the amateur ranks just get handed stuff.


    The groove rule has been well publicized. Hell, there have been articles in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine about what clubs conform. Any player at any level who gets disqualified has only themselves to blame.

  17. I would submit that being fit by the Cobra staff is probably a bit better than being fit by the average GG/Golfsmith employee. Not only would the expertise probably be better, but the launch monitor likely won't be set so that you're hitting the ball at 10,000 feet elevation with a 20MPH tailwind.


    Good god yes. Not even close.

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