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  1. I play about 90% of my rounds as a single. No major issues. Sometimes, you get paired up with a couple who really doesn't want a 3rd wheel... or a bunch of friends who are deep into the hustle and really don't want an interloper. Which is fine. Then I usually tee off ahead of them on #2, and go on my merry way as they tend to play slower the larger the bets are... (and besides, they usually aren't that good anyway). On a trip (Europe for example) where 99% of my rounds are as a single, I've never had a problem. Most other golfers are very generous, especially if they don't speak English, or if I speak their native language. Some terms and golf-isms transcend language barriers! I had an issue once at Pasatiempo where a foursome wouldn't let me play through until we got to 18 (Was on them from #11 on). I was more upset because I had a plane to catch after the round. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy the walk!
  2. I almost killed a guy coming out of the "New" Club of St Andrews with my approach on 18... it feels like the whole town is watching you.....
  3. I did a trip this July over the 4th holiday (was in St Andrew's the week prior to the 4th). Took the train from London to Edinburgh, stayed overnight in Edinburgh, then trained over to Luchars, and caught the bus to St Andrew's. Got in about 12:30pm to St Andrew's, dropped my clubs off at my residence (a University of St Andrew's dorm across from the Dunvegan) and walked to the Old Course starter. I was last on the list for the day (#72), and walked over to the New Course and went right off on the 1st tee. Walking back to check in to my residence (check in time was 2pm), I stopped off at the Old Course starter to see how it was going (about 5:15pm). The lovely woman at the desk told me to hang out as the afternoon tee times are reserved for the R&A. If members don't show up on the tee box, they send out whomever on the list is hanging around. Long story short, I went out at 6:10pm on the 2nd to last tee time on the day. Was dead tired, but nutted a drive just short of the berm on 1 and chipped on and made par. The wheels came off on the 2nd 9 (holes 27-36) for the day, but it was worth it. Played Carnoustie (Buddon) the next day, then was 1st off the New Course at 7:30am on day 3, before catching the 2pm train back to Edinburgh, then back on the London. I got a sub $100 rate/night through booking.com at McIntosh Hall which was spartan (the co-ed bath/shower rooms were unique), but I wasn't spending time in the room! Here's a pic at the Jigger in overlooking the Road Hole and 1/18....
  4. Handicap: (looks and/or personality....rimshot!) 15 Fairway: Maltby CER VX Turbine 15* Hybrid: Snake Eyes Viper 18* My reviews will not only be awesome-IER but also informativIER!!!!! And not lame-IER.
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