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  1. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I sucked at all the other sports.And more I think about it,I suck at this one as well
  3. love me th cart sluts.She looks like a real bar hound
  4. 80 and sunny . I broke the temperature for 18.A good day
  5. Sounds like BS Peter .The game needs more players and is in trouble.This just screams to me they want less players
  6. Worked on A Swing again today and really enjoying the feel.Starting to wonder why all golfers shouldn't give this a try.Flight of ball is really pure when I feel the V transition . Can't wait to try this in play all next year when season is full bore
  7. Wife hates everything about the game
  8. It will snow Saturday.But will be 70 Thursday and Friday . Goofy weather.Last round will be Friday for sure
  9. agree . I took a lesson in 1990 and stuck with the pros advice on setup and swinging to right field .That lasted 12 years.Never saw it on camera , just kept the ball flight and feel the same everyday
  10. I might be to the extreme.But when I get a good tip or feedback from a lesson I give it a whole season.Never giving up on it and giving it my full effort.After the seaon I will reevaluate if to continue or get more help.My longest one lesson feedback last 12 years.Was told to swing inside out and leave right foot flat.Played great for a long time that way Other thoughts?
  11. I just buy gift cards and opened up a new PayPal under a secret name and address
  12. Took a nice break and enjoyed talking to people face to face instead of over a keyboard.Truly a different world from non internet golfers vs internet golfers.Will try this again and see how it goes
  13. I did both . Would go for public.In our area the best players are at the public tracks.Kinda a rough crowd but they can shoot under par.The private world got old.And that is why they are struggling and a majority of cc's are closing.Manu don't want the snobby atmosphere anymore and talking behind ones back.Our local cc is so desperate that they are letting anyone in now as a trial.No background checks for who you are, just have to pay. So even the snob crowd is getting rough now . Love it
  14. Thought I would say hello again.Been out of the loop with online golf forums posting for almost 4 years now.Was more of a reader versus a poster.Kinda got the bug again and made about 15 posts in the last 3 weeks.Have to watch as this can become addicting Back again and hope to participate more
  15. Worked on the range the last time before they closed on this a swing.A guy came up to me and was fascinated how the Ball flew with a nice draw looping the club.I gave him a brief run down.He went from a slicer to a draw in 12 swings of the club.If that wasn't proof to me that this works I'm not sure what else is Feels manual, but hit some super shots when on
  16. I've been messing around with this a swing idea for a month now.Really hit some nice draws with it , but also share of over hooks as well.I like this method and see a ton of good in it Videoed my first swing using it today on the course. Actually looks better than I thought it would
  17. ...oops . Please delete. Just saw a practice thread on here.My fault Mods lock or delete please
  18. Used to read threads that were a combo of driving range achievements / or disasters.Always seemed like a fun banter area to read and participate in.Some would even post a video showing progress.Feel free to post here for all to enjoy
  19. I tried this for a few rounds this week and it was all hooks.Really felt awkward and threw off my timing.For die hard slicers though a hook would be welcome
  20. I like playing older uses golf balls. They just look slightly used. For some reason it fits my eye. Where brand new out of the box doesn't look good for me
  21. Playing with people that stink at the game and have etiquette.
  22. I think this method would be perfecto for massive ott golfers.Just seeing a ball hook and not slice is like a whole new game for them
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