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  1. Hi there, I just bought a Scotty Studio Design one that needs to be refurbed, but I don't have the kind of money to send it back to Titleist. do you have any pointers or tricks on how to remove the Black finish and the paint? And once I have removed the paint, what should I use to redo it? Any help you can offer is much appreciated, and if you can't offer anything that's alright too. Thanks, and cheers.
  2. Anyone at the U.S. Open right now, or is there anyone that will be at the U.S. Open? My friend is at Pinehurst for the week, and he walked with Bubba and then joined up with Rickiem Phil, and Spieth before he ended up walking with Jiminez. It sounds like an absolute blast, and I'm totally envious, is anyone else up for sharing their stories if they are down there?

    1. JMiller


      I'll be down at the Women's U.S Open tomorrow and was at the guys practice round on Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed your time there.

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