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  1. I wasn't even going to make another post. However, I didn't want to leave on a bad taste. I'm moving onto bigger and better things, maybe you have read my status update, maybe you haven't. I'm not an ignorant person, I have educated myself and try to educate other so I can help them improve. I try to give references to my thoughts for the underlying ideas. Part of me hopes that people will learn to educate themselves and learn more about themselves as a Player. I'm not an agent person, I wasn't intending in the past 3 months to write anything that was directed towards anyone only m
  2. I agree 100% with this statement, this is very important also. I just write in a lot of detail, so it sounds like a lot more effort then what is really happening. I write in that much detail so that I can be specific and people can pull out what they like and toss out what they don't easier. Majority of the time I'm at the course I'm not actually doing physical activity. For the 20 minutes on the putting green ,I'm actually putting about 10 of that. I spend time and take breaks to rest my mind and body. For 40-45 minutes on the range I hit 25-35 balls, I clocked my Pre-shot ro
  3. Here is the reason that I take things slower the day of an important round. ~ If I feel "rushed" then my tempo speed increases. ~ My tendency is to be anxious about the round, i want to play well (think that's common). For golf the reaction to feeling "rushed" or "nervous" is to speed up my tempo. ~ Nervous I want to get the situation over ASAP. ~ Rushed I just feel like I'm going 100mph in everything I'm doing. So because my tempo speed increases (gets faster) it will cause issues in my timing ~ Timing is developed from the practice of mechanics plus natural tempo --> Timing
  4. Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad I could help you improve your mental game. I'm really big on focusing on the things that you can control mentally and repeat consistently from a physical stand point. This is exactly what I do for ANY round in which I really want to play well posting my best score. It doesn't have to be a Tournament, maybe for you it is a cash game with friends. Maybe you are taking your significant other to the golf course and want to play well in front of that person. Bellow is what I use for Tournaments or Cash Games. This is going to be long winded and a lot
  5. Let me toss in some extra information here. Brad's takeaway is that way because of his weight distribution being too far forward. The weight is too far forward due to the fact the posture is incorrect at address. --> So Brad moves his arms / hands independent of the body in the takeaway as a reaction to improper balance. If Brad rotates his shoulders from that start position two things will happen: 1) He will fall forward on his face being way out of balance 2) His body will correct and his weight will shift backwards more towards the center of his feet or heels. --> Brad lat
  6. It was only at my old club that I was using the suggestion I have for a 5minute straight to the tee box warm-up type of thing. My new club I have a range plan per year so my value is better to get a bucket and not worry about hitting 10-15 out of 30 balls. The shag bag idea isn't bad but if you play 9 holes 5 days a week and hit 10 balls a day out of your shag bag you will blow threw those 50-60 balls fast. Given I walk 99% of my rounds that I play and I play 9 holes M-F and at least one 18 on the weekends, drinking alcohol would be a bad idea. I could see myself getting super dehydrated
  7. Brad, markb was on the correct track here in my opinion. I just might word this a little differently. Posture ~ You only need around 30-35* of hip bend, you have what appears to be 45-50*. Where the back is flat you still are just too bent over. --> When the shoulders get out past the toes your weight gets forced onto the balls of your feet or into the toes, this can cause rotational problems later in the swing. Try This Without a club stand straight up with your arms to your side, palms facing your hips. ~ Slightly bend forward from the hips allowing the arms to swing in front
  8. I know that a lot of people here just don't have time for one reason or another. I figured it would be a nice topic of conversation for anyone not in snow / ice or anyone that takes a winter golf trip to escape the snow and is pressed for time. Most of this developed over the last 3 years, simply because I'm getting older and can't go 100% out of the gate like I used to back in college. ~ I wanted to come up with something that was legal mid-round in a tournament if there happened to be a long wait time and I felt myself getting a little stiff. Stretching out my arms, legs, back, wris
  9. I completely recommend coming to the course early hitting some putts, chips, pitches, full shots in the practice areas before you tee off, but there are some situations where time is limited and you have to go from the parking lot straight to the tee. For me I tend to start a range practice session with 1/4 wedges, 1/2 short irons, 3/4 mid irons, full swings on a 4w / driver. So when I can't come out and hit a few balls I have to find my tempo and get my muscles lose on the course. My routine when I have to go form the parking lot to the first tee: 1) Stretch my body some (lower back,
  10. When editing the field in the Profile Edit section the field is limited to 3 characters. Can you make the field have a maximum length of 4 characters? Anyone that has a handicap of 10.0 or higher could be listed as 4 characters. ~ 10.1, 16.4, 20.1, etc Anyone that has a plus handicap could be listed as 4 characters. ~ +0.1, +1.1, +3.7, etc
  11. Golf in my opinion mentally is very simple when it comes to the course in theory: 1) Pre-shot routine ~ I have two sections to this "Think Box" & "Play Box" see Vision54 for more information on that concept. 2) Post-shot routine ~ Once the ball leaves the face it is out of your control where it comes to rest. The how & why it got there is a waste of mental energy to contemplate in my opinion. --> That would include making practice swings to correct a mechanical mistake now you waste mental and physical energy both doing this. I'm not sure why Jim Furyk does it but I think th
  12. I have over the years tried just about every premium ball. I use the ball that gives me the best performance. For me that happens to be the Z-Star currently. If you want to send me the Z-Star you find I'll be more then happy to take them
  13. If you get behind the Duke University Men's Golf team in a practice round, they will leave ProVs all over the place because the team gives them the balls. It is not too terribly uncommon to find a few mixed into the range bucket because the Golf Team shares the range with everyone else. When you get the balls for free, guess it doesn't really matter what you do with them
  14. The only other thing that I have to say about playing tournaments in general is bellow. 1) Have a base-line / tee shot strategy for every hole. (Par 3s what club gets you to dead center green). ~ If they have the tees painted (normally a white or yellow dot on each side of the tee box), then it becomes easy. If they have the pin locations painted (normally a very very small red dot of paint) then you have even more information make sure to stick a tee in the ground at that spot and make putts from 20 foot and in from different angle to that pin. --> Normally they only paint locations
  15. When I was 4 or 5 years old (A long time ago now) ~ Slight dogleg left downhill par 4. Driver, mid-iron, 3 foot putt (playing the Junior / Ladies tee). I gave up golf around 6 to 8 and played ice hockey 8 to 18 came back to golf at 22 or 23.
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