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  1. Ryan, Virginia 4.5 cobra Fly-z+ 8.5* with X-stiff Diamana Whiteboard 113/285+ Wesley Bryan, Because the last email my Grandfather (the person who got me into the sport) sent before he passed, was a video of Bryan Bros golf trick shots, so I will always be a fan.
  2. I'm not attemting to get people to decide for me, I'm merely asking people for advice based off of there experiences. Ultimately it is my decision, and I am going to work with my parents and my guidance counselor to come up with a plan. I really only wanted to see what people had to say about being a PGA pro, cause I had Hurd mixed reviews. Like I said, ultimately it is up to me and how I feel about what I want to wake up every morning to do, whether that be working at a golf course or helping people through PT.
  3. Though the point of this post is that I am still undecided.
  4. Hey everyone thanks for the quick replies. I am also taking into consideration that golf is a serious passion of mine, and I would love to be able teach others to have the same passion as I have for the game. While I understand that going down this road means that I won't be able to golf as much, I love all aspects of the game, and that includes reorganizing the pro shop, or cleaning carts, or even just chatting with the members whatever. Basically, if I can be at a point where the course or club is my office, I'll be happy. Plus, one of the pros at my local course says that what he does is he gets out on the course at 5:30 to play a few holes before he has to open up shop, and I am OK with doing the same.
  5. Hey everyone it's been a while, since I was last on, a lot has happened. I got professionally fitted for a set of irons for the first time, I shot My low round of 38, I went to a stay away golf camp in Richmond, I had my first eagle during tryouts, and made it to number seven on my high school's golf team. Finally, I became a senior in high school, and with that came a dilemma: What am I going to do after high school? I have thought about doing something in medicine since I was four and this year, whilst taking two medical classes, came up with the idea of maybe pursuing physical therapy. But since going to the stay away golf camp over the summer where a bunch of PGM students were interning, I also began messing around with the idea that I could maybe do PGM and become a PGA Professional. This idea was furthered when my best friend from the golf team announced that he would be attending Methodist University as part of their PGM program. This made me think about what the pros and cons of each would be, and this is what I came up with: PRO: Being a golf pro would allow me to further pursue my love of golf and being at a golf course. PRO: I would be able to work with kids, as well as teach people the game I love. CON: Mediocre to lousy starting pay, as well as annoying hours. CON: Would have to start out as an assistant pro somewhere, and that does not easily lend itself to golfing on my own during the week. PRO: Latest equipment from manufacturer. PRO: Less schooling to become a PGA pro. PRO: Physical therapist starting salary is around 80k. PRO: I'd probably be happier as a PGA pro. PRO: I'd get to travel with the PGA. Let me know what you guys and gals think, cause I could really use some outside opinions.
  6. What part of NC do you live in? I lived in Chapel Hill just 5 minutes outside of the UNC campus.
  7. Yeah, those were my thoughts exactly. Thanks for the input, cheers.
  8. Hey everyone, As you may remember, up until last year TaylorMade was on a 10 year streak of making a commemorative logo and color coded staff bag for each of the four majors. I myself was a very big fan of those and was pretty disappointed when no pictures of them were released, and no tour pros had a special bag for any of the four majors. Does anyone have any info on whether or not it was only last year that they stopped the production of the commemorative stuff, or will it be permanent? It would sure be a shame to let 10 years of majors hype and memorabilia go down the drain (plus I really wanted a masters head cover for my 3 wood or driver). Thanks so much for any info you all might have. Cheers!
  9. Hey, I have that exact same putter set up. Rock on Adam!
  10. I'll be your best friend forever? No? Well it was worth a shot haha.
  11. And honestly, that putter looks like it has the same face milling design and depth as my Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1 from 2001. and I bought my Putter for a whole $700 less then that one is expected to be. Don't get me wrong though, because that doesn't mean I wouldn't buy one if I had the money or the opportunity to do so. cheers.
  12. Do they have a website, or how would I get in touch with them? How much would it cost to get the blue oxide finish and the milling redone as well. I was only trying to remove the finish because someone had totally worn away the finish on the toe, and let it rust everywhere else so when I sprayed it down, it removed everyting. Is there any way to shine/polish it up, because at the moment it just looks like a crude steel finish.
  13. I just wanted to give an update on my progress with my putter. I was originally trying to remove the rust by using the old coke and tin foil trick, but I realized that the tin foil was grinding down the spin milling on the scotty, and the coca cola wasn't removing the rust as I had hoped. But then, just as I began to think all was lost, my dad came to the rescue with a magical car care spray called "A Must For Rust". I sprayed it on the back of the putter and to my amazement not only did the rust dissapear, but so did the oxidized gun metal black finish (which is what i was hoping for). So I continued to to spray it on, and found that using a little bit of tin foil to scrub off the sole, back, and sides helped a whole lot. I was able to get rid of all of the noticeable rust spots on the club, as well as all of the black finish on the club, and I cleaned up all the paint and smoothe out the back. I definately will be posting pictures as soon as my phone is charged, and I thank everyone who read and offered advice, cheers
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