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  1. I gave up my fg tour f5 irons to my grandson so he could try out for his high school team. He needed usga compliant and pga clubs. My wife told ;me to get new clubs, as i am retired and can afford them. So being the obedient husband I went to Carl's Golfland in Plymouth Michigan and bought the Wilson D7 cast irons with graphite regular shafts. The degree between the gap wedge and the sand wedge was 48 to 54. I needed a wedge in between. Funny thing is the only wedge that fit the category was the fg tour f5 gap wedge at 51 degrees. Ended up buying one on eBay. I know the forged are a little smaller heads, but still would like to compare them to my cast d7's. I really do miss my fg tour f5 irons which were forged. Good luck to who receives this wonderful opportunity. The feel of forged irons are so sweet. Love golf, Pops
  2. I play in a 18 hole senior golf league. Players under 50 are allowed to participate do to the lack of senior golfers. The league rules state that 70 and under play from the white tees, and over play from the gold. Many golfers fall in the 62 to 70 range. This group feels they are being penalized. They feel they can't compete with the younger long ball hitters. Super seniors at 80 can play from the reds. My thoughts are that with my handicap at 18, my chances are slim that I can consistently beat a single digit to 12 handicap golfer. I am going to propose at are preliminary golf meeting this spring, 62 and older hit from the senior tees, and under 62 hit from the whites. Of course, super seniors hit from the red. Some of my friends feel we should follow the PGA senior tour, with everybody over fifty hit from the same tee. Welcome feedback.
  3. Hi everyone, My previous picks in the masters didn't work out. Took a different approach for the pga. Wouldn't mind Tiger or Phil for the win, just don't feel it.
  4. tier 1 Dustin Johnson tier 2 Bubba Watson tier 3 Kevin Kisner tier 4 Kevin Na tier 5 Pat Perez winning score -15
  5. Tier 1- Bubba Watson Tier 2 - Henrick Stenson Tier 3 - Kevin Kisner Tier 4 - Webb Simpson Tier 5 - Cameron Smith Winning score -14 Low amateur - +8
  6. Rick, Temperance , Michigan Handicap: 20 Dream Bag Driver Launcher 10.5 Fairway HB 3 wood 15 degree Launcher HB irons 4-pw CBX wedges 52-56-60 Cleveland Satin 2135 Cerro
  7. Pops 25 handicap Michigan Playing d-100 es hybrid iron set. Driver purchased this year fg tour f5, d-200 3 wood. Infinite southside putter. Would really be interesting comparing two generation upgrade from d-100 club for club.
  8. 1.Pops ( Rick) , Michigan 2. 30 handicap 3. Wilson FG Tour F5 with Fubuki 50 regular flex shaft. 4. 85 ss, 180 to 220 carry. Phil Mikelson
  9. Can't wait to see what mgspy members think of the Vice Pro Soft.
  10. Hi, from Pops. I would love to test these balls. A while back I started a thread on what soft balls members preferred. Enjoyed the feedback. I have tried a lot of soft balls, but none of vice. Would love to be a tester. My swing speed with my driver is from 80- 85. My handicap is 25.
  11. Kenny, Thanks, I couldn't find this on the website. Very informative. I have a question about the pmp wedges. Would the wide sole grind bounce be comparable to the game improvement wedges d100 or d200?
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