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  1. Welcome Matthew. I'm not all that far north of Midland, and I too graduated from GVSU, much earlier than you I'm sure. Anyhow ,welcome to MGS, this is a awesome place for golf!!!! Chris
  2. Selling my SkyCaddie Touch and Izzo Golf Swami. I no longer use them as I prefer my rangefinder. Both are less than a year old and are in great working condition. No chargers are included, I just used my phone charger for them. (Micro USB I believe). $20 for the Swami $50 for the SkyCaddie Touch. Shipped to the lower 48. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Chris
  3. I totally agree with everyone here. the 410's in their current state are a bad fit. I'm going to reach out to Ping and see what can be done. I don't believe it's just one thing, but a combination of factors that lead to the 410's in their current state not feeling right. I'm sure there are some phycology reasons but I really was hoping the 410's would improve my game. I can't tell you how many buckets I've hit on the range, it has improved the i10's though. With the i10's I'm zinging the 7 iron 150 carry now.
  4. Sounds like a good winter project, reshaft the 410's......
  5. romeopapazulu, the i10's have a stiff shaft the 410's have a regular flex shaft, I wanted stiff but the Ping guy told me my numbers were better with a regular, but it felt mushy to me. I should have pushed for the stiff shaft, but I did't. The i10's feel more solid to me and are more accurate from 100 yards and in. Another thing that bothers me about the 410's is the sole. It seems too large to me which is probably leads to the mental side of things concerning the 410's.I have already replaced the 410 wedges with my old wedges, the bounce was too much for me. For the time being I'm going back to the i10's and try to process why I felt it necessary to get the 410's. Bottom line is my game is much better with the i10's. Chris
  6. GSwag Exactly what I was thinking which is why I'm kicking myself for buying the new ones.
  7. Here in Michigan, as the season draws to an end I'm faced with a delimma. I started the season with a Ping 400 driver, i10 irons. Was doing pretty good, averaging in the low 80's. In July decided to upgrade my clubs and got a full set of Ping G410's. My thought was changing to a game improvement iron would, in turn, "improve" my game. Well....it did just the opposite. My game crashed hard. After talking with several members I hit the range. Long story short I was able to improve somewhat. Yesterday I played with the G400/i10's. WOW!!! It was a real eye opener. The 410's, my best was mid 90's, yesterday I shot an 81. Not here's my question....WHY? I only played the i10's for a few months as did I with the 410's, but the i10's are so much more comfortable and feel so much better than the 410's. And I'm trying to understand why? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  8. Just ordered mine. Bought a full set of G410' in July. Followed the link from Golf Spy MPR and it worked perfectly. Took about 5 minutes to download the app and order the sensors. I've tried GPS devices in the past and always returned to my rangefinder, so this will be an interesting trip to take.
  9. I bought new clubs around July and my game too went in the tank. After consulting a few of the better players as to possible fixes, it all came down to hitting the range and just work on ball striking, don't worry about ball flight or where it's going, just work on ball striking. I did that and was still playing poorly in my opinion. After much research for an instructor within a few hours of my location I settled on one near by. This was the fix I needed. After watching me hit balls for a while she made some minor changes, all of which sounded reasonable to me at the time. Went to the range and worked hard on the changes. Well, much to my surprise the changes worked!!! Dropped 10 strokes, got me back to a 6 hdcp and working to get it even lower, well at least until winter hits!!! For my 2 cents, get with an instructor you feel good with. I actually interviewed mine just to see what her teaching philosophies were, her thoughts on teaching golf before I paid for a lesson. That is what helped my with the new clubs. Good Luck.....Chris
  10. Great info on the over seeding. I will definitely look into that and plan my golf around that. Thanks for the link to the schedule tyler621.
  11. Great info, thanks chisag. I believe I'll give Aguila and Papago a try. this is one of the great things about MGS. Valuable information! Thanks guys. Chris
  12. No hesitation, I'd do it in a heartbeat!!!!
  13. No budget really, and within say a half hour of the Sheraton Phoenix Crescent Hotel. Just looking for something fairly nice, not crowded would be nice. I figure if I had tee times around 11 that would help keep the number of people down. Thanks, Chris
  14. I'm heading to Phoenix in November for a convention the wife has, I'm tagging along to play golf in Arizona. I'm looking at 2 different courses, Cave Creek and Starfire. Any thoughts from anyone who has played these, or if you have better suggestions. Thanks, Chris
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