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  1. So very true, makes all the bad ones dissappear
  2. Today was the first day of a fall league at my club. This is the first year I've participated in this league. I'm on the younger end of the age range at 60, and this league plays from the forward tees. Which in most cases gives me a substantial advantage. On one hole it's 338 to the center of the green, and with the temp in the upper 70's i decided to have a go with the big dog, putting some more umph behind it. Long story short my ball ended up just 2 feet from the pin. With as dry as its been here the ground is quite hard which makes for some fantastic roll out. So here i was, 338 par 4, drive to 2 feet, tap in eagle. My memorable shot for the season. Makes me forget that 4 shots to get out of a bunker among others..... Chris
  3. Christopher Hawkins/ Beaverton Michigan I built a platform and currently use the Perfect Practice putting mat. The platform is so I can level it on my basement floor. I've owned many mats thru the years, even used the hallway carpet for a while. Anything to practice my putting thru the winter. The speed I would like is the Slow, 9-10 Stimpmeter, Public course. Chris
  4. That really sucks, here in Michigan we are getting the smoke but really high up so it just produces a slight haze in the upper atmosphere.. Chris
  5. I actually did this for an entire season a few years back trying to get a handle on my game. I carried my 5 wood, 5 iron, 8 iron, putter. By the end of the season I was doing pretty good, but also realized that while I could hold on with the 4 clubs, I really needed the rest for to create a more consistent game. You know, like the driver off the tee, although I did get pretty darn good at chipping and pitching with an 8 iron. The big take away for me was when I went back to a full set I needed to know my distances and play with the same ball all the time and course management. I think with time I could have gotten to a single digit handicap with just 4 clubs, but having a full set made the game easier mentally and physically. Chris
  6. I always shoot the pin with my rangefinder. The GPS on the cart gives you front and back, but you can also touch the screen to get a yardage to a specific spot, say the pin when needed. The issue was I would shot the pin that was toward the back of the green, get a reading of 80 yards. The GPS on the cart would give me 100 yards to the same spot on the green. I've never been a fan of GPS units, had them in the past and found them to be most unreliable, my rangefinder has always come thru for me. Chris
  7. Christopher Hawkins Beaverton Mi USA Current putter, Cleveland TFi 2135 1.0 Interested in the Anser 2 I've spent many years trying different putters. I settled on the blade style almost right away, the other styles just didn't look right to my eye and felt "off". While searching for a putter to replace the Vault 2.0 i was using I came across the TFi 2135 1.0. I really liked the science behind it so I purchased one. Unlike the putters of my past, this one felt and looked right to my eye. I would love to test the Anser 2 because from researching it, it looks like it hits all the buttons for me, and I'd like to see how it does against the TFi 2135 1.0
  8. The cart GPS would give me front and back of the green. So the first day I was using those yardages, gaging pin placement and was consistently over shooting, something I rarely do. My Rangefinder does have slope, but that wasn't an issue with the readings. I wouldn't have noticed except for the over shooting the pin which prompted me on the second day to verify the yardage with the rangefinder before hitting the shot. I was quite surprised on the first couple of holes, and even more surprised when the trend continued over the course of the round. I mentioned to the guy in the pro shop, but he didn't seem to care.
  9. This one I heard from a guy in his 80's during league play. His partner crushed one off the tee...waaaay off line, so much so it went to an adjoining fairway. As the guy was silently cussing himself out Fred said "That was one seriously F*ed up shot........ executed perfectly!" We all hit the ground laughing, it really lightened the moment. Chris
  10. I tested my rangefinder today and it was sopt on. TR1PTIK, I believe you're on to something there with the GPS mapping being off. At any rate at least I know my rangefinder is good and reliable. Chris
  11. Played a course 3 times over the past few days. On the first time around I was relying on the GPS in the cart for distances. They seemed off as I was sailing over the green, which I don't usually do. On day 2 I started using my rangefinder and was surprised that there was consistently a 20 yard difference, the GPS was giving the yardages 20 yards longer than my rangefinder. And while the GPS seemed to match the painted blocks in the ground for 200, 150 and 100 yards, the blocks along with the GPS were still off by the same 20 yards. Well I abandoned the cart GPS and went strictly with the rangefinder. I'm going to try to verify the rangefinder in my yard tomorrow by measuring off a specific distance with a tape measure then compare that to the rangefinder. Just seems odd to me that there would be that big of difference between the cart GPS and my rangefinder. Chris
  12. it is surprising to me how well the "experienced" clubs of our past preform when compared with clubs of today. I've often wonder why that is. Could be that we're swinging better, maybe not as hard. Who knows. But it sure is fun to that them out, dust them off and take them for a spin around the course. Chris
  13. Some more pics of Wild Bluff. The first one is from the first tee looking over the range. The second is from the 18th tee. 240 to clear the trap on the left, I hit my drive on the screws and cleared the trap by 40 yards. I don't remember which hole the 3rd pic is, but thats Canada in the background. Chris
  14. Got in a quick 9 today. Planning on 18 Monday and Tuesday. Beautiful course. Lake Superior in the background. Chris
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