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  1. I would encourage you to contact Ping directly. Their customer service is absolutely fantastic. I had and old i10 set, contacted them about 2 years ago to see if I could get the lie adjusted. They did it, I had to sign a waiver due to age of the clubs. So contact them, I can't imagine they would not do something for you. Chris
  2. For what it's worth, 2 seasons ago I did extensive lie testing on my own. I figured who knows me better than me. Did a lot of reading and research to understand what lie angle was all about. Tons of testing different lies (I bought quite a few clubs with different lie angles), got out the blue painters tape and a sharpie and started hitting balls. For me 2 degrees upright on all irons and wedges worked the best. It gave the most consistent results on ball flight and target line. Even with the wedges on pitches and chips as well as full shots. Chris
  3. WOW,thanks everyone, I really appreciate the well wishes. Although technically my birthday is the 29th of February which as we all know is a once in 4 year event. So I've actually had 15 birthdays at this point in my life. So in 24 years I'll be 21, old enough to drink!! Chris
  4. The past few months I've been hitting on a Track man Sim. Mostly range stuff trying to zero in on yardage. I do work on my driver during those sessions which is why this question. I'm pretty consistent at -3 degrees which puts the bottom of the arc above 1"past the ball. I know if I can get the angle to +4 degrees I can add probably 30 plus yards to my drive. So I'm trying to understand what I can try/do to get my angle of attack up. I've tried moving the ball (no change on attack) so I'm wondering now how much shaft stiffness plays into the mix? I am planning a driver fitting
  5. Buffy, thanks for your input on this subject, it confirms pretty much my thinking and is something I will be doing research on this winter and seriously addressing what clubs I carry starting next season. Chris
  6. I'm sure this has been asked, but as I age I'm wondering if hybrids and higher woods would be better than long irons? My main question would be on launch height. Does say a 7 wood launch higher than a hybrid or iron for the same distance? I'm not even sure how far a 7 wood would go. Chris
  7. Ok, hope this works..... Tried some chips onto the mat. Looks like it'll work. Planning to clean out the area behind me in the video to get longer chips in along with putting this winter. Chris
  8. How do I add a video to a post? Chris
  9. When I access the site on my computer it's all wonky. I can't reply to posts without quoting if the quote tab even shows up. Just wondering if I'm the only one or is it more wide spread? Chris
  10. I'm in when spring gets here. I have a nice set of persimmon woods and BeCu irons ready to go. Count me in in spring......
  11. Well, I tried a variation on the weekly test. 4 different lengths 1 ball per hole. Again I don't believe the results are representative of my actual putting skills. So back to the drawing board. Today I tried putting from the longest distance with all the putters working from oldest to newest. Interesting results. The older ones consistently missed right, this continued until I got to the Taylormade, then "plunk" every shot in the hole. Same with the Odyssey. This needs some investigation. The pic is of this weeks test setup. This well be changing....I think. Chris
  12. Finally got a chance to set up the mat today. This thing is FAST, faster that the greens at my home course. While this is not a deal breaker it is something to be aware of when practicing. I did a preliminary putt test with 100 balls, 5 putts to each hole from 4 specific distances. I set up a spreadsheet in order to track my progress over the coming weeks. My plan was to test my putting every Sunday with the 100 ball test. Well, im going to have to rethink the tests, in the preliminary test if I happened to miss the first putt the next 4 went in which gave me a make % of 77.5% make ra
  13. Mine will be in the basement on cement, my only option. Hopefully I will get time this weekend to set it up and get some pics posted of my setup and my plans for testing over the next few months. Chris
  14. I've spent most of the season using the Bridgestone TourB RXS. Ball flight is what I would consider low since I changed to the Project Hzrdus shaft. Last week on the back 9 I switched to the Bridgestone e12 soft for a change of pace and to see what this ball was like. To my surprise the ball flight was much higher off the tee that the TourB RXS. Distance was darn near the same, just the ball flight was dramatically different. I've spent the past few days talking with others about why the difference in ball flight off the tee. The only thing I can come up with is the difference in the cov
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