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  1. I've had several different brands of clubs over the years, Ping's customer service is above anyone else. And the clubs fit my game better than others. Chris
  2. Have y'all seen this, A guy won a tournament using only a putter...that's it, only a putter... https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/05/10/watch-this-using-only-a-putter-man-wins-arizona-amateur-event/ Makes you think...... Chirs
  3. The sensors have been sold. Chris
  4. This ball was given to me today. I know Acushnet makes Titlest and Pinnacle balls, but I can't say as I remember their name on a ball. Chris
  5. Sold pending payment
  6. Yes, they screw into the end of the grip. The sensors read the location of where you swing the club. They work in conjunction with the app on your phone. The Arccos website can explain it way better than I can. Chris
  7. I received the Arccos sensors when I purchased my G410 clubs last summer. Never got around to using them. Being a pencil, paper and rangefinder guy I know I'll never use them. They have never been installed on my clubs. Still new in package. 13 club sensors and 1 putter sensor $100.00 shipped to your door in the lower 48. Chris
  8. Interesting topic. I can honestly say I've really never giver a thought as to where things were made, I was always looking at what was the best for my game. With this virus thing going on it may be time to do some research.....When looking for new clubs last year I did go with Ping due to the fact that they're in Arizona and their customer service is excellent. Chris
  9. Played my first round yesterday. Walked 18, big mistake, I've walked 9 many times in the past years, yesterday after 9 I was feeling pretty froggy !!! so went on to do 18. You know, my mind thinks I'm still 20, but my body has the last laugh, at 60 walking ,18 with a less than optimal lower back, equates to a very bad idea.....still, better than stuck at home or work!!!! Chris
  10. I used a range finder for years and was comfortable with it on the course. A couple of years age I really got to wonder if I was missing out not switching to a GPS. I got one of those that showed you an over view of the hole, would zoom in on the green when with in a specific distance. I have also tried one of those little GPS units that give you front, middle and back of the green. I used them both for 1 season and left the range finder to home. For me the GPS units were more of a hassle for me than the range finder. The small GPS giving me front, middle and back was just to general, especially on large greens. The one with the over view of the entire hole was giving me the same info I could get from my range finder, the only issue was connecting with the satellite at times when it was cloudy out. Not to mention if you forget to charge it before going to the course, My rangefinder can go an entire season on one battery. So I'm back to my range finder exclusively, I can shot a distance just as fast as someone looking at a GPS unit and feel more confidence when shooting at the pin knowing exactly the distance to the pin itself. I also keep track of the yardage markers (200, 150, 100 and such) located on the course and really only pull out the range finder when going at the pin, even inside 100 yards. I know I can shoot a distance under 5 seconds, and feel confident in that reading. I would agree that at times there are those who feel it necessary to shoot the distance multiple times or shoot distances at multiple objects, that can be frustrating when trying to maintain a pace of play. For par 3's I don't step up on the tee box to shoot the distance, that takes too much time as far as I'm concerned, I shoot it from my bag either on the cart or from the pull cart these days. That gets me a distance I can work with. Chris
  11. I actually sought out an instructor last year and this first question was my #1, what I wanted from a coach. I actually interviewed the prospects because I wanted to know where their head was concerning teaching golf, what their philosophies were and how they approach a new student. I actually found 1 person that fit my requirements, I wasn't concerned with age or gender when I sought out an instructor, I was more concerned with what I could learn from this person and would they "listen" to me! I found that in the coach I decided to take lessons from. The only way to know the answer to #2 is after the first lesson. After my first lesson I went and played a round at my home course, league night of all things. To my surprise and ego boost the par 5 on the front confirmed I had made the right choice on a coach. A par 5, 550 yards. My 3rd shot, following her instruction from the day before, I planted the shot 6 inches from the pin!!! Tap in birdie! I've noticed improvement in my irons from only 1 lesson. She suggested a few changes in my swing, we talked through everything so we were both on the same page before making any changes. Unfortunately the winter weather moved in and ended the season. The only thing that would have been nice is to play a par 3, 4 and 5 with the coach after the lesson to reinforce and confirm the things covered in the lesson. If not the same day maybe the next day or next lesson, kinda like a playing lesson. As for me I can't wait to get back with her to review last years iron progress and to make further progress on my game. Chris
  12. I would agree with your buddy, more rotation and follow thru will equate to more club head speed which equates to more distance. Great job, keep it up !!! Chris
  13. Michigan is open for golf.....My honey do list just got cut short..... Chris
  14. I saw parts of their previous meeting, quite boring... These guys were about like watching cement set. I have been watching the old Shell's wonderful world of golf on YouTube, some great match ups from days gone by. Chris
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