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  1. I feel your pain. My remedy is a combination of those you mention plus. Prior to this year I would, after the courses closed, I would hit the range, they also have an "indoor" range which resembles an indoor batting cage with a really high celling. But that closed this year. So I try to get to Top Golf at least once a month just to beat balls, work on chipping and putting in my basement. And if I'm lucky I can squeeze in a couple of golf trips to warmer places during the winter. But I'm usally the first one on the course as soon as they open in the spring and the last one out there in the fall. Chris
  2. Excellent Idea. Keep on your current path and you you'll be pleased with where it takes you. Good luck !!!! Chris
  3. For what it's worth I had a set of cast irons I wanted to get bent 2 degrees up. Took them to a notable club guy here, he told me that there's a strong possibility that the clubs could snap while trying to bend them. I told him to give it a try and if it broke, oh well, I wanted new sticks anyhow. He tried and he got a few up 1 degree before they started making craking noises, at which point he stopped not wanting to break the irons. So I ended up just trading them in on a set of irons at the lie angle I needed, much easier that way. Chris
  4. I honestly believe that you need to find out what clubs work best for you and your game. I would offer that you get to a place that has some kind of launch monitor and get yardages for the clubs then set up you gapping based on the numbers. Another way is to, through playing the course, find the set up that fits you and your game. There is no right answer to this question. No wrong answer either. Being that your in Canada finding an indoor sim would be a litter easier I suspect. Enjoy the new sticks, nothing better than new stuff !!!! Chris
  5. I have her book, wished I could've met her. Chris
  6. Mickey Wright, One of the Greatest Players in Women’s Golf, Dies at 85 Mary Kathryn "Mickey" Wright is an American former LPGA Tour professional golfer. She became a member of the tour in 1955 and won thirteen major championships and 82 LPGA Tour career events. She is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/17/obituaries/mickey-wright-dies.html Chris
  7. I'm currently doing the same thing to my clubs. I never considered the weight issue, I'm glad I stopped b your post. I'll be taking a serious look at that aspect. I did lengthen the irons as I've been told by quite a few that I seem to be bending over almost like Kucher. I did go to the same grips your using, Golf Pride MCC plus 4 midsize, they just feel better in my hands. Isn't it great when a plan works out! Chris
  8. 140 from the front edge of the green, pin at the front. Put a line, say 10 feet from the back of the green. They would have to fly it past that line and spin it backwards to the pin, closest to the pin wins!!! Chris
  9. Saw this on Bing....I knew there was a valid reason for all the golf I play.. https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/health/want-live-longer-consider-playing-golf/cSbiMGVoQLlF3HUIEdtbiM/ Chris
  10. On my arrival day I grabbed some lunch at Murray Bros Caddy Shack themed restaurant and sports bar , If you get to the HOF be sure to stop by this place, food is great and the theme is fun. Played the Slammer & Squire on Monday. Very nice course, the range, chipping area and putting green were in excellent shape. Unlimited balls on the range. The course itself was in excellent shape. The green were lighting fast compared to what I play here in Michigan, in the first few holes I was consistently blasting it past the hole by 6 feet or more, then I learned that a light tap would send the ball 10 feet or more. Fairways were cut short and as a result got some real nice roll out on my drives. I thought the course was challenging but fair. I played a combination of blue and white tees with a total yardage of around 6000 yards. The King & Bear is definitely more challenging than the Slammer & Squire. A great deal more sand and water. From talking to the folks that work there sounds like Arnie like natural settings with water, Jack preferred sand. I played the same tees (blue/white combo) and the Slammer & Squire which also played to about 6000 yards. Didn't score as well, mostly due to the fact I lost 2 balls to the water!!! All in all I will get back there in the future to play both courses again, beautiful settings and challenging courses. The weather was on my side, being the first week of February I figured it might be a little chilly. I had sunny and 80 both days!! So if you get to St. Augustine I would highly recommend both courses !!! Chris
  11. I visited the Hall of Fame last week, I found it quite interesting, the old clubs, the history of the game and the locker room where you can get a good look at some of the equipment the pro's use. One thing has my perplexed. How is it that Phil is in the HOF but Tiger isn't? Just what exactly is the requirements, who decides? I mean I've been a golf fan for decades and there were people in there I never heard of. So my thinking was "Where's Tiger?" Chris
  12. When I started back to playing I would loose up to 6 balls per round, as you get better you will loose less, dialing back on your swing helps. I never worried about loosing balls, they will always make more.... Chris
  13. With the older RX I was consistent at about 220 on my tee shots. With the new RX I was consistently around 245. I had to varify that with the guys I was with because quite frankly I couldn't believe it. The other thing was I was straighter off the tee also. I can't wait until I can get a couple of dozen of the new RX. Chris
  14. Thanks!!! I was not aware of that. Chris
  15. I was lucky enough to receive 2- 2 ball packs from Bridgestone, The TourB RX and these are by far better than the 2019 model I played last year. Consistently 20 to 25 yards longer off the tee, and straighter too. Not so "clicky" off the putter and much better ball flight off the long, mid and short irons. I can't speak much about wedges and my wedge game last week was in the tank. But from my experience this past week on the course all the hype is true., Chris
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