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  1. Looked into a stay and play. Ended up going ala carte because I could get hotel/air/car and golf for less than the stay and play cost. Chris
  2. I heading to the WGHOF in February and playing the 2 courses there. Just wondering if anyone here has played them, any advice? Chris
  3. It is my belief that there is no one brand that's the end all be all of clubs. Like CarlH stated getting to a fitter of some kind is what I would strongly recommend. You'll get the set up that's best for you! Chris
  4. I'll have to wait until spring to find out, I'm pretty sure they're a USGA member. Thanks for the info guys, it helps me to understand this thing. Chris
  5. In trying to wrap my head around this "new" Handicap system, one thing I cant figure out is if the golf course that I'm a member at is not a USGA member and doesn't appear on their list of courses, is my score there acceptable? Or do scores I want to post have to be played only on USGA courses on the list? This is my first venture in trying to establish a handicap, outside of the league I play in anyhow. Thanks, Chris
  6. This one made me laugh.....I was looking at putting greens when I came across this..... On second thought maybe I'm using the wrong club for putting......... Chris
  7. WOW...looking at the carry distance of the pro's I'm only about 50 yards short on all my clubs of being a Pro!!! Who knew.....LOL........(in my dreams) Thanks PMookie for the chart. Chris
  8. Is this Kindle only? Chris
  9. Took a look at the outline on FantasticFiction. Sounds intriguing. I just might look into it. I love books that have golf as a main theme. Chris
  10. I too am addicted to logo balls from courses I've played, although I'm just a novice compared to your collection. Actually I've been at it for only 2 years now and have my collection up to about 60 balls. Took some doing to get logo balls from courses I played back in the 90's. Working on courses I played in the 80's. I also have about 30 signature balls from Hagen to Woods. And another rack with odd logo balls, like 1 that looks like the planet Earth, a baseball, tennis ball..ect. For me the logo balls are a great way to remember the places I've been, especially during the winters in Michigan.. Chris
  11. As I was leaving a restaurant today, the football game playing on the TV, the gal cashing me out told me she was a huge Bama fan, then asked me if I was? I told her I don't really follow football. She then asked what sport I follow? my response was...."Golf!" She asked who my favorite golfer was? That's a question I've really never thought about, my favorite golfer?. I thought about it for a few minutes and told her "don't know". I thought about that question the entire drive home....."favorite golfer?".... I realized that I really don't have a favorite golfer. I just love the game itself. Now I do like to watch golfers make creative, inspired shots, that's really cool. I don't much care for the brute force drives of the PGA, I do like the grace and finesse of the LPGA. It really doesn't matter to me who has a long, 2 break 30 foot putt, and they make it. Wedge it from 100 + yards out and stick the pin, that's some really great stuff to watch, but a favorite golfer?....not really. There are just way too many names to pick a favorite. Names like Jones, Palmer, Couples, Woods, Wright, Lopez, Inkster...the list could go on and on and on.... Chris
  12. I scored pretty good from my wife. Got some cold weather gear for early spring/late fall here in Michigan. Also a club vice as I change all my own grips. Chris
  13. interesting question. I suppose, for me, it would be my driver. Currently it is the most inconsistent club. While it isn't horribly off line it does present me with some creative shot making I'd rather not see during a round. I have at times teed off with my 3 wood just to keep it near the middle of the fairway. And what is most irritating is my miss hits are not consistent. I can go along a few holes hitting reasonable nice tee shots then outs the blue I'll blow one off to the left. Followed by many more off to the left and I'm ay a loss at to why? I go to the range and within a few shots back to somewhat normal. The rest of my game I'm good with, nothing there I'd want to fix. Chris
  14. A lot of good advice here For me, I work 2nd shift so I don't get to bed until about 2 a.m. I play a morning league so any kind of warm up is out of he question. What I have found that works for me is hit the putting green if there's time. Usually there's not. While everyone's on the first tee, chatting while waiting for the fairway to clear I'm gently swinging the club in big arcs off to the side. My first tee shot is only about 50% of what I got. My focus on the first tee is the short grass, not so much the distance. Same for the approach shot. With each hole I turn up the juice a bit until usually by the 4th hole, then it's game on !!!!It gets easier the warmer it gets here in Michigan This seems to work for me.... Chris
  15. I totally understand and agree with you for leaving the course during a round. When I head for the course to play a practice round, or a round in general if there are too many cars in the parking lot and I can see foursome's on the first few holes I just get a couple of buckets and head for the range. I'm a pretty quick player and enjoying playing alone. I really hate looking for a lost ball and it drives me nuts when someone will spend 5 minutes + looking for a $2 ball. Like you, when I was with a group and play was slow my game suffered badly, but that was years ago and the main reason I play alone now. I do play on a weekly league, but that's only 9 holes and I can get thru that pretty much OK. So I don't feel you did anything wrong as I'm sure I'd of done the same thing. Chris
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