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  1. LeftyHawk

    Made where?

    My reason for the post is the box of Bridgestone TourB XS I bought, the side panel says "Made in Japan" That got me to wondering if there were any balls made in America Chris
  2. LeftyHawk

    Made where?

    This maybe, well, most likely is a dumb question but I got to wondering today if there are any golf balls made in America? From what I've been able to find on my own that answer is no. Chris
  3. LeftyHawk

    New Member from Michigan

    Greetings from the sunrise side of Michigan. Hoping to get to your side this season, Arcadia Bluffs is on my list for April, weather permitting !!!! Welcome... Chris
  4. LeftyHawk

    Driving range wants and needs

    Ideal would be a short game area with a trap or 2 and a large, multi level green to chip to. And a separate putting green. Chris
  5. LeftyHawk

    Least favorite

    For me there are 2. "Gain yards off the tee" and " No more chunked shots around the green with this blah, blah wedge" Chris
  6. Thanks all, I feel much better now, I was hoping that that was all it was. Wasn't looking forward to sending the unit in, my plan is to head to the range Tuesday to hit real balls using the LM. Chris
  7. I've read thru most everything I could find here on MGS but still have a question. My wife got me this unit for Christmas, the weather hit 40 degrees here in my part of Michigan today so I took it outside to give it a go. First with my 4H, I was rather surprised when it said I only carries 50 yards....."REALLY !!!!" a few shots later still 50 yards. So I got out my driver, according to the SC200 I hit my driver 130 yards "I DON"T THINK SO!!!" I know from the sim I've hit on my driver head speed is 95 and I'm in the neighborhood of 250. Another swing with my driver and a club head speed of 55 mph. On to my 7 iron, I know that a full swing will get 150 yards. First swing "65 yards"..... second swing..."58 yards".... I was hitting foam balls, so my question is do I need to hit real golf balls? Has any of ya'll using this unit experienced this problem? I did email the company, still waiting on a response. Thanks, Chris
  8. LeftyHawk

    Any gamers here?

    When I had an Xbox 360, Tiger Woods was my go to game. Upgraded to a PS4 and got the Rory game. I don't play as much as I used to with the chipping and putting area I made in the basement. I try to get to the indoor range more this winter so less time sitting in front of the TV gaming. I'd much rather be hitting real golf balls instead of the computer generated ones on the screen any way. Chris
  9. LeftyHawk

    Favorite book

    A few come to mind, but I recently read Bagger Vance, the book not the movie. The ending was a little different than what I expected, but over all a great golf book. Also Tommy's Honour was a great read also. Chris
  10. LeftyHawk

    Driver Distance

    As I was cutting some wood for an inlay project I had the Golf Channel going in the back ground. The topic of discussion was the young guys on the tour and how far they were hitting it off the tee. They showcased one (don't remember his name) who was averaging about 350 off the tee. The question asked of all at the table was "how far is too far?'. Of course the talk turned to how on the older courses on the tour these guys are hitting driver and wedge into the hole, that's it; no longer about "shot making" but rather about distance off the tee. And that's what brings people to the tournaments is "bombing the tee shot". I don't know about ya'll but I'd rather see some great shot making around the green and not standing at the tee box to see someone knock it 300 + yards, heck I wouldn't see the ball that far, I'd probably loose it at about 250 !!! There was also some talk on what to do to the older courses, lengthen the holes? In my opinion if you move the champion tee 20 yards to one side that would make if more difficult, if not more interesting. So, where do ya'll stand, bomb it off the tee or finesse around the green? Chris
  11. LeftyHawk

    Iron dilemma ***UPDATE***

    Finally got time to hit the range to test the 2 clubs. To quickly recap I'm trying to figure out what lie I need for my irons. According to the lie board I need 2 degrees negative, but based on my old set of irons which were standard lie I figured I needed 2 degrees up. The pictures tell all. Thanks to the suggestions from everyone on how to test the lie. Both clubs are Ping G15 with a stiff shaft, 7 irons. The one with the little Mark in the upper right corner is an orange dot (2 degrees negative) the other is a green dot ( 2 degrees up). So in my case the lie board lied!!!
  12. LeftyHawk

    The "Match" is back on

    KENNY B, you do have a point there. I'll have to see if the Tiger/Annika thing is on you tube. Chris
  13. LeftyHawk

    The "Match" is back on

    Definitely need a different format, watching just the 2 of them, while mildly entertaining, lacked any real "edge of your seat" entertainment value. I agree with PLAIDJACKET, need to add some others, maybe look to the LPGA for a couple to add to the event, say Phil and Tiger each paired with an LPGA player.... Chris
  14. LeftyHawk

    Bag tags on sale hurry

    I.m not sure how to use/get or what "instagram" is? Need to get out of my cave more often I guess.... Chris
  15. LeftyHawk

    My Dad’s bar/man cave/golf room

    I'm absolutely awestruck, hoping there's a TV in there somewhere for those days when the weather wont let you out on the course. Thanks for sharing the pics..... Chris