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  1. I go up and down for sure. I'm a bit down on the game right this minute. I think that's because I don't have a group of guys I golf with. I go solo a lot and when I'm not playing well or have other places I could/should be, it's almost impossible to just "lose myself" in the game. I can't clear the headspace. I'm so much better when I have people with me who I like to distract me. But... well... being a young father with a demanding job and nighttime freelance writing gigs makes it hard to develop golf relationships. HAHA ****. I sound like I need therapy.
  2. I'd love to walk, but many of our courses don't allow it, including my home course due to the distance between many holes. I may change my membership at some point because of it. I'd love to walk.
  3. So I just had the best round of my life on Saturday. Admittedly, it was still a 95, and not my best SCORING round ever, but it was the first time where I could see my game falling into place. My driver and three wood were both mostly on point. I hit about 50% of fairways, and even the ones I missed it wasn't by much. I started super slow, and struggled all day with any iron lower than a 9. Either I'm leaving the face wide open, or I'm closing it too fast. I think it's mostly a tempo issue. Work in progress! Note, this was on a 140 slope course playing from the tips because everyone else was and I figured, why not? I suspect if i'd played a tee box or two shorter I would have shot under 90 for the first time. Lesson learned.
  4. I went out and played. Had a great time. Bogey took care of me. He did a great job MCing the event too. As for me, well my team shot a 62. Winners shot a 52. We were playing from the whites though, with two tiger holes. I shot a solo eagle on a short par 4. Drove the green and sunk a 15 yard double breaker putt.
  5. So if we're doing SA, I'd say La Cantera unless Hula can get us on TPC.
  6. I'd only do it if a bunch of NOrth Texas folks jumped in.
  7. We're riding together if we're going to Abilene haha.
  8. I guess north of I-40 in the spring/summer, south of I-40 in the fall/winter. Generally.
  9. How'd you like to be in his weekly game at Riviera? haha
  10. I assume that's an Edel putter. Looking sweet. I've always wanted to give Vegas a try too. Looks like a "small/independent manufacturer spotlight" of some kind to me.
  11. Crickets. BK has thrown out Oct 17 or Nov 7. Anyone object to those?
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