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  1. I'd love to walk, but many of our courses don't allow it, including my home course due to the distance between many holes. I may change my membership at some point because of it. I'd love to walk.
  2. So I just had the best round of my life on Saturday. Admittedly, it was still a 95, and not my best SCORING round ever, but it was the first time where I could see my game falling into place. My driver and three wood were both mostly on point. I hit about 50% of fairways, and even the ones I missed it wasn't by much. I started super slow, and struggled all day with any iron lower than a 9. Either I'm leaving the face wide open, or I'm closing it too fast. I think it's mostly a tempo issue. Work in progress! Note, this was on a 140 slope course playing from the tips because everyone else was and I figured, why not? I suspect if i'd played a tee box or two shorter I would have shot under 90 for the first time. Lesson learned.
  3. Had the best run of my golf career so far today. Went four straight pars and a birdie. Sadly things totally went off the rails, but it gives me hope...
  4. would you rather.... Be a scratch amateur or be a once great player who shoots high 70s on the Tour regularly and be embarrassed as people around the world declare you're DONE on a weekly basis?
  5. Yeah, I don't love anything enough that I wouldn't give it up for a couple million. Except my wife and kids. I'll give the dogs up though. Might only take a couple thousand for that actually... Give me #1 for 10.
  6. I got a set of 9 uncut KBS Tour shafts in X for $50 on eBay. And I bought some blue nail polish to paint fill my clubs to match my grips. CLUB REBUILD TONIGHT.
  7. What happened on 17 will never be spoken of.
  8. And I've got some Wishon heads that I won in an auction with R shafts that feel like noodles in my hands.
  9. I'm the perfect target for this. My wife watches my golf expenditures like a hawk. Help me keep a happy marriage by selling your gear that I can use.
  10. Hardest course I've played is La Cantera Palmer here in San Antonio. Arnold Palmer designed course, obviously. I didn't hit one shot outside the tee box all day that wasn't above or below my feet. Slope rating of 142 or something like that. Totally adored the course though, even though my score looked more like a 1980 Denver Nuggets game.
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