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  1. I use Karma golf grips. 2 sets per year. I play and practice a lot. The grips are cheap, $2.19 on Amazon. Good as any. Try em you'll be as happy as I am. They play well and are just great.
  2. For six (6) years now I've played the Miura 1957 small blade irons. They have a somewhat thinner top line but I would prefer an even thinner top line. The thicker top lines scare me nowadays.
  3. I play the Miura 1957 small blades. I'm 70 years old and have a legit 9.6 index but I play yardages less that 6000 yards. The clubs are awesome. I hit the 5 thru pw really well but struggle a bit with the 3 and 4, not the clubs fault but the player. I'm in the market for the new Baby Blades, pricey but they look so cool in the bag and I can back em up with performance. Great clubs and lots of fun.
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