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  1. 7 Handicap from Dalton, Ohio Miura TC-201 and 8-iron distance is 180-190 I cannot say I know anything about these clubs or this company. I have never done any research on them nor heard anyone talk about them. So I do not know anything about them which is what interests me about them.
  2. I have a mevo+ and I have now used it 4 or 5 times. I can give you some pros and cons but I still have a lot to learn and figure out on it. To start I have only used it outside at a driving range, so I have not seen how it works inside or into a net yet. Pros: It seems to be pretty accurate and set up is easy. It has essentially any stats you would need and you can record your swing from whatever device you are using. It really helped me dial in my numbers on distance and on swing speed/ball speed. This is kinda both pro and con.... the price. it is an expensive unit but for the price and compared to how expensive the higher end ones are it looks like a very fair price. Cons: The battery last about an hour but to me when it gets to be low battery it does not work as well. It does not pick up shots every time like when it is full battery. If you are using the app on your phone I suggest a portable battery charger because it kills your battery. If you use something else like an ipad you need a hot spot or a Wi-Fi to be on for it to work.(Unless I totally missed how to make it work without Wi-Fi) It also showed me how terribly inconsistent of a ball striker I am....... Like I said I am new to using it and I learn something new every time I use it. another tip is to change the sleep timer in the settings the first time you set up the session to something longer than 30 seconds. I set it to the max of 120 seconds just so I don't have to worry about it going to sleep in the middle of a swing, and I don't have to feel rushed, i can take my time hitting the balls. The accuracy on the numbers it gives you are obviously not going to be as accurate as the higher end models but I would say this little machine does pretty well for its price point. I have a pretty high swing speed, so I was nervous it may throw it off when i use driver or my long drive driver but it catches the speeds of everything. If you guys have questions about it specifically let me know and I can try and answer them to the best of my ability.
  3. Briton /Dalton, Ohio Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed:122-125 MPH
  4. First name: Briton State of Residence: Ohio Handicap : 7 Current Hybrid in Play: I do not have one, looking for a gap filler for between my 4 iron and 3 wood. What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: Looking for a club to fill the gap and I am able to hit well off the tee, and be able to keep it in the fairway.
  5. I personally would say Jason Day but he was not an option so I just chose Arnie. A respectable Legend. I like Jack also, hardworking athlete that has a knack for business and is an Ohio Boy.
  6. 7 Handicap-Dalton, Ohio IG: bgerby7 Depending on weather here in Ohio, i could get anywhere from 1-3 rounds a week Currently Playing Titleist TS3 driver and 3 wood, AP2 irons and transitioning to Muira TC-201's, Sm8 wedges, and Scotty cameron newport 2.5 Driver: SZ tour length matte black/white w/x-stiff low spin shaft 3wood:SZ tour Fairway w/ x-stiff low spin shaft king utility black 2-3 iron with x-stiff shaft king forged tec irons nippon ns pro modus3tour 130 x stiff king mim wedges(50,56,60) same shaft as irons.
  7. I dont like to say im loyal, but i have connections to Titleist so i can get discounts, which may sway my opinion a little bit but i just got in some miura's i need to try out yet. i wish i had the ability to try all different types but i go with what my pro trusts and recommends most of the time.
  8. Ya riceland is just the closest to my house, its a simple little course. And the pines hasn’t been in very good shape as of late but their range has a nice tee to hit off of and the owners are nice people to answer your question yes i can but hardly ever try just because then i would have to wait on the group in front of us lol. Ive driven every par 4 at riceland except 5,6,12 and 18 I’m pretty sure
  9. Yes for sure, that is where my league i play in is. I like to go to the range at the Pines. That is random, not many know about Dalton haha
  10. When i first was thinking about competing i was like there is no way i would be able to keep up or compete or if it would be something i could do just because i did not really know much about the sport. This is why i posted this forum is i just like to find out how much people know about the sport. I think Long drive should be something that is bigger and i hope it grows. Competing is actually fun and an Adrenaline rush.
  11. I think the range is usually anywhere from 3*-6* driver heads. i have a 4.0 * as my lowest lofted long drive club.
  12. Briton

    Port St. Lucie

    Awesome I will look that up! Irons: X-flex standard lie/length Woods: X-flex standard 9.5 degree Right-handed 7 handicap Ohio
  13. Ya that is the toughest issue is what qualifies. If im playing and i end up in a divot in the fairway i am not mad about it if it has sand fill in it or if someone tried to repair it with their divot pelt and stepped on it to flatten it down.
  14. I see what you are saying but the way i see it is a divot in the fairway is a "man-made" obstacle. A downhill side of a hump in the fairway and semi-bare patch are natural things, things that come naturally or designed in the architecture of the course in the fairway i would not consider being punishment or unfair. That is where i agree with a divot in the fairway and not being able to remove the ball from it is unfair/punishment.
  15. Briton


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