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  1. These three as well as Green Valley - although it can be a little wet in the spring. Also, check GolfNow - Agawam Hunt was doing select tee times there all last year - it was recently renovated by Gil Hanse prior to the clubs bankruptcy. It has since been purchased by the members.
  2. Matt - Rhode Island Odyssey O-Works 7 Tank Bettinardi embodies what America was built on, Quality, Family and Integrity.
  3. 1. Matt - Rhode Island 2. 7 - 107 3. TaylorMade M1 440 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  4. Starting the year off HOT! Would love this opportunity as my wife and I rejoined a club this year so I will be playing more golf. With access to Arccos and a Trackman now I can compile data finally! Matt 8.6 105-108 TaylorMade M1 440 9.5 with Accra TZ6 proto G410 Plus
  5. Matt - RI FootJoy - Older and Oversized Worst rain I ever played in? I remember I had an old pair of Dexter Golf Shoes (yeah that long ago) that were filled with water - I ended up taking them off on one hole and playing in Barefoot. Only positive to that day was that it was at least warm out. Now a days I cringe when it is going to rain because my rainsuit is older, uncomfortable, hot and oversized and I really don't want to have to wear it. Most days I will end up not using it and resort to getting soaked.
  6. For me that isn’t a problem as I mostly rely on my Bushnell for distances but like the data/analytics that Arccos provides.
  7. I just ordered the Arccos Link. Can’t get here soon enough
  8. 100% Agree. I like just leaving my phone in the pocket and reviewing my results after the round.
  9. OK after a lengthy review my abbreviated Stage 2 is up for viewing... this is definitely a To Be Continued review... I find a lot of promise with the Arccos 360 - I just don't have that much data to go with for my review.
  10. I wanted to check in and let everyone know that our weather here in the Northeast has been dreadful on the weekends recently and I haven't gotten in any recent rounds. I feel that I would be incomplete to post my Stage 2 review now - even though I am soo late with it. I will try and get something soon - but I haven't seen any issues or problems like the others have. Then again I haven't had as many rounds as the rest of you.
  11. oaks

    ACCRA TZP Prototype

    A friend of mine sent me the shaft - i had to tip it and grip it.
  12. oaks

    ACCRA TZP Prototype

    I hit 3 balls Wednesday night - I have no idea what the ball did, how it spun or anything - just want I felt. Ball 1 - what was that... Ball 2 - ball jumps off face high - lose sight into woods Ball 3 - same as before but damn that felt smooth OK - after my initial 3 balls - What the heck is this thing. It doesn’t feel like my RPG. It feels smooth like Jon Snow's sword going through a White Walker. It feels smooth like fresh egyptian cotton sheets It feels smooth like pure Maple Syrup. For longtime Accra players - dare I say - it feels Old Skool SE70/80 Smooth - that original ACCRA Feeling that you got. To me it feels like it has a lively tip - the ball felt like it was exploding off of the club face. What I can gather is that it feels like an Old SE on 2018 Technology. If it is anything like that it will have Super Low Torque, but maybe more lively like how the SE* was. Nicer weather can't come soon enough...
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