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  1. At this point in time the 2021 challenge should be held over until the new line in 2022
  2. Matt - N Kingstown RI 107-109 Ping G425 LST 9 Accra TZ6CB M5 Have you Played Modus Iron Shafts before, if so what Model. Modus 120’s - switched to KBS $Taper 130’s
  3. So I had my first opportunity to take the VKTR+ out on the golf course and while it felt great and the distance was comparable I do not see it unseating my Exotics. the Hogan looks great and feels great but at this time my Exotics feels more comfortable in my hands. I rely on my Hybrid for a few crucial tee shots and approaches into one Par 5 in particular and I have that sense of security with my Exotics. The VKTR is a great Hybrid and my buddy is going to end up putting it in his bag after taking a few swinga
  4. Matt - North Kingstown RI 11 MAX Pro - does it work with a MacBook? Ability for Both Using a NetReturn or the woods behind my house!
  5. So I haven’t been able to get this out to the course but I did hit a few balls in the yard and the club feels as good as my CBX119. Here are some comparison pictures. Also, the headcover is extremely classy!
  6. So I also received mine last week. Headcover is super nice. Club looks great at address - the toe is nice and high. Ill post some more pictures in comparisons later on. Thanks Hogan
  7. As Tom Petty once sang... The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Unfortunately my season may be over before I even get this club.
  8. Amazing! Let’s see if Hogan can beat out my CBX119 - it’s a Tall Task!
  9. Matt - N Kingstown RI RH 1st choice VKTR+ 18* Hybrid - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 2nd choice 18* Driving Iron- KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Handicap 7.5 Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid - Hybrid
  10. Matt North Kingstown RI TaylorMade M3 7.4 105-107 TSI3 - emailed my fitter the other day to try and schedule my fitting for this!!
  11. First Name/City State - Matt - NK, RI Handicap 7.5 Current Model Wedges Played RTX4 RAW - 50,54,60 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - Love the rusty look and the anti glare. The brown patina looks amazing especially after a month or two. I have played RaW Cleveland’s for decades going back to the 588 RTGs
  12. Matt - North Kingstown RI - USA Toulon Portland Tyne 3 - After years and years of thinking I needed Facebalanced Putters I recently learned I need a mallet with a little toe hang/short slant.
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