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  1. I am finding I am relying more on my 54* for punch/abbreviated shots that I normally would have hit 60* full swing shots in the past. Feel like I can get a better strike with the same spin.
  2. I can't compare to Vokey SM7's and granted my SM5's were showing their age, but I think that the RTX4's spin as much if not more than my Vokeys. I also love the head weight and feel of the RTX's.
  3. Sorry for the garage pictures with dirt in the grooves. Love the wedges. I think my ideal 60 would have been in between the Mid and Full front but I do love the Full
  4. I have the Raw Version. If I get a chance to I will grab a picture of them tomorrow.
  5. I have a set of 50, 54 and 60 in this set as well. These replaced my Vokeys earlier this summer and I couldn’t be happier with them. The 54 has become my most dependable weapon in my bag. From about 115 and in this wedge is Awesome. I have the Mid Bounce on my 50 & 54 and Full Grind on my 60 to replace my old Vokey K grind. I am going to try and follow along and answer any and all questions in addition to the reviewers in this thread. Best!!
  6. Palvord - as they say Numbers Don’t Lie Play what works and enjoy!
  7. Matt - RI 8.6 TaylorMade TP CB 160 thanks for the opportunity- as a father of 3 little ones I need all the forgiveness I can get
  8. Once again the Cobra Conect thread is the thread of the summer. You guys are great and playing some good golf. Keep it up! And to my fellow Arccos tester @palvord - lets bring home a big time Victory!
  9. These look so good. Has anyone compared these to the original CBX hybrids?
  10. As a prior tester I understand the work that goes into these reviews and have thoroughly enjoyed my past Arccos one (and still am enjoying). My words should have been Awesome Opportunity!!! Sorry - I was just so damn excited over the prospects of Evnroll being back for a test!!!
  11. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!! Matt - RI Toulon Portland 9
  12. Matt - RI 9 Vokey 54* - 75 yrd Spinning Knockdown
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