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  1. Thanks Dave, I will make sure to include Pinehurst
  2. I will definitely look this up, appreciate the response.
  3. I'm not going with and yes, it is a surprise and they will be traveling by car. I want them to experience the people in the rural areas and hopefully make some new friends! Thanks for the comments.
  4. I like to arrange a golf trip for my son and his wife to travel for 12 months and play golf across the US. Any suggestions of golf courses and/or accommodation you can recommend will be appreciated. I actually have no clue where to start other than Dover (DE) where we live.
  5. Kenny, that is the reason why we did not even mentioned it when we did the bookings, also thought all courses allow disabled golfers, but unfortunately not when you are in a wheelchair. As he will say "my handicap is my wheelchair" - 17 and always play from the front tees. We went to Ireland and 2 courses refused to let him play, so did one in England and one in Spain. Wrote a letter to the local governing bodies - 8 years later and no rely. We made a lovely video with great music of disabled golfers which we presented to sponsors. I will find out how to take some content out and then post it in this forum, I am sure a lot of guys will love to see how these guys enjoy the game.
  6. Agree with you! I just don't like the statement he made as I believe golf is for all, so is tennis and all other sport. There are some courses not allowing my disabled friend to play - tired of this BS
  7. So much for the elitist...... Trump's golf enterprise is the latest casualty in the backlash over his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants! http://edition.cnn.com/2015/07/07/politics/donald-trump-pga-split-after-mexican-comments/
  8. Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company 685 John B. Sias Memorial Parkway Suite 515 Fort Worth, Texas 76134 Customer Service: 1(844) 53-HOGAN 1 (844) 534-6426 Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM (CST) Sat-Sun: CLOSED Email: info@BenHoganGolf.com @BenHoganGolf (Twitter)
  9. I was very slow when I started to play some 30 years ago, I took a lot of practice swings in the bunker and stand in line of playing partner's put. Should you not ask how many of those players (those with one ball in his hand and one in the pocket) do not have a clue about the rules and etiquette of the game? They go for a lesson or 2 but have no idea what is going on, all they are looking for (same as all of us) are those good shots that makes you come back again and gain.
  10. Huge golf fans do not make statements like that! There's simply no other sport embraced and loved so passionately by rich and poor, men and women alike in the world. By the way, if your venue is the host of a PGA Tour event, it does not mean you run the events.
  11. Looking at all these positive post, seems to me I am missing something in my bag. I am not too bad with 130 yards to the pin but think it could help my game from 160-200! Any suggestions what I should get?
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