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  1. Moved my scores to Stage 2. ***10/26 UPDATE*** So I used the ForwardGrip for about six weeks straight and enjoyed it for the most part. As originally posted, it felt great in my hands but wasn't something that created a massive change or improvement in my putting. I recently bought a different putter and have switched to that for the time being. I like the putter head better on this new one and I do like the SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 that it came with. I would certainly recommend the ForwardGrip for anyone that "stabs" at their putts. I think it is a good grip and one that people can benefit from but I probably wouldn't purchase it for myself. I was also putting at the PGATSS recently and felt a grip that was similar so there may be other options out there.
  2. Unfortunately I had to wait until after my club championship to get this put on my every day putter. I have now had it installed for 7-10 days and have probably had 2-3 hours of practice and three rounds of play with the grip. My initial thoughts from when I saw the grip were more or less confirmed...it fits really nicely in your hands and keeps your wrist/hand motion steady. I felt most comfortable using a crosshand grip with the ForwardGrip. Coming from a SuperStroke XL grip I could definitely feel like "forward" component of the grip. It feels completely natural now though and I believe it would benefit any golfers that struggle with breaking their wrists, stabbing at the ball, etc. I've been playing a little putting game during my practice sessions this year so I can only compare my results to that game and my in-round putting stats. On the practice green I create a 9 hole course, typically hitting the first putt from 15-40 feet, and playing it as a par 18. I had done this probably 10 times with my old grip and had scores ranging anywhere from -1 to +3. I completed the course twice with the ForwardGrip and scored +2 and E. The first time I had some issues on distance control which probably wasn't even grip related. On the long putts I felt more confident in hitting my line On the short putts I didn't notice as much of a difference. I think the ForwardGrip made hitting the line on long putts easier since I kept the same stroke, grip, etc...with my SuperStroke XL I was constantly questioning my grip, stance, and other details, especially when I was 20+ feet out. My total putt average for the year has floated between 31-32 putts/round. In the two rounds that I have played so far I had 34, 32 and then 29 putts...right at my average. I definitely feel myself getting more comfortable with the grip as time goes on. I've definitely been making a higher percentage of long putts when I'm on the practice greens...it hasn't necessarily translated to a round yet but I think it will come full circle. I have handed my putter to a few playing partners and they both commented on how natural it feels in their hands. They seem impressed but generally speaking not overly intrigued. Performance on the Course Very natural feel right away. Took a little bit to get used to the "forward" aspect of it but nothing crazy. The size is perfect...I've used both a conventional and crosshand grip without any issue. I was using a SuperStroke XL before this and I had a tough time getting comfortable over the ball. I think I switched my physical grip 3-4 times this year using the SuperStroke. With the ForwardGrip I feel much more confident that I can stick with one grip and get the same results. So far I haven't seen a major difference with the ForwardGrip but I am trending in a positive direction. I make more putts on the practice green and things are getting better on the course as well. I'm not sure this is a major game changer but it has helped me settle in and stroke the ball confidently. Performance Score: 50/60 (nothing revolutionary but the comfort/consistency is enough to make a difference for me) Looks & Durability Very straightforward appearance. I'm good with a black putter grip although it may be nice to offer a few other colors...blue, red, green, etc. My SuperStroke was mostly white and looked pretty crappy after a while. I found myself cleaning it every few weeks just to make it look presentable. It does seem very durable and I can't imagine any issues with it wearing down. I think this grip should last a few seasons without any issue. Looks Score: 20/25 (doesn't matter to me but a few color options may be worthwhile) Likelihood of Purchase Honestly I'm not sure if I would purchase this grip or not. At $25 it is fairly priced when compared to other "specialty" putter grips. There are so many options out there that I can't say for sure that this is the best option for me. I would certainly rate it up there with the 3-4 grips I have used...and I definitely like it better than the SuperStroke XL that I had. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has wrist breaking issues but that is not something I have dealt with much. LOP Score: 10/15 Conclusion & Final Score The shape of the grip is definitely nice and sits perfectly in the fingers. The forward aspect of the grip was very different than my SuperStroke XL but I got used to that quickly. I found a physical grip (crosshand) that felt very comfortable and have stuck with that since. I never felt comfortable with my previous grip and changed things constantly. There was no consistency there. I do think that the ForwardGrip will allow me to stick with one grip and putting stroke which will hopefully pay dividends in the long run. It seems like this product may be best for people that really struggle with hitting their lines and controlling the putter. I like the ForwardGrip, and will continue using it, but I'm not sure it is going to make a massive difference in my putting. The bigger issue for me was probably the grip that I was using before this one. Good and reliable product though and one that people can certainly benefit from. Total Score: 80/100
  3. Quick overview of my golf game...generally pretty long off the tee, good long irons, average mid irons, not a great wedge player, not a great putter. Been playing between a 4-6 handicap most of the year. I really struggle once I get inside of 100 yards whether it is partial wedge shots, chipping or putting. My putting itself has been relatively consistent this year but it needs to improve. Right now I am averaging 32.8 putts per round. My GIR putts would probably be a few higher than that. It's gotten pretty frustrating to shoot in the high 70s and realize I had 34 putts. I've actually changed my physical putting grip three to five times this year. Started with cross handed, went to conventional, went to a split grip, back to conventional but gripped down. I was using a Superstroke XL 2.0 and it seemed difficult getting my hands in a comfortable position. I'm hoping that the Forward grip will lock me into a grip and putting stroke that are more consistent. I just never felt extremely comfortable with my previous grip and it led to me questioning my putts before I even hit them. The biggest thing for me is to find a grip that is comfortable, consistent and gives me confidence when I'm striking the ball.
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