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  1. <--- Set on order If they are 1/2 as good as these .... WIN
  2. Just to be clear / specific .... You the "AT" ?? ... That's the one exclusive to Costco. That's the one I am about to pull the trigger on That or the MotoCaddy based on MGS test results I just like the wider front end on the "AT" model ..... Still liking it ??
  3. Sorry I mean the 2 colors shown ... Yellow & white ... MIGHT be a black one or 2 out there ... but what do I know
  4. Ummm ... Don't count on that ... At least not now And is yellow by design - TRUST ME ... oh and it's REALLY REALLY good And the FW might even be better
  5. LOT of interesting thoughts in this thread ... I'll throw in my OPINION. And I say opinion as "people" are a variable which has no guidebook. There is no manual / instruction sheet for that part of the swing I have had the opportunity ( or misfortune depending on your point of view lol ) of working with pretty high speed guys. And the bulk of the guys I choose to work with one on one are ALL scratch or better - so they can deliver the head to the ball. But that also allows me to answer with respect to a "golf swing" - just a little faster. Apple to an apple though So before I go ... A tiny statement - NOT trying to get the Hatfield's & McCoys rocking. There will be builders who don't agree with me - and high speed guys that don't agree ... whatever .. no problem. Just a post on a forum ................... OK - 1st off ... NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!! has a more dynamic affect on spin than driver loft - PERIOD. Driver loft is KING with spin. Lets face it - driver heads have been maxed out for years - the modern generation is all about manipulation of CG & launch conditions .. and they are all damn good at it. Torque - For high speed - and for guys with "swings" not mashers (you would think it would be the opposite but it isn't ) - but HIGHER torque for a pretty high speed swings is your friend. Those guys can use torque to gain a few extra microseconds to come thru the impact zone and be square and in control of face angle. MASHERS - in my experience / opinion - like lower torque as there delivery is much more erratic and they just need head control thru the zone - they hold on - usually super strong ... I could go on. I am in total agreement with revkev - For me - the weaker the shaft the better for most people. Most guys get on monitors and go for it - and admire their speed. Truth is - go out a look at trees & out of bounds & water hazards etc ... That monitor swing is USELESS in the real world. I always tell guys - Monitor minus 5mph. Also OVER-stiff will usually results in a wide open fanning slice at the ball - and spinning like crazy. I get guys in the weakest combos they feel good with. I will tell you - and this isn't uncommon - in the high speed world. Some of the most visible / multiple world champion type guys - use MUCH !!!!!!!!! weaker shafts than you would think ... MUCH !!!! ... Trust me Balance. Eeeehhh ... I'll say this. Heavier head (204+ with adapter) - you want a little counterbalancing to maintain good weight. PIng is REALLY good at it (for an OEM) - Cobra is a close second. Weight - The most important for me ... MOST guys - if the driver is built correctly - will be better with a heavier driver than they think. I am a GIGANTIC !!!!!!! fan of very short / heavy driver setups. Look at the Tour - MOST of the time - over time ... The big guns all use slightly heavy / shorter combos - with head CG manipulated to max given the end head weight Flex - There is no standard - and there is a LOT !!!!!!! of bad info being pumped into the world regarding shaft tech. The heavier the shaft - the weaker you can play it .. Super lite ( which I HATE ) .. need a little stiffness to get some control. The exception to that is probably the older / weaker golfer. But even they can play weaker / shorter combos with LOTS of loft and get good results. I could keep going ... Maybe I'll spill my guts one day ... but when I build drivers - PLAY drivers ( cuz even I don't give a damn about long drivers ) - I do everything in my power to get the to use short / heavy SLIGHTLY weaker than you'd think BATS .. and it works EVERY TIME. This guy .... DESTROYED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the world in 2000 with a 43.50 in steel shafted Titleist driver and won his first major - with a 43.50 steel shafted COBRA. and he's never driven the ball better since .. and YES I STILL LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! steel shafted drivers Just my 2 cents
  6. Been off forums for a while ... Time to get back in the "swing" THIS driver is good enough to make me login and post ... This is probably (I'm fighting saying 100% sure) ... the best driver head I ever owned. And I own them ALL .. Well except Titleist BEAST !!! .. Mizuno hit a HOMERUN with this one
  7. Robert Head / New Orleans area 5.3 HC Only use GolfLogix at this point Hope it's OK for me to apply .. Thanks MGS
  8. Short & sweet ... Been around golf forums - it's seems like - since the beginning of the electricity. I have always been a GIGANTIC fan of the site - and it's social media presence is SECOND TO NONE !!! Tony's articles are like main-lining crack .. I cant get enough ... I feel like a junie everytime I see his tech stuff come up **** Pssssttttt ... Tony .... My buddies at COBRA LOVE !!! your stuff .. Tech article on KING LTD heads could NOT have been written better I have talked to MR BIG-MGS about how I can continue on the site - so I will be respectful of his terms BUT I LOVE THIS SITE I have some cools toys I am building up you guys may like
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