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  1. JohnSmalls

    New Snell Balls!

    Does anyone know where Snell golf balls are manufactured?
  2. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    Ehhh it's nothing but a number. Who is counting?
  3. JohnSmalls

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    Couldn't have summed up my opinion any better. Time for this story to die on the vine.
  4. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    I can only imagine. My grandma told me all the stories of attending Catholic school in Philly...in the 30's
  5. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    Soooo you're saying you are a lefty...and a teacher?!?
  6. JohnSmalls

    Does hitting 1,000 posts make me a millennial?

    Congrats @GolfSpy MPR! Welcome to the 1000 club. Your contributions to this forum go well above that '1000' designation though. Looking forward to the next ones!
  7. JohnSmalls

    Happy birthday @GolfSpy Dave

    Happy belated birthday @GolfSpy Dave!
  8. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    And this should win the day
  9. JohnSmalls

    {Winners Announced} MGS TRICK SHOT CHALLENGE

    Congrats guys!
  10. JohnSmalls

    New (Not New) In Ohio

    Welcome to the forum! We are glad you have joined the fray.
  11. Congrats guys!!!! Enjoy the new shades!
  12. JohnSmalls

    Course rating and Slope

    Spring Lake CC in the upstate. Old course that has become public. In need of some TLC, but it's a place I have a soft spot for.
  13. JohnSmalls

    Course rating and Slope

    Men’s: Par 72 Blue 6748 (72.7/126) White 6426 (70.8/121) The ratings are pretty true. For most of the course it’s not terribly punishing. But, there are half a dozen holes that require you to be accurate or they will make your score catch up to your handicap very quickly.
  14. I think Sergio just dropped a “double turds” in that rant. Funny, he got nothing in the end.
  15. JohnSmalls

    Driver comparison with 3 shots v's current driver

    My point exactly. Either none, or close to none. The guys playing on tour earn higher living playing on tour than making clubs, hence the reason they are touring pros. The guys making clubs are the pros that I am pointing to. They make their living making clubs, therefore should be experts in their field.