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  1. JohnSmalls

    More Forum Staff Changes

    Late to the party as seems the norm as of late, but thanks for all the hard work and a job well done @hckymeyer! This past year was a blast. Big shoes to fill for @GolfSpy STUDque @Golfspy_CG2! Don't worry if you $&@€ it up. We'll all bail you out! Looking forward to this next year on the webs. I'll do my best to keep you two busy!
  2. JohnSmalls

    Epic Animal style, F8+ Tour length

    Chisag are the shafts tipped?
  3. JohnSmalls

    LEFTY--Cobra Fly-Z Irons/Hybrids

    I ended up not selling these, and they have been laying around the house taking up space. I put these clubs back in the bag and played them for 3 more rounds this fall just for kicks and giggles. Now they are taking up space again. Time for them to find a new home. Irons used, same description as before. Asking $135 Hybrids are still brand new and in the plastic, with head covers and wrench (if needed). Asking $50/piece Everything together price: $200 shipping included
  4. JohnSmalls

    First Tournament Stories

    Let's get this old post humming again. Share your tournament nightmares for a good Christmas season laugh!
  5. JohnSmalls

    I'm moving up a tee or two

    This whole post should be printed and given to every new golfer.
  6. A little dry weather would be nice. We have been hitting mud balls for days up here.
  7. JohnSmalls

    Traditions of past Christmas’s

    What's in a typical Swedish Christmas dinner?
  8. Good on ya Canada post! Hope you get a chance to enjoy it soon!
  9. I really want to see that old Rusty Scotty. That thing should be a legend by now around these corners of the internets.
  10. I echo what the others have said; even months after my review, the watch doesn't make much of a difference. It is so light you really don't notice it at all in your swing. The footprint is nothing like what it seems.
  11. JohnSmalls

    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Driver Thread

    It sounds incredible to me. It's the first titanium crowned driver I've hit in years and I forgot how intoxicating that sound is compared to the dull thwack of a cf crowned head They're called metalwoods for heavens sake
  12. We prefer the finer things in life.
  13. If it works and earns some quarters, joke's on the comedians that laugh at you.
  14. JohnSmalls

    Tee it forward

    Getting to take 2 off the first tee has undertaken a whole new meaning.
  15. JohnSmalls

    Chicago PD role

    Dang it, I saw this too late to watch it live. On demand to the rescue! @chisag did you have to stay at a Holiday Inn Express to become a TV doc?