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  1. I think you mean when we don't see it.
  2. Granted I'm basing this off of weather in the upstate; Myrtle will be a little bit warmer/nicer. Weather is generally warming up quite nicely, can be in the 70s but can get the odd cold day in the 40s. Wind is usually picking up a touch by April. @BIG STU can start to narrow this down and give you a forecast better than the meteorologists.
  3. The original Aldila RIP Alpha. Absolutely loved this driver shaft paired with my old G400.
  4. I think she may find this one of extra interest.
  5. I know a lot has to get left out from time/article constraints but man I bet it was so much fun learning what you did from interviews and in your research. I said it before and I'll say it again, I love these looks at the various golf companies. The PING article from a few years ago got me hooked on MGS, and the subsequent Wilson, Mac, and now Spalding articles are my favorite publications through the year. John, if you ever get the time or green light please publish more of what gets left out of these articles! I've had the top irons discussion with the big fella before and there is a VIP model in the top three. I can't remember what the other iron is though. Part of me wants to say it's another Mac, but I'm drawing a blank.
  6. https://mygolfspy.com/historys-mysteries-spalding-golfs-final-countdown/ We have the latest report on Spalding Golf from @GolfSpy Barbajo, featuring a quick cameo from our very own @BIG STU. I have really enjoyed reading about the history of the old "big 3" of Wilson, MacGregor, and now Spalding. What is crazy to me is how successful these companies were, and in Spalding's case, how quickly they went from top of the pyramid to not even producing golf equipment anymore. What are your favorite memories about Spalding?
  7. I saw Tony post about the RZN ball a number of times but it has hardly been mentioned since. I loved the old Nike RZN golf balls, and still have some stashed away. I may be one of the only interested, but would love to talk or hear more about the restart of RZN golf balls.
  8. Well done, Matt! Cobra seems to have found a design that works with the fairway woods.
  9. Great review, Joe! Always appreciate your approach to reviews and the great photography is always a welcome addition.
  10. Just saw Bubba and Ted Scott split up. Really interested to see who picks up Bubba's bag. I volunteer as tribute
  11. Happy birthday fellas! One step closer to shooting your age!
  12. Going to be a very interesting finale. I think he'll slide into the top 8, but we will see. I am probably misreading this (as you've already said it), but do you know if the top 16 will hit all at once or 4 driving at a time broken into 4 separate pools?
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