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  1. Catch that one a little fade-y? Congrats on the first test! Have fun!
  2. Reread the article a month or two ago and was hoping there would be an update. Looking forward to what Wilson has been up to! Thanks for the great articles @GolfSpy Barbajo
  3. 2019 has been an interesting year to say the least. I came in with a focus to devote more time to instruction and practice, and consequently my game got to a point where I was playing consistently better than I ever have. The Hard Rock Challenge this year was another success---I hope to implement some improvements next year that will help cultivate a fun challenge. This year on the forum has been incredible. I have enjoyed interacting with you guys more than ever. Being an onlooker in the Cobra Connect Challenge brought some unbelievable surprises that have ended up helping my game, and the D7 challenge has opened my eyes to the world of equipment testing. However not all was rosy. Some aspects of my personal life began to demand much greater time commitments, which made golf take a back seat since the middle/end of the D7 challenge---and my golf game has taken a hit since. My driver and putter have gone AWOL in the last month and despite limited but focused practice---I can't seem to find my stroke and it has really hampered my progress. For 2020, I plan to continue to devote time to instruction and more time to focused practice. I managed to drop 3 strokes off of my handicap towards the end of the summer and I want that to be a continued trend for next year. I plan on finally making the jump below bogey golf next year; while enjoying more rounds and meeting more of you guys from the forum. Lastly for 2020, it is my goal to be even more plugged in here---and offer more to the community as a whole. You guys have given me so much this year; I hope to be able to make a positive impact on you guys. #powertotheplayer
  4. Ooooooooooo that’s nice! Hope it rolls them well!
  5. I mean if he gets away with it again and again, he looks like a (cheating in my opinion) genius that knows how to tip toe the line. But he clearly improved his lie, and there is no way the rules officials should let that slide for anyone.
  6. Grabbing a late and quick lunch, put the tournament on and after about 2 minutes I see Patrick Reed in what looked like a bunker with the cameraman zoomed in on him taking “practice swings” while addressing the ball and moving sand away from his ball, not once but twice. Am I wrong in thinking this should be a penalty?
  7. My favorite part of football season besides watching the Tigers, open golf courses! My pick remains the same as before the season started. Go Tigers! I'll let you figure out which ones. Well, the USC of the east will have someone for Harbaugh to swoop in and take on as a transfer. They did that this past January too...
  8. Annnd it sounds like we have another @Shankster review coming next summer.
  9. Congrats gents!!!! Can’t wait to see the results! Now go play some golf!
  10. I've got smaller wrists, too. You shouldn't have any problem with the watch. It took me playing of playing the first two holes before I forgot it was there.
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