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  1. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    Will do. Thank you to MGS, I can get some real metrics down from Shotscope! The ER2 is going to have it's work cut out for it. I have been putting as good as ever from long distance since I put the sabertooth in the bag. I may have to do a full blown putter test with all in the stable over the winter.
  2. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    These were all quick. More to come as soon as I can get out on the course! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. JohnSmalls

    Taylormade Not Attending 2019 PGA Show

    Seems like the tides are turning
  4. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    The wait is almost over. I'll be posting pics today!
  5. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    Whoa...that's in the real REAL world. That beaut needs a home!
  6. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    The ER2 has landed! I've got a late night ahead of me, not sure whether or not I'll post them tonight. Regardless, they will be up soon!
  7. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    You got it, @Rickp!
  8. JohnSmalls


    "Trying". You better not let him "try" the green money making machine. I have a feeling it won't be long before it follows you home. Speaking of which, where in the world did you find a "proper" model???
  9. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    After a long and arduous wait, an evnroll is inbound! No more playing tennis
  10. JohnSmalls

    Lefty Thread

    Absolutely. The dog house/couch treatment doesn't last forever.
  11. JohnSmalls

    D v D 2

    I second that.
  12. Thanks for bumping this thread. I have been meaning to check in on it the past couple of days. This thread and the Bridgestone wedge thread has really caught my eye.
  13. JohnSmalls

    What color of socks do you wear?

    Bubba golf, no shoes, no socks.
  14. JohnSmalls

    Sling TV

    We have been using PS Vue via an app on Roku and have completely replaced our Satellite provider. For the most part we have enjoyed the switch. It's far cheaper, we can have 5 sources (TVs) running at once, we have DVR like function on almost all of our shows; available to watch on any device. Plus we have some local channels through PS Vue as well. We don't lose coverage during a storm, take that satellite. There are a few negatives: PS Vue doesn't DVR everything you would like it to, but that is generally sporting events. The PS Vue app on iPhone/iPad can be spotty or downright not work at all for some in the household. Sony really needs to get their app developers together and fix the problem. Needless to say that part is maddening. The negatives aren't killers though. The events that DVR misses are almost always available to rewatch via the host provider's app (ESPN, NBC Sports, etc.). When an ipad doesn't work I'll grab my Surface Pro or any other PC to watch remotely; where PS Vue has always worked through a web browser.
  15. JohnSmalls

    D v D 2

    Really interesting to see what's in Rick's bag. G400LST, Wilson V6, Evnroll ; I think he might be "one of us".