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  1. Happy birthday @JoshAndersonGolf! Hope it's a great one!
  2. It's so funny seeing how his game improves/changes, and which parts stay exactly the same (putting) . He's like a machine. Address ball, look at cup, putt, pick up ball, drop ball, address, look at cup, putt. The best part of all is you analyzing his game and comparing it to your own. Kirke is already a teaching pro and doesn't realize it .
  3. I’ve been sitting back in this one and thought it would go but I may have to toss my name in the hat. I’ve been thinking of doing a Cobra project with my F9. See if we can work something out tomorrow.
  4. A few years ago there were only two options, Dynamic Gold AMT and DG AMT Tour Issue. IIRC, True Temper updated and updated and released them with Red, black, and white options. I may be wrong on this but I think the AMT white lineup is the closest version of the shafts in my irons (DG AMT). I was quasi-fit for these, as they were the closest shaft in the lineup from Wilson that meshed with what the fitter had in his cart at the time (I was fit for the DG 105). What I've found playing them over the past year is that either I've meshed with them or the fit happened to be right (I tend to
  5. Really interesting results. Ping seems to have outdone themselves on the G410. For the past 5 years or so, Callaway seems to safe bet when it comes to a new fitting.
  6. Ah man my game was coming around that part of last year. The funny thing about that was it was an old cheap two piece Srixon Marathon that we found earlier. I was surprised it spun off of that shot. Those D7s are a heck of a versatile club, especially for their design intent. Now if I can just learn how to take spin off the ball sometimes we'll be cooking! Nothing better than throwing a dart coming into the clubhouse! It'll be nice when we can start playing in scrambles again.
  7. I'm with you all the way. Lessons to learn what makes the ball go and turn, practice to understand what makes the ball go and turn translates to lower scores. The key here is putting in the work to improve your game. The tech side can help accelerate those lessons by watching your own video playback, or allow you to get the reps in under what were unplayable conditions before (cold, rain, nighttime) with a launch monitor and a roof over your head---shout out to @THEZIPR23
  8. Man I wish I could have seen what all the bubble shaft hype was first hand!
  9. The mizzy and G425 are on the radar but coming from the TXG fellas and Matty replacing freaky deaky with the TSi so quickly; it's in pole position for me. While autoflex is intriguing, I feel like I wouldn't be consistent with it. Since this is still dream-land I'm going with Tensei Pro White 1k.
  10. Contact your retailer and get the order number from them. You can then use that with Ping Customer Service so you don't have to continue going through the retailer as mediator. A bit of a pain but it worked for me.
  11. Admittedly I've tried a few times but you keep beating me to it so I've almost stopped looking. Don't want to take your sunshine . Good man! I was half-heartedly hoping you would and like Poulter in the Ryder Cup you delivered! Shame on me for doubting you. Have you gone proper aussie and finished your 50 beers yet?
  12. Coming in at 2.5 years late because somehow I completely missed your post. You're a brave dude. I am the exact opposite. If I don't wear socks I'm more prone to get heel blisters...not to mention the smell from going sockless....ooooof
  13. After spending a month (after this Friday) back in the gym, I've finally got a radar ordered. Plans are to be joining the fun either the end of this month or first of March.
  14. You're headed the right direction if you like humidity. But be careful what you wish for. You'll be wanting to breathe through a snorkle in the summer.
  15. Happy birthday @HighFade! @MattF only you would create your own birthday thread you old b#$e234! Hope it's a great one!
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