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  1. Glad to see interest in coming to SC. I hope you are able to make the trip and enjoy your time here. I cannot speak for Myrtle Beach, but for us in the upstate (central northern part) social distancing rules are quickly relaxing and most if not all golf courses are open. Many restaurants are now open to dining at half capacity.
  2. WOW that's really interesting. I think SC customer service could help you out, but I am surprised they left off so much detail. I, too, play golf in a very small town and it has our course mapped very accurately. Hope they can get your problem solved soon. Corona killed my golf vibe earlier and with the abnormal amount of rain this month (3rd highest total for May in over 100 years), I have played a small fraction of the golf that I usually do this time of year. The few rounds I have gotten in have been flawless on the SkyCaddie side, not saw flawless on the swinging the club side . The scorecard side is nice, but I have been using Arccos to track my stats now that they seem to eliminated the bugs that I had trouble with. Going to test the SkyCaddie next week at a new course! So far it has been a life saver for me. The data is on the money!
  3. Great group of testers! Enjoy the beverages fellas! We will be judging based on your selection
  4. Ahh I was going for the Happy Gilmore reference when he won his first tournament.
  5. I had a very similar experience with the 4 & 5 irons in the D7 review last year. I just couldn't hit the freaking things at first. But when they come around, they will be nice cuddly forgiving rocket launchers. Good luck in the AM! Those irons will treat you well.
  6. Go ahead and mark this the best review of the year. Congrats @03trdblack!
  7. There needs to be a warning on these putter pics
  8. Happy birthday fellas!
  9. Great to see a forum member test on this subject. Thanks for starting this, will be keeping an eye on your results!
  10. An “official” welcome to the free world of financial planning . Hope you’ve gotten off to a good start!
  11. JohnSmalls

    3rd broken shaft

    Do you keep a head cover on your driver between shots?
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