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  1. John Rahm playing like a post-Chubbs, Happy Gilmore. #ripChubbs
  2. Great questions from @AndySP, thanks for being willing to bring up such a topic. Great points on both sides of the discussion. We don't have to agree. Let's leave the mudslinging for the guys not on the forum.
  3. Wow! That's awesome @GolfSpy MPR! It's been fun to follow you here, and in the online tweet/x cage. They've got a great guy for the job.
  4. Date 09/24/2023 Course Name Spring Lake Country Club Gross Score 101 Course Handicap 19 Gross Strokes over/under par 29 Net Score to Par 10 Net Score 82 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 290 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 3 Match Score Picture posted in match play thread. Nightmare of a round.
  5. Sam has a way of doing that, he is like the Mr. Miyagi of MGS. You two need to get together for a round! Preferably in SC so I can come crash said round
  6. And welcome to the saloon, @BIG STU!
  7. The one real summer I played any golf as a kid, I found a Nike One, and that was the first ball I kept for a number of holes. I was distraught when I lost it . I couldn't tell a difference between a Top Flight and a tour ball then, but it sure was special having a Nike One. Wish they would have kept up the One brand/model(s). People hated them for being clicky but I thought that was a good ball too. Crazy amounts of spin.
  8. RZN turned into a fantastic golf ball. I wish I would have known at the time the Black model was a better fit for me.
  9. Wish I could claim the accent but just a lefty. I'll leave the vegemite and funny words to @MattF
  10. I have tried rotating and reuploading these photos and they still upload upside down. That's what I get for being a lefty. Took a half set out for the round this weekend and this little guy was the highlight shot of the lot. Was getting a reading of 168 to the middle, so pulled 7 iron and hit it right on the button!
  11. Had to tie the front 9 together twice this week; played two different teeboxes on two different days. Gold on round one (course handicap of 7); White boxes on round 2 (course handicap of 9). Ended up with 44 on both days, for an overall net par.
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