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  1. Rob I’m noticing a trend here. You were born on the wrong side of the golf ball
  2. Dang I didn't realize it was that much of a difference. The Prime Tyne looks waaaaaay better to me.
  3. Rev it's always a great time when you're involved in a thread. Thanks for remaining here for a decade, welcoming me a few years back and for being a very large part of making this forum a place that is full of information and welcoming to the other great members here. And thanks for giving me other options for stopping a home intruder
  4. 100%. I would be a little more at ease with a trackman/flightscope with RCT balls; but still doesn't match up with accuracy from Foresight. Side note, my alma mater (not Clemson) is looking into getting a GC3 for their golf team's indoor studio because of the misreads coming from their current radar based system. It's especially telling when those kids don't much care for a simulator because of the inaccuracy of the current monitor.
  5. IIRC Crossfield said something akin to some individuals/swings will result in similar results from artificial turf vs. natural turf. I appreciate you adding in your experience, I am hoping this will generate a good discussion! I'm really looking forward to seeing if more people had results like yours. Have you noticed any difference in spin/launch conditions since your fitting?
  6. This video came up on my recommended list and with the title I had to give it a watch. In Crossfield manner, it provided an interesting and potentially controversial take. I need to give it another watch, but in short, it covers the variation between ball performance numbers (launch/spin/distance) from hitting irons indoor off of synthetic turf vs. outdoor and real grass. Ultimately, the question begs does an indoor iron fitting give a misconception or an incomplete fit because of a potential change in numbers? Have any of you noticed a drastic difference from your fitting results to on course performance? Did it lead to a bad experience and/or buyers regret?
  7. It's a "vegan leather" bag. I love the look of it, but not sure how well urethane is going to age, especially compared to real leather. Price is pretty good on it though.
  8. I've become a believer. Serially underrated as a manufacturer imo. Worth a shot! They've got an option for everything you're looking for in the iron space and could save a little coin as well.
  9. Night putting...there's a Bushwood in Scotland?
  10. JohnSmalls


  11. While you were standing up, I was sawing logs on my couch Heck of a game though. Hope tonight is just as good! Thanks for taking one for the team and going to the game for the rest of us @PMookie!
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