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  1. Happy birthday !

  2. That is the only driver (right now) that I can see giving the F9 Frakenstein a run for its money in your bag. Keep us posted!
  3. I've kept it kinda quiet, but I pulled the trigger on a Mevo+ earlier this year. This has also nicely coincided with the least amount of golf I've played in the last 3 years. From the limited use I've been able to gather, you're going to enjoy it! Most of the work I've given it has been within 50 yards, which is notoriously it's "weak" point--but it helped me dial in my short game in the shortest amount of time since I've started playing and has kept me in good shape with my limited play this year. Side note: I've had no trouble using mine with my iPhone 6s.
  4. Soooo what you're saying is we can see a win coming from Kiwi-land?
  5. Congrats Jamie! Good to see a lefty joining the squad. Looking forward to your work as one of the bosses.
  6. The area you have labelled as 3 and 4 are all the same material. Golf ball manufacturers have a way of "cooking" the cores during construction, kind of like cooking food in an oven, that will cause the core material to have a gradient like compression as well as change the look of the core like in your photo. It is a very common practice to fine tune performance. While it looks like there are two separate cores, it really is just one. Still a 3 piece ball.
  7. This sounds so much like me it hurt
  8. If you old boys make the trip from GA, I plan on joining you when you come through SC. this all can work. After party with @Golfspy_CG2
  9. Since this year has been abnormal for me in relation to golf, I'm playing about a quarter as much as I normally do at this point. I'm going to take a liberty extend back to the end of last year. I'm with you at two(ish). Second has been a tryout basis, with one standout holding the starting position. The old blue crowned vapor fly 3w went to the bench early this year in favor of a Mavrik 3w, which has added some needed consistency in the fairway wood slot, and has comfortably created a much better gap over my hybrid/long irons. The big surprise is the putter. I've gone from my ER2 w/ gravity grip to an OG Ping Anser w/ Ping blackout pp58 pistol grip. Evnroll has held a firm spot in the bag for 2 years and while I was playing great (for me) golf at the end of last year I kept having consistency issues with the putter. Out of frustration I tried a couple of different sticks that are sitting in the bullpen and have landed on a putter that is close to twice my age, with no sight lines/dots or anything. My make percentage has gone up notably, and my consistency from inside 20 feet has increased notably; this is all with about 10% of the practice that I would normally devote time to. A couple things I have noted is that the OG Anser is MUCH lighter than the ER2 (320ish headweight compared to 370). And the lie angle seems to be more upright. With the limited amount of golf I've been able to enjoy this year, I don't feel like I am fighting the Anser as much as I felt I was the ER2. I would like to eventually have the ER2 fit/adjusted and continue the putter battle, but that will have to wait for now.
  10. You know what they say about the claws....
  11. If you were hitting jumps with a lawn tractor, you must have had a Vicky Valencourt working on it
  12. Now all we need is a coach rocking up in full catcher's gear. Old school mask so he can throw it off to get into an umpire's face more quickly.
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