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  1. How have I missed the Odyssey putter thread, that was ridiculous. Has a winner been announced yet?
  2. I’ve gone: Driver, 20* hybrid, 6,8, PW, 56, putter. My irons are on the strong side, so this gapping works for me I really carry 8 clubs in my Sunday bag, but I could drop the gap wedge and be okay.
  3. I’ll see if I can dig it up for you. Make sure you are seated for it
  4. Funny, I have been discussing this and Oura ring with @20xUnited. Thank you for the review! I haven’t been able to justify the costs, yet. But it remains on my radar.
  5. You're going to like it! Postman, just go ahead misread the label send that puppy on to SC. I'm surprised. I thought you were going with the XS!
  6. MPR is a living legend with all of his DIY threads, his single digit charge, and the time he gets to spend with Kirke. Cobra Connects are just a blast to be a part of and have been awesome. If you look deep enough, the original introduction threads are classics. If I recall correctly, @GolfSpy MBP set a new standard. @PMookie just left a nice reminder in his Valentine's Day message, the jokes thread is a must read. While I am certainly biased, I am a fan of the Hard Rock Challenge. @PING Apologist #9 had his calling card with the safety equipment. There are some pretty great stories of guys trading in their ProVs for Callaway HX Hots, Top Flites, Pinnacles for a round or two of misery.
  7. Jack...Jack Hamm is it really you!? POW!!!!!
  8. These options should come out to average $50/round. I have missed a few that are actually in Charlotte, but this should give you an idea. Golf Club at Ballantyne is a resort course that will run on the pricer side of things but is a reasonably fun course. Fort Mill, SC is just 30 min from Charlotte and has 3 good courses to play. Further south is Rock Hill, SC. Just off of the interstate is Waterford Golf Club--just bought by the owner of the Panthers, it once was a good course and should be again soon. West of Charlotte is a course called Crowders Mountain ironically in Kings Mountain, NC. I haven't played there in a few years, but it is a tight course, not overly difficult but definitely was worth more than the greens fee at that time. My personal favorite is a course that will certainly stretch your 90 minute radius but it is worth every minute of driving. It is a well kept secret and a hidden gem. Edgewater in Lancaster, SC--if you can make the trek GO THERE. Charles Sifford is a muni just outside of uptown Charlotte, and is not a destination by any means, but it is a good extra toss in round. I played it last around October and it was surprisingly well kept for the traffic it receives being a muni in the city limits. Again, it is a good toss in for close by bonus round, don't plan your trip around it. What time of year are you traveling?
  9. Mine doesn't quite go back as far as the NVS, but I think it is a descendant from the NVS. I have an Aldila RIP Alpha (red eyes) in my G400 and I absolutely love it. I have considered seeing if I can find it and have them built for other clubs in the line up.
  10. I know you’ve talked about it forever and I keep forgetting, but I can’t now. I just joined . Very jealous of your putterhoeing ways. I’ve got a couple pieces I want to add to the collection
  11. This is the SLDR’s SLDR. The SLDR-ier-est of them all. If you try to tell me different, you don’t know SLDR.
  12. JohnSmalls

    Union Green?

    Blast, the golf marketers tricked us again!
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