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  1. I do appreciate it. Don't you worry. I won't be leaving my post as a heckling, gif posting and voting member of the crowd in the CC3. My dude @Nunfa0 has a haka to do in a few weeks!
  2. WHOA. Thanks @GolfSpy Stroker @GolfSpy STUDque! Honestly, a little nervous but pumped for this! @Wedgie@russtopherb@Shankster@MaxEntropy thanks for the kind words guys! Definitely hoping for a little Gary and Wilson magic. Going to be hitting bombs in no time!
  3. Really impressed with the comparison! You were very thorough and this is one of the reasons we come to this site. Thank you for taking the time to post all of the info and your thoughts. I find myself agreeing with you on your last point. The D7's seem to flat out perform and on top of that the value these irons offer is incredible.
  4. I knew where you were going. Still stands as a golf shark
  5. Nah, Alan's name makes him a golf shark. One vote for keeping it @Shankster
  6. What would spice up this weeks challenge is if you guys backed up tees to play driver on par 3s. Who needs fairways?
  7. Missed the post until just now, congrats @Bucky CC and @perseveringgolfer!
  8. @fozcycle has already hit 18 fairways this week with his F8. What are the rest of you current challengers doing with your lives? GO PLAY GOLF...for the rest of us
  9. ....he would need to make up for it. Mad Bum would laugh at grown men pitching underhanded and playing on 60 ft bases I hope you don't make this many excuses for your golf game.
  10. Did you have to call them to order?
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