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    Besides golf, love spending time with family. In winter, perform free tax services for the elderly through AARP.
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  1. A single digit golfer that have played the same brand throughout my bag for many years. Love to have the same shaft in my clubs and have them custom to have the proper gaps. I love having the same feel with each club. I know that very few use my method but I score well and will continue this method as I just bought a new set of irons and woods. PS - use pings
  2. Ping Pioneer is a great bag and a great design. If you get another bag, be sure as mentioned earlier as some bags say full dividers but that is not the case and grips get caught and frustration sets in. Best of luck.
  3. I have a fitted Edel EAS-1 putter. Looks great and such a great feel also. Really excels at distance control.
  4. Don L Macungie PA Oncore elixar Loved playing the original gamer. Worked well around the greens
  5. Don Macungie, PA Ping g400 LST 5.2 index 90-94 mph TSi2
  6. Don/Pennsylvania Handicap 8.3 Ping Gorge 60, 54 and 50 30 yard pitch with my 60 wedge
  7. Don Loughney Macungie, Pa 8.2 index I struggle with distance as I do not lag properly. This product may finally give me the proper feel to gain that missing distance.
  8. First name - Don Home state - Pennsylvania Current handicap - 7.7 Current long iron/hybrid - ping g25 hybrids 23 & 27 degree with regular shaft.
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