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  1. No judgement whatsoever. Two questions. Do you hit them well, and do you like the way they look and feel? Can you keep them in play and score with them? If you answered yes to both those questions, the set is perfect. If you hit them well and you can score with them, everything else is mute. Good luck and happy you're back to swinging the sticks again. All the best!
  2. Would love to try these wedges, still gaming a Cleveland CG10 Gap and a Tour Action 588 sandy. Maybe it's time to update… A 52* gap and a 56* sandy would be nice!
  3. Would love to try one of their mallet putters. I've been struggling with my putting for YEARS especially from 5 feet in, jeez if I can find something that would help me with that I'd be eternally grateful!
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