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  1. Nice! I wish Arccos sensors had a gray band instead of green. They look ok on your clubs, but on some grips with other colors, they look goofy.
  2. I've had a Chirrp for a couple of weeks now. I can't say if it's helped my putting yet as I've only played two rounds of golf since I got it, one of which was on a course with huge, fast, wicked sloped greens. I did nail every short putt (under 4 feet) during both rounds. I am noticing that, when using it, my focus is shifting from hitting the ball to focusing on the target. However, I gotta say the fun factor for me is 9/10. Full disclosure - I'm a retired database engineer, and am still a tech nerd. Chirrp is fun for me (and possibly addictive). This is from a guy who doesn't like practicing putting.
  3. I’m at about 2.5 years.
  4. How many rounds have you recorded using Arccos? I'm at 135. I've replaced a few sensors both under warranty and paid. I'm using Arccos Link. It's become a part of my pre round routine to turn Link on and sync up with my iPhone. I check to see if it's recording shots accurately every 2 or 3 holes, and to add penalties...
  5. This happened about 6 weeks ago - Hit my tee shot to the right on a par 5. The ball ended up in shallow spot near the course boundary, but still in play. As my buddy and I were headed to the ball in a cart, we saw a pickup truck stop on the country road next to the fairway. The door on the pickup opened and a young guy jumped out and ran onto the course and grabbed my ball! He ran back to the truck while we approached. I got out of the cart and walked to the truck and said, "Did you see a Srixon golf ball with red writing on it?" He looked at the ball and then handed to me. I said nothing in reply and walked back on to the course. So what's the value of a used golf ball?
  6. I tried some bunker practice. Bottom line, if hit well (not easy to do), the ball will fly out of the bunker a few yards. Hitting more than 20 feet is unlikely even with a hard swing. I also tried using a chipping motion - club way back in my stance. The ball went nowhere even when I took a big swing. My conclusion - this club is like clown shoes... fun to play around with but not functional.
  7. Ok, I'll take it to the practice bunker and see what happens. Stay tuned...
  8. I built this several years ago. Yes, it's real. Here's my review - First, I've never used it in an actual round of golf. It's only been hit on the driving range. Read on to see why. It has a little less loft than a spatula. You don't have to wear face protection, but you feel like you might need it. With a nearly full swing, the longest distance I've seen is about 30 yards. It doesn't produce much spin (I think the ball just slides over the face), but pretty much every shot stops quickly because the trajectory is high (understatement). For me, it is very difficult to use for a couple of reasons. First, distance control is tough. The ball she goes up. The ball she comes down. Maybe, if I practiced with it (a lot), I could get it dialed in, but that's not going to happen. Second, as you can see in the second picture, the effective hitting area (from the side view) is minuscule. It's like sliding a knife under the ball. It requires a microscopic touch for me. If the ball is sitting up, it's likely to go completely underneath resulting in a 2 foot pop. If you're like me and tend to automatically open the face of wedges, well the ball isn't going anywhere. The biggest plus for this club is that it's a great conversation piece. If you want to meet people on the range, just offer to let them hit it. Otherwise just open the face of your lob wedge and leave this at home. Anyone else have one of these or a higher lofted wedge?
  9. I got a Rapsodo a few months ago. It's an amazing piece of technology. Good luck to everyone applying.
  10. A man is driving across the desert when his car breaks down. He starts walking and eventually comes to a lone house. He knocks on the door and an older gentleman answers. The older gentleman introduces himself and says that he is a retired pastor, and gives the driver some food and water, The driver then asks if there's a way to get to town because he has an important appointment. The pastor says that his wife has taken the pickup truck into town, but he has a horse that knows the way into town - if the man can ride. The man says he's ridden horses a few times and he is willing to try. As the man gets on the horse, the pastor says "There's a couple of things you need to know about this horse. To get the horse to go, you have to say 'hallelujah' and to get the horse to stop, you have to say 'amen'." So the man says, "hallelujah" and the horse starts walking. After a mile or so, the man gets an idea and says, "hallelujah, hallelujah" and the horse starts trotting. Excitedly, he yells "HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!" and the horse starts running. The man grins as the horse races across the desert. But then he sees that the horse is running at top speed toward the top of a huge cliff. He yells "Whoa!" but the horse keeps running. He screams "WHOA! WHOA!" but the horse keeps running. Finally, he remembers and yells "AMEN!" at the top of his lungs. The horse skids to a stop inches from the edge of the cliff. His heart racing, he wipes his brow, looks to the heavens and shouts "Hallelujah!"
  11. Up until about two months ago, most courses in the area mandated single riders only in carts unless they were from the same family. That led to a cart shortage and backups on the first tee because people didn't have a cart yet at their tee time. It seems like more people are walking now than before COVID. Maybe they got used to walking instead of trying for the cart lottery. I've definitely noticed more umbrellas attached to push carts to protect people from the sun. Still the majority I see are riding.
  12. I've been using ARRCOS for a while with about 9000 shots recorded. I'm using the Arccos Smart Sensors (they screw in the the butt end of the grip). I'm a retired database engineer/data analyst, so I love the data ARRCOS provides. The subscription was included when I purchased them. My initial experience was OK, but spotty on recording some shots. The biggest issue was with soft pitches and short putts not recording. I ordered the ARRCOS Link when it was announced and have seen a significant improvement in shots recorded, included the softer shots. I had two sensors fail. I ordered replacements and paid for them, then I realized they were under warranty. ARRCOS customer support issued a refund for my cost of purchasing the replacements. They were quick and efficient. I've sent several emails to CS with questions and suggestions and they have been very responsive. I have a buddy who has ARRCOS in his Cobra grips and he uses his iPhone to record shots. He seems to have more issues with missed shots than I do. At this point, there are only a couple of minor issues for me. 1) The sensor on my lob wedge will sometime indicate a shot when the club is dropped on the ground, or when I'm carrying it with other clubs back to the cart. My record is 4 false shots recorded - I went from bogey to a 9 on the hole according to ARRCOS. It was easy to erase the false shots when I saw them. 2) One of the features in ARRCOS is the Caddie mode. It will give you a recommendation for club selection for an upcoming shot, or for an entire hole, and gives a predicted score based on the recommendation. You can also select other clubs and see the score prediction for them. It appears that it uses shot history (distance and dispersion) to make the recommendations. About 80% of the time, it does a good job as a caddie. However, occasionally it will make a ludicrous recommendation. Once I was at the tee box of an uphill 500 yard par 5. The ARRCOS Caddie said to hit 3 wood, sand wedge, then 3 wood again. Overall, I'm pleased with ARRCOS. It's not perfect, but it does the job I paid for.
  13. Over the years, like a lot of others, I've built a collection of training aids. Some were helpful in improving my game, some were just OK, and some were a stupid waste of money. Looking back, I haven't recommended many to my golfing friends. The one I have recommended is the Sklz Gold Flex. I bought it to use as a warm-up device before a round, and it works well at that. Eventually, I realized that it's a good swing trainer for me. I've recommend it to friends and at least 4 of them have one now. So - What training aids do you recommend to your friends?
  14. After using the K-Sig gloves for 6 months, I’m recommending them to the other 16 guys in our group. This is a really good glove. Comfortable, durable, and a great price. The Kirkland poker chip marker doesn’t click with me, so I gave it away. I give the gloves 5 stars. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Jim / Lodi CA Srixon ZStar XV 95 mph Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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