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  1. I was eating at a restaurant and the waitress screamed “does anyone know CPR?” I yelled, “I know the entire alphabet” and we all laughed and laughed. Well, except for that one guy."
  2. A man is interviewing for a new job: “What is this big gap on your resume?” a recruiter asked. “I went to Yale for 4 years,” he says. The recruiter is impressed and offers him the position. The man is excited and responds: “That’s awesome, I am so happy about this because I badly needed this Yob.”
  3. I built several Snake Eyes hybrids from Golfsmith for my buddies back in the previous century when hybrids weren’t really a thing. Some of them are still playing them. I was surprised to see that there is a Snake Eyes golf brand today.
  4. A guy I played with had a set of them. I thought they were very cool.
  5. It’s still in my bag. The greens were punched and sanded last week, so I used I tried using it on the greens whenever I had a long distance putt. Distance control was a mess with all of the sand, but it was fun to try. I plan on continuing to experiment with it.
  6. I forgot to mention that he also suggested getting a pair of clear glasses (non-sunglasses) with the same prescription for driving at night.
  7. Check out Bulldog's review for the Arias TB-30 Chipper.
  8. There have been a few questions about spin on the arias Chipper. so I made a quick set of videos. The first video is with the Arias Chipper and the second is with a Takomo Pitching wedge. Both are 44° loft. Note the longer swing with the Takomo which resulted in a higher launch. The ball is the Srixon Q-Star Divide. IMG_0668.mov Arias Chipper Takomo Pitching Wedge IMG_0669.mov
  9. People who complain their way around the course - "What's wrong with me? I haven't made a single putt over 25 feet today." "These pin positions today are the worst ever!" "Why does the fairway always have to slope towards the water?"
  10. I our golf group of about twelve regulars, we have one player who is left handed and plays right handed, one who is right handed and plays left handed, the rest are right handed and play right handed. Phil Mickelson is possibly the most notable example of a righty who swings lefty. Jordan Spieth is probably ambidextrous and swings right handed. How about you?
  11. For me it's too soon to tell also. The weather lately here in northern California has really limited my ability to get out on the course (It just started raining again a few minutes ago, and they are forecasting over 100 inches of snow over the next few days in the Sierra Nevada mountains which are not far away). Additionally, the number of chips I make in a round is low, so it will take a while before I can get a good sense of the fit of this club in my game.
  12. Human statues - When players get into their setup to drive, hit, chip, or putt, and then stand over the ball frozen like a statue. Come on! It's a ball and a stick, you're not launching the space shuttle.
  13. The weather finally cleared and I was able to play yesterday. Over the course of 18 holes, I was able to try the chipper 4 times. Two of those were actual conventional, green side chips, and the other two were experiments from places where I would not be likely to try it normally. The first green side chip was just off the green, long, down sloping, and breaking hard left. This would be a putter shot for me normally. I used a putter swing, but came up very short. At least the line was good. Perfect setup for the chipper, but I left it short. The second green side shot was ideal for the chipper from about ten feet off the green, going uphill. The speed was good but I misread the break and ended up about ten feet to the side of the cup. For the experimental shots, one was from the rough, which is moderately long. The club hung up and the ball didn’t go anywhere. The second was from the top of a mound about 40 yards from the pin. Again, the club couldn’t get through the grass and the ball ended up bouncing off the cart path curb. This one didn't work out. The chipper's dilemma is that you might chip a lot in one round and, like this day, have almost no chips.
  14. No, he said it could benefit some but others wouldn't need it. Hit hit about five shots to a pitching net about 30 yards away.
  15. Had a chance to let the local head pro try the chipper this afternoon. He had never heard of Arias. He was intrigued by the chipper and the zero offset. He hit a few shots on the range. He said he really like the weight and feel. We discussed the pros and cons of chippers, and where they are more likely to be used.
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