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  1. Good luck to you DLK. Hopefully it won't come to that and ALPHARD will have a fix before then. I wrote to Nick the contact I have at the US distributorship and encouraged me to write to Alex, I will do so and let you know what he says. Let's stay in touch.
  2. Hi Downlowkey, Thanks for responding. Your issue is the same exact issue I'm having. It usually happens after the unit has been sitting for a while, foursome getting up and down to finish the whole around the green or after we tee off. They first sent me a new remote, that didn't help. They then sent me a new motherboard, it helped a little bit, and lastly we updated the firmware to the latest version. It's helped somewhat, now it only does it once or perhaps twice a round. I've been speaking to Nick, and he's been helpful, but I keep stating that this product has a one year guarantee. I live in the northeast, and I purchased the V2 in March and my golf season will be over more or less in about a month and a half to two, I will be missing out on 3 months warrantee. I asked him if they sell an extended warrantee but they don't. Nick said they'll work with me after the warrantee is done, as long as it not too much after it's been voided which is somewhat comforting, but not entirely. After communicating with you, it seems to me there is a bigger issue with the V2. If it's happening to you and me, it must be happening to many others. I'm going to speak to Nick at Alphard and let him know I've communicated with another V2 owner who's having the same issues as me. Hopefully they'll figure out what's wrong and let us all know what the fix is. I will try your workarounds and see if it helps. Also, can you enlighten me on what an RF modulator would be? Thanks again, I look forward to speaking with you again. All the best to you
  3. Hi folks, I have the V2 and it's been terrific except for the following. After stopping it, hitting your shot, and proceed to move, has anyone had their V2 stall? In other words, you press the forward button numerous times and it doesn't move. It eventually will start but it's somewhat unnerving. I've updated the firmware and it's doing it far less, once or twice a round as opposed to several times. I would appreciate any feedback, or if anyone else has been having this same or similar problem. Thanks.
  4. No judgement whatsoever. Two questions. Do you hit them well, and do you like the way they look and feel? Can you keep them in play and score with them? If you answered yes to both those questions, the set is perfect. If you hit them well and you can score with them, everything else is mute. Good luck and happy you're back to swinging the sticks again. All the best!
  5. Would love to try these wedges, still gaming a Cleveland CG10 Gap and a Tour Action 588 sandy. Maybe it's time to update… A 52* gap and a 56* sandy would be nice!
  6. Would love to try one of their mallet putters. I've been struggling with my putting for YEARS especially from 5 feet in, jeez if I can find something that would help me with that I'd be eternally grateful!
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