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  1. GolfSpy MPR

    Happy thread

    Enjoying some daddy/daughter time for her eighth birthday.
  2. GolfSpy MPR

    Turn off Forum Digest Emails

    PlaidJacket, The page you're looking for is here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/notifications/options/ Is everything there looking the way you want it? By that I mean, do you have all the email notifications off, and you're still getting emails?
  3. GolfSpy MPR

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    What club in your bag is most out of place? Here I'm looking for guys with a bag of senior flex shafts—and then one club that's X-flex. Or the other way around. Or you carve up the course with a set of blades, and a chipper. I don't have a good one here myself, but I suspect some of you will have some great answers here. What's the club for you that you carry, that just works, but doesn't make sense given the rest of your bag?
  4. I've been inspired by two recent threads: @jlukes's swing overhaul, and @revkev's thread comparing lessons and fitting vs. self-teaching and off-the-rack clubs (these are both great threads that, if you haven't, you should go read and keep up with). To begin, I'm nowhere in jluke's class as a player. I'm a mid/high handicap player, floating right around 15. But I think I can get better. As I commented in revkev's thread, I have no objections to getting lessons and getting a fitting. I'd love to do both of those. My chief obstacle is location. I don't have an actual driving range within an hour of my home. There are no full golf stores (as far as I know) within two hours of where I live. There is a really good golf coach at a course that's an hour away, and he also does fittings. He would absolutely be my first choice, but signing up for regular lessons with a two-hour round-trip commute: the time and cost add up in a hurry. I tried to get together with him to get fitted for my G700 irons that I reviewed for MGS last summer, but we couldn't get our schedules to align. So consider me another test case for revkev's question. I'm aiming to answer the question, "How much improvement can be gained with off-the-rack clubs and self-teaching?" Here's the starting point: This is my Game Golf summary of my rounds from this past July and August, set in contrast with a 5-handicap. What immediately jumps out is that I'm loosing a ton of strokes to a single-digit off the tee and in my short game. There is certainly room for improvement in ball-striking and putting, but the low-hanging fruit is in the other categories. Why am I so bad off the tee? It's not because I spray it all over; I hit an ordinary number of fairways. It's because I hardly hit it out of my own shadow. Do you see that last column? That's embarrassing. So, my first plan is to continue the SuperSpeed training that I've been doing for a couple of months now. I've seen significant speed gains already, but because I have no way to get to a course or a range before spring (late April at best here), I'm anxious to see how the speed with translate. I'm also working on a meaningful swing overhaul, with a lot of similarities to what jlukes is describing in his thread. Here's a screen cap of a swing in my backyard from a couple of years ago: Like jlukes, I have a tendency to have a pronounced forward sway through the swing, which essentially forces me to catch up with a flip at the bottom. The early extension is visible in this video I took for the G700 review. For my part, I'm pretty sure the answer is found in wrist angles, with a corresponding emphasis on rotation and staying behind the ball. These are the moves I'm working on now. I'm also working through the content from Adam Young's The Strike Plan. I'm a big fan of Adam's work, especially the notion of turning strike into a practiced skill. How am I going to measure progress until I'm on the course? Technology! I have just recently purchased a SkyTrak, which I got for a very good price. I also have a good camera that wirelessly connects to my tablet, allowing me to look at my swing in real time. And finally, I have a Zepp swing monitor. My intention is to use my garage as a pretty high-tech self-coaching bay. The SkyTrak is going to be a big part of tightening up my short game as well. One of the built-in features is the Dave Pelz-esque wedge matrix: it allows you to chart your wedges distances for full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 swings for each of the wedges in your bag. My hope is to dial these in with practice this winter, giving me much greater ability to knock shots within 100 yards to makeable putting distances. My goal for this season is ambitious. I want to drop from being ~15 handicap to somewhere in the single digits. But I believe that I have the tools that I need to accomplish this goal. And I have a community here for the support, which is also a key component. I'll be using this thread to keep everyone posted on my progress.
  5. Plaid, Definitely no offense taken to this comment; like I noted, that driving distance is embarrassing. The longest drive Game Golf ever recorded for me was about 280, and that was in pretty neutral conditions. I know there's way more in the tank than what I'm getting. I'm definitely making swing improvements this off season (more on that to come), but I'm pretty certain the key to better distance for me is found in strike. I don't claim to have a dime-size wear spot on my irons, but I'm at least a decently consistent ball striker. But there's something about the large driver head that throws me, and I have a very hard time repeatedly hitting a useful part of the face.
  6. Mike, thanks for the advice. The pain, at its worst, runs from just under my wrist, up through the hand following the crease toward my thumb. I suspect (based on no expertise at all) that is a kind of tendinitis. (One forum user, who is qualified to have an opinion, suggested something similar to me in a DM.) I'm turning 40 this summer. I saw a comic one time make the joke that getting old just means that you stop healing: "Ah man, banging my shin against the coffee table. I guess that's just going to hurt for the rest of my life." Maybe this is one of those things
  7. GolfSpy MPR

    Rick Shiels YouTube Golf Open

    Count me as interested. As to why Crossfield isn't in: I like his content a lot. But it seems, just based on public actions, that Mark can be pretty thin-skinned, and he doesn't let grudges go. There is a long-standing rivalry between the Crossfield and Shiels sides of YouTube golf. They've taken turns taking shots at each other's content at times. Honestly, I would wish Crossfield would get over it in this case: I think having the Crossfield gang involved in something like this would make it considerably more entertaining. As to what would make this better than the normal course vlogs: assuming that they're doing this right and blocking off a course for some time to film it, they can start to overcome one of the biggest weaknesses of even good golf vlogs: the inability to see where the shots actually go. Filming golf shots solely from the point of view of the shot is pretty worthless a lot of the time. Having extra cameras around near the landing areas of shots, if done correctly, could really help the production and watchability of something like this.
  8. On consistency of speeds between swings or between days: I think one of the things that the radar has highlighted for me is the remarkable difficulty of being at peak performance day in and day out. The guys who do this for a living, in whatever sport, are doing something hard. An update on me: I haven't done any SuperSpeed swings since my last update. I visited Topgolf last week, and I've been playing with my new SkyTrak, and the hand pain flares up every time. I hate the idea of totally shutting down golf swings for whatever length of time, but I'm starting to think that it might be necessary.
  9. There have recently been a couple of good discussions about features on the mobile version of the website and on the app. It would be helpful for us to get a handle on which is currently being used more heavily by our community. The irony, I suppose, is that those on the app can't see polls. If you're using the app, go ahead and comment below. The question and options are: When using the MGS forum on your phone, do you exclusively use the app? mostly use the app? mostly use the mobile browser version? exclusively use the mobile browser version?
  10. This post is gold. Thank you.
  11. I agree that it seems high. Thesis: from what I've read, hitting of a mat decreases spin, and not trivially: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/mats-vs-grass-whats-difference/ I need to figure out how to factor that in in my practice.
  12. This should be a home practice motto: something is better than nothing!
  13. Sneaked in some SkyTrak time during lunch today. Wanted to get into the garage today, since it's a balmy 30°, with the highs dropping into single digits this weekend. As I was just doing a little practice, I brought only my driver and 8 iron. I reconfirmed that, even with a swing that exits low and left, the ceiling is just too low. Even if I can make a swing, the ceiling is always on my mind; I can't swing the driver freely in the garage. I did choke down three inches and hit some aggressive bunts, but that's not a shot I need to be practicing With the 8 iron, I did some warmup swings. The best part of having the SkyTrak is (obviously) the feedback, but especially off a mat into a tent, it is absolutely essential to know when the mat is allowing you to "get away" with a fat shot that would be punished on turf. The SkyTrak keeps you honest: without a clean strike, the ball speed drops notably. After a brief warmup, I set up a Target Practice challenge, at 155 yards (which is quite ambitious for an 8 iron). Of the six shots in the challenge, I think I scored points on 4 of them. Here's my chart: The second shot was a total fat. The spin rates remain very, very low, which is probably accurate given 1) swing speed and 2) the G700 irons. I'm pretty sure that the smash factor number (PTI, last column) can be entirely ignored. The SkyTrak doesn't directly measure club data, so if it's guessing low on swing speed, the smash factors are going to be really high. All told, I was pleased with the number of target hits, but it's clear that the strike needs work, so that I increase spin and carry and stop getting this much rollout.
  14. GolfSpy MPR

    WIYB that makes no sense?

    Now that is a plot twist.
  15. The foot spray is definitely something I've intended to do for some time now. My biggest issue is having a place to swing driver. My garage ceiling is just low enough that I clip it with the long club. Practicing outside isn't possible this time of year here (the high Friday is 2°). Practicing outside at the house in good weather concerns me, because my bad miss is the popup off the top line of the driver (with the easy potential of going over the net toward nearby homes). I may end up trying the foot spray indoors with practice balls, which I'm sure will delight my wife and my dog, in very different ways
  16. Game Golf tells me I'm hitting 55-60%. That's actually in line with what they have for a 5 handicap, but I'm 60 yards short, so the "accuracy" isn't even close to mitigating the distance. @TR1PTIK, I don't have a Trackman measurement. The SuperSpeed measurements would lead me to guess that it's going to be somewhere between 90–100. So while I am trying to increase my speed, the other factor is that my strike is very poor, so that I'm not getting efficient use out of the speed I already have.
  17. That kid takes really good video :-). In all seriousness, those are very useful. Let me ask this: what's your typical shot shape?
  18. I've read his putting book. My take on it: 1. I really like it. 2. Like a lot of golf books, it's a single idea that could fit in an article stretched out over a whole book. 3. I'm glad I read it after I read a bunch of technical books. From my point of view, Stockton's "just relax and putt with your stroke" is best taken by those who've already done a ton of grinding over their putting. To go to Stockton right away, I think, could be a problem.
  19. Like you, I've learned a ton about the swing from Mark Crossfield. He's not everyone's cup of tea (bad British pun not totally intended), but the content is there if you want it. On the more technical side, some of the videos that Trackman Maestro has produced are very helpful. On the mental side of the game and double-bogey avoidance, I think Jon Sherman over at Practical Golf has a lot of good stuff to say. On the short game, the books by Stan Utley and James Sieckmann are really helpful. I like Pelz for a lot of information, but I have moved strongly away from how he teaches the short game swing itself.
  20. Honestly: I was startled when I read this first line. Glad to see that your advice was much kinder than I took it initially
  21. Plaid, Definitely agree with all you're saying here. Worth observing: you can change the playback speed for YouTube videos, and this is often very helpful for golf purposes. Click the little gear in the lower right corner; it'll give you options to change the quality and the speed. You can also use the <comma> and <period> keys to step through a video a frame at a time, backward and forward.
  22. First, welcome to the forums! Second, this is a tough angle from which to diagnose a swing. Most useful video is shot either directly in front of the golfer (face on), or directly behind the golfer (down the line). This angle disguises most of the things that are helpful to analyzing. Third, I'll try to be first to say: almost all of us are amateurs here. Take all our advice for its going market rate Finally: what you're describing and what I can see in the video match up well. There's a great thread happening over here that discusses some related ideas. It's hard to know from a single swing which way to offer advice, because of the way that flaws work together to create a functional swing (which you obviously have). Where I would start is with wrist angles. At the top of your backswing, your lead wrist is in extension: it is bent back, or cupped. The opposite extreme is someone like Dustin Johnson, whose wrist is in flexion at the top of his backswing. It is useful to aim for a pretty netural, or flat leading wrist, through that part of the swing. Putting the lead wrist in extension, as you do, opens the face at the top of the swing. In order to hit target, then, you are forced (generally) to stand the club up a bit through delivery, which encourages the early extension in the body. [I'm describing my swing here too.]
  23. GolfSpy MPR

    Scotty Cameron cracks me up

    It does seem odd. Keeps the various custom houses in business, though, taking 5Ws and giving them the Justin Thomas treatment. Maybe there's a meter in the Cameron shop, measuring demand. They just keep waiting for it to go high enough that they can charge $600 per for the flowneck 5W
  24. Got a chuckle out of this: So the question: what are your odd circumstances for working on your swing? A favorite of mine: rocking the baby to sleep is an excellent time to work on my weight shift.
  25. I have the opportunity this year to teach a couple seminary classes as an adjunct. The extra income from those classes covers the cost of something I've wanted for years: a SkyTrak! It hasn't arrived yet, but today I did some work prepping for its arrival. I already owned a mat and a net in my garage. But I wanted to change things up with the net, to enable the use of a projector. First, I bought a really cheap projector from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07174LM85/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_M99kCbC3HZH8K). I had already picked up a screen (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G579HXJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_6-9kCbH8FKEEM). So today, I grabbed a couple of tarps, rope, bicycle hooks, and zip ties from Walmart. After fastening everything, we ended up with this: Just out of frame, at the top, is a tarp that catches high wedges. So far, everything is looking really promising. I'll definitely keep everyone posted.