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  1. They're just really patient
  2. Looks like we're also going to need to add a tester with the new Stack system as well.
  3. And that snow is from what is for us a really mild winter, with about half as much snow as we would normally have. We've "only" had 70" so far this winter; typically, we have 150"+.
  4. The first Sunday in March 2012 was my first Sunday as the pastor of our church here. So today is my ninth anniversary here; looking forward to many more years.
  5. If anyone makes it all the way here, I'll cook a steak for him Typically, I cook steaks sous vide, but if you can nail the internal temps (and obviously, the grill thermometers help here), I think the grill has the edge in flavor. Got a good sear on them first, then moved them off the coals and threw a handful of woodchips on the coals to get some good smoke in the grill as they came up to temperature. I'm also a big fan of buying the whole tenderloin and cutting the filets myself, mostly because it's a lot cheaper that way. We'll often find tenderloins on sale for $6/lb, which is
  6. Like @Lacassem, couldn't pass up some beautiful grilling weather: Grilled up some bacon-wrapped filets. My wife made the twice-baked potatoes and the Brussels sprouts:
  7. Interesting. For me, this was the paragraph that stood out: My take: list the other clubs that were tested that didn't make the cut. That might be a small thing, but at least in my mind, it would go a long way to reducing the perception that the Hot List is a participation trophy festival.
  8. A little side project on the fitness side of things: some time ago, I bought an ab wheel. I started out using it from my knees, but one of my arbitrary goals for the year is to get to the point at which I can go full extension on the ab wheel from my feet. I'm getting quite close: Just a tiny bit further to go here, and then it'll be time to dedicate myself to my second arbitrary fitness goal: one handed pushups.
  9. I'm obviously biased as 1) a SkyTrak owner who 2) plays at a course where the yearly rate is much cheaper than this. But for me, the big difference is that, at the end of the year, with the SkyTrak I still have something for my money. With the membership, I'm now faced with the question of whether I re-up for the next year without hoping for the untimely passing of another relative.
  10. Yep, I haven't gotten close to needing to replace the surface yet. Mine looks worse than @sirchunksalot, but still clearly indicates the impact.
  11. Off-season, Part 2: transition to play My last post covered my off-season work to this point, which mostly has been fitness and full swing revisions. Here (hopefully more briefly), I'll tick off the goals I have for the next several weeks as I try to transition my work to get ready for opening day. Driver This is the big one and the most uncertain. In my next post (or if you look back at my end-of-season wrap up from last fall), you'll see that my driving is unambiguously the worst part of my game and that which is holding me back most from my single digit goal. There are quirks
  12. Thanks! I've gotten to the place at which I really enjoy getting my workout in each morning. As a guy who will be 42 in a few months, with a daughter who isn't yet a year old, I'm working out for two reasons: to be alive and active for all my kids (and my wife for that matter, as she is younger than I am), and to out-drive Kirke for as long as possible
  13. I’ve got some optimism that I might be on the course here in less than two months. Our snowfall has been much less than normal so far this winter: Obviously, that means that once temperatures begin to warm up, there’s less time needed for the snow to melt and for the course to begin to dry. April golf is a real possibility this season, though I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll stop talking about that now. It’s time to start talking about wrapping up my off-season and my goals for 2021. As this will be long, I’m going to do this in three parts: my off-season report first, plans fo
  14. Duration: 00:44:10 Slice it on the regular? This episode’s for you. We talk the best drivers to help cure a troublesome slice. 1:40 Boom or Bust? A Bag with Speakers 9:35 Guest speaker John Gordon weighs in 17:37 What's your walk-on song? 20:11 Hot Seat: An age issue? 24:00 Harry's WITB 35:17 Best Drivers for a Slice The Best Driver for a Slice: http://bit.ly/3dXm63L Sun Mountain's Boom Bag: https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it-the-sun-mountain-boom-golf-bag/ --------------------------------------------- Welcome to MyGolfSpy! Over 15 million golfers a year turn to MyGolf
  15. Reviving an old thread with an update: my dad has agreed to give my set of G700s a try! His current set of irons are the Callaway RAZR X Black, a compact but chunky GI iron set from a few years back. As things warm up here, I'll probably have him come to the house for some SkyTrak testing, to see if we find any difference in the numbers between his old set and the PINGs. I'm optimistic that the G700s will give him a few more yards and maybe a little less distance loss on imperfect strikes. I'll keep this thread updated with his results!
  16. A write-up on the LagShot on the blog today: https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it-lagshot-swing-trainer/ It looks like @GolfSpy Dave is impressed. Do I need another training aid?
  17. The request was, "How do you store your clubs at home?", not "Please post a picture of the entire used club selection at 2nd Swing." As a mod, I like to see threads stay on topic.
  18. I'll add a bit to my price comment above. Like Tom, I was impressed with my 699 Pro irons. Sub 70 had a pretty solid selection of used clubs, making the barely used wedges (basically demos) even cheaper. And then Sub 70 bent them to my desired spec (a degree flat) at no additional charge. So maybe add personalized customer service to price as a reason to choose one wedge over another.
  19. None come to mind. There's a short par 4 at our course that I've driven past the green, but that I don't ever recall driving the green. We have a short par 5 that I've also been over in two, but that is also an extreme rarity, because of the narrowness and obstacles of the hole. I've made an eagle, but it was a wedge hole out from about 80 yards.
  20. I don't believe I've ever had an eagle putt in my life.
  21. In principle, I think you have a reasonable point: the differences among the "classic" wedge designs should be pretty minimal. Very likely, the differences are at the margins for the same loft/bounce/etc setup, and likely might run into the place at which subjective factors are also come into play. That said, there has been a Most Wanted Wedges, back only a couple years ago: 2019 Most Wanted Wedges: https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-wedge/ Also (though I'm not finding a full article on it): I found it interesting that the Sub 70 wedges (which I have in my bag) are amon
  22. The Testing Lab did a version of this almost a decade ago: https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-putter-grip-make-more-putts/ More recently, they did a test comparing non-tapered grips to pistol grips: https://mygolfspy.com/study-the-impact-of-pistol-grips-on-putting-performance/
  23. We'll be starting the 2021 MyGolfSpy Forum testing season soon! A little peak behind the curtain: I regularly have members ask what gear is on the calendar for the upcoming year. The total truth: we almost never know. The OEMs are really in the driver's seat when it comes to testing. Their priorities have a much greater impact on what we do in testing, and that's as it should be. (As a reminder, that's also why some tests are US only or have other restrictions.) An OEM might make a whole line of products, but they're going to offer for Forum testing the products that they want to create b
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