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  1. Trying out a couple of different balls with different firmness and spin than my gamer.
  2. I have a MEVO and SC300. For the past few months I have used them for short game practice, 40-70 yards. What I have found, for normal, high shots, they are similar, within a yard or two, and pretty accurate. If I hit a lower, groove low, hop and stop type of shot, the SC300 is accurate and the MEVO measured long by 5-10 yards. I had a friend spot the landing of a lot of shot shots between 40-70 yards and using a rangefinder, compared the carry distance to those displayed on each device. Happy with both but would not recommend and MEVO for shot game measurements.
  3. Be it Club Champions or PGA Superstore or Cool Clubs or any location with a lot of heads and shafts, much of the success depends on the person doing the fitting. No matter what inventory they have, if the fitter isn't good, the results may not be the best. Good luck!
  4. Dale, Florida 5.1 Srixon 785 165 yd
  5. Dale, Sarasota Florida 5.1 TM Raylor 19 degree 19 degree, a 2150yd club fits perfectly
  6. Dale Sarasota Florida Driver, 102 mph; hdcp, 5.5 16.5* FW, 19* FW Right hand
  7. Dale, Florida Hcp: 6 Swing: 102 mph Ping G30 LST G410 Plus Thanks!
  8. Dale Florida FJ DryJoy A club match where we had to move the ball on the greens to areas where water hadn't collected to putt.
  9. Dale PA USA 5.9 Srixon 745 / Nippon Modus 3 105 Stiff i210
  10. Dale / Pennsylvania Ping G400LST 10 degree, stiff 102 mph / 6 9.5 degree, stiff
  11. 1. Dale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 2. 5.8 index, 102 mph 3. Ping G30LST, 10.5 degree (-0.6 setting), Ping Tour 65 shaft 4. LST, 10 degree. Thanks!
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