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  1. I am middle aged middle handicap golfer looking for a subscription service that helps keeps you game intact. If you have this miss, then do this drill. Looking for combo of full shot and short game drills. A friend of mine has been very happy with Clay Ballard but says there are many short game drills. Please share any experiences you have had. All input welcome.
  2. I bought one. Loved it. Broke it in 3 months. Never again.
  3. I had an electric caddy and am looking for another. Unfortunately I think you are better off buying new. They seem too complex to fix if you are not an electrician. If I bought one used I would buy it from someone who could service it. I would have to buy a used lithium battery have it go bad and have to buy another one. You really want light battery not an old acid lead one.
  4. I am still walking, for over 40 years but in the market for a good push cart. I had an old Sun Mountain Speed Cart, it died. Bought a new Sun Mountain Speed Cart . It is already broken in 3 months. Any reccomendations?
  5. Epic Sports carries many reasonably priced golf shirts usually under $ 20 and most times under $ 10 shipping is extra. I have also bought some shirts from Shoebacca but would not buy them again, I did not like the way they fit. Anyone have other suggestions.
  6. I live here in Ohio two members of our club have gone to True Spec and been very happy. However it is the same price as Club Champion. One member who bought a 4 iron after playing it for a month decided to get a 7 wood. He returned the used 4 iron for full credit toward the new 7 wood.
  7. Doug CBus Ohio 12.0 Taylor SLDR Cobra Baffler 3 H-7h Cobra Amp 8-sw Carbite 56, 60 Rife 2 Bar Putter (32 in)
  8. walk every course I can, own couple clic gear carts buy them used on craigslist dougcbus35 dougcbus@yahoo.com I hate riding in a cart Driver taylor SLDR Cobra Baffler 3h-7h Cobra Amp 8-sw Carbite 56-60 Rife 2 bar putter
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