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  1. Rick New York Practice on carpet in basement No experience with putting mats Medium Speed 10-11
  2. Rick Buffalo, NY USA Cleveland Smart Square Mallet Tomcat 14. Have used mallet putters for years. The alignment dots caught my eye and seem like framing the ball and keeping the face square would be helped with this setup.
  3. Rick New York 16 Wilson Staff Fybrid RS 21* & 24* Important to hit distances that are harder to hit with irons
  4. Hi, I've been playing golf for about 15 years now. It happened by accident as I never thought I would be this addicted to the game. Not to mention waste a Saturday and Sunday afternoon watching some one else play the game. Now it is all I want to do with my free time. What I love about golf is the rollercoater of emotions it puts you through as you can easily go from king of the course to course jester in the time at it takes walk from one green to the next tee box. You always have to stay focused as it is never mastered. I have also met many new people on the course who have become of course friends as well. No nicer group of strangers than fellow golfers I am from Buffalo NY and spend a lot of time at Cazenovia Golf Course and Hyde Park Golf Club in Niagara Falls. I also get out to about a dozen different courses throughout the summer. I always enjoy playing a new course for the first time The weather in this area makes for a short season for most, but me and a friend have found ourselves out there looking for balls in the snow more than once. Being an over the road truck driver limits the time s I have to play so getting out any chance I am home is greatly appreciated. I do carry a set of clubs in my truck and have played at many out of my home area courses on many occasions. my user name comes from back before I ever thought of golfing and owned my own rig which was a purple International Eagle.
  5. Please don't...Pick your club, line up the shot, address the ball...and then realize you forgot to put on your glove like you do after every hole.
  6. A couple of friends and I will be in the Fort Lauderdale area next week 3/12-3/15. Looking for some recommendations on good courses to play without breaking the bank. Also insight on which courses to stay away from. A fourth is also welcome to join us. We are currently considering Jacaranda and the Senator Course at Shula's
  7. Does anyone know what the shaft adapter used with the Tommy Armour TA1 driver is ? Looks likes maybe same as Taylor Made.
  8. Rick New York Cleveland TFI 2135 RHO Frontline Elevado Slant Neck
  9. Rick New York 15 Wilson Staff D100 155
  10. Rick New York Callaway x2Hot / 11*,/Aldila Tour Blue,/Reg Flex 17 95 MPH No LM use Never played Tour Edge driver
  11. Rick Buffalo, NY 25 Rounds/year Facebook, Twitter 17 100 MPH Callaway X2 Hot Driver,3 & 5 Fairway Woods. Wilson Staff 3 & 4 Fybrid Hybrids, Wilson Staff D100 6-9,PW,GW. Nicklaus 52*, Simac 56*. Cleveland Putter 10.5* Driver, 3 & 5 Fairway Woods, 4 Hybrid, 5-9,PW Single Length, 52* , 56* &60* Wedges
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