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  1. @chisag, what does when I joined have to do with anything? The post was meant to stir the pot and get some funny conversations going. Some of my best friends do the things I outlined, and it's hilarious to poke fun at each other on the course. Clearly I hit nerve with you, no need to get so worked up about...
  2. Thought it would be fun to hear what makes all of you cringe on the golf course. Here are mine... 1) Please don't play a round of golf with iron covers, or even take them out in public for that matter 2) Please don't twirl your club after every shot; if you do, know that you're being laughed at 3) Please don't drive to an adjacent hole looking for your snap hook, and pick up a ball that isn't yours; don't be that guy. While you're doing it people are saying "ugh that idiot is definitely picking up my ball"
  3. My top three would be Greyson Clothiers, Dunning and Peter Millar. They all have really nice tops and bottoms that are durable and comfortable. Although they're on the higher end price-wise, you'll look great and they last a long time if you follow the wash instructions and aren't a total slob.
  4. Looking to do some putting practice inside. Has anyone ever made their own version of The Putting Board? I love the idea, but not the price tag ($130). The keys to creating this is understanding if there's any arc in the board, and what the angles are for the takeaway and follow-through positions. I'll let you know what I come up with, but thought I'd check if anyone has already created one. Cheers
  5. I’m new to MyGolfSpy, and looking forward to getting involved in the forums. Below are my sticks and you can see my setup in the signature. Cheers.
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